Here we go again, this time rowdy pro-Umno protest at DAP HQ in KL


So many critical mportant issues facing the nation – mounting debt levels, rampant corruption, Barang Naik, GST, TPPA, MH370, income inequality and rural poverty, rising crime, climate change – and these KL Umno Youth guys zero in on something like this.

By the way, did the band of 50 protesters give 10 days notice to the police for their protest as required under the Peaceful Assembly Act? (Not that this act is very democractic.)

Remember, the Pakatan guys were hauled to court for their Black 505 rallies for giving insufficient notice (though the courts later threw out their convictions upon appeal. But the government is appealing, I believe?)

While we support the right to peaceful assembly, what does the law say about rowdy behaviour and threats to burn down a building?

Why are these guys trying to ratchet up the stakes? So that people get diverted from the real issues facing the country?

Are they raging against the dim future for the Old Politics of race and religion whereas many Malaysians are moving forward and embracing New (issue-based) Politics that cuts across communal boundaries?

Maybe they don’t realise they are actually putting off a lot of sober-minded Malaysians.

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If only Umno members can have ‘natural reaction’ to combat corruption, then Malaysia will be an advanced and competitive nation.

Don Anamalai

Pro-Umno thugs did not attack Penang DAP office on that day because Mr IGP was in Penang then.


For those over 50, we all remember a kinder, gentler Malaysia – it wasn’t as wealthy, however society was more cohesive. Politicians while never perfect, had more ethics – the races mingled more and felt Malaysian.

This is the new world – the clock cannot be turned back. What can help is a greater mass of population sufficiently brave to work for a more socially cohesive and decent populace.


If these thugs enter the DAP building illegally… they could be drug addicts who would harm the ocupants.

Don Anamalai

The office of DAP Kuantan latest being hit by pro-Umno hooligans:

What’s next, Mr IGP?


THIS is what Najib called just a few days ago, UMNO’s tranformation, rejuvenation going “smoothly”!!!

Don Anamalai

Transform to hooligans when provoked? To evoke memories of May 13?

Ed G

Is the threat to commit arson an offense under the penal code? If the answer is yes, then the police and the AG’s chamber should be able to investigate and charge the culprits in no time considering the availability of overwhelming evidence in the form of video recordings and witnesses which includes the police personnel present at the scene. No need to split hairs to find the wrongs as in many of the sedition charges. And I presume that this action would get the support from our leaders and the top brass of the PDRM who advocate preventive actions to… Read more »


It is so clear that those Umno rogues get ‘immunity’ from the law for their action in the name of protecting their bangsa & agama. They use all means (however notorious) to achieve their end, blowing petty issue out of proportion. They demand respect but never respect others in the first place. They have twisted ‘ketuanan’ to suit their agenda.

Rid Tuan T

Khairy being a sports minister know that Football World Body FIFA now preaching “Respect” among footballers. Khairy can enrol his Youth Wing in such “Respect” course which use the public fund (eg 1MDB) to good use rather than to spend on TV3’s Mencari Ramli program for domestic Man Utd players.

Don Anamalai

Going by FIFA football rules, a player who retaliated when provoked (eg. by wild tackle) will be given red card and marching order straight away. So how can DPM said it was OK for ‘reaksi spontan’ Umno in this intruding incident and threat to burn DAP building? Perhaps Khairy can explain the rules of FIFA Fair Play on top of Respect. Remember Zidane was sent off in World Cup final for headbutting the Italian player in retaliation. Khairy should educate our Education Minister in this aspect. Those Umno hooligans should be punished immediately but our IGP seems to be offering… Read more »


Very tough indeed to find something good to say or write about where the UMNO dominated BN government is concerned.

But I’d say something good about the policemen on duty at the DAP HQ yesterday – Even when it poured buckets, the line of policemen stood firm in the rain (while the mighty UMNO Youth wira-wannabes cowered under the flyover nearby). Drenched, but still carrying out their duty.


Because the threats are issued and said by the rowdies from Umno the police, as usual, will not take any action on it. Will the same reactions come from the police if any other parties had done the same ?
What is this country becoming to ?



latest flash news. 1mdb has to defer repayment of billions to Maybank. but, 15b is “sitting” in Cayman Island, the perfect haven for tax evaders.
why cant 1mdb remit the funds back to repay maybank?
by the way, i wonder why Bank Negara allows 1mdb to borrow 42b in bonds and stash 15b outside the country. this is preposterous bearing in mind that all exporters are required to remit back their earnings within 6 months period.
can anyone provide some heads up?


Anil : Why you always tried to write thing bad. Are there no good at all by the govt.

Rid Tuan T

you hit jackpot here.
We don’t don’t want Malaysia to become debt-ridden bananar wasteland !


I think you have read too much of Tony Pua. Many are fictitious

Andrew I

Which ones?


Looking at the video and the UMNO FT youth leader . I heave a sign of relief because rational Malaysian will never put their future by voting such a leader. Imagine in 10 years time, he will be the PM of Malaysia. That will be a plot for the latest scary movie . Nightmare In Malaysia. Be very scare. Sure or not all you Malaysian voting for such party! Think again. One wrong decision will put us back another 50 years. S$ will be 5 times our RM.


Jahara apologises, but wants Rayer to also do so.

Now this is what we called a responsible adun and leader unlike DAP leaders and adun
Remember the Jeff biadap remark and he refuse until made to do so by the late Karpal and even then apologize with arrogant Come on Raiya. apologize. Anyway I have always regard you as one useless adun


Yang, have you apologized yet for your earlier provocative comments?


Please open your eyes and see what I wrote


Sunny ; Please see what I have wrote the earlier comment. After all why should I when even an adun could not respect his position and be so down trodden. By the way you are also the same like your DAP, biased is it not. Why don`t you also ask the others to also apologize to me and many others like Gerakan K.. By such action of yours, you just like Raiya and DAP have stoop to its lowest level. Well am I biadap, giving a comment or just telling the truth.


What you wrote:

“”These people just want to see Raiya the stupid adun who utter stupid emotional words against other races.”

“Frankly speaking I think he is one real useless,… and stupid adun.”

“Yes I agreed that physical confrontation is not right but to use words that can stir emotion is even bad…”

Andrew I

Haha, if we read what he wrote before and after GE14, you’d think he was bitten by Vampire K.


Yes It is definitely the Dyana factor. Now they are really desperate to the extent of breaking the law. The more such antics from these fools, the better for Pakatan. Keep cool as brainless violent fools will make more mistakes and push the fence sitter to Pakatan. Good job fools


As always just like the CAT its blame blame blame on the other side but still protecting its own DAP Raiya. Remember how Jeff Jelutong MP also of DAP biadap and use degradory against the MPPP workers.

Rid Tuan T

You may want to get Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka to remove the term “Celaka” from the vocabulary in Kamus Dewan. At the same time, the word “Pariah” should also be removed to be fair and square.
Then you at least do something of value rather than “merepek” !


Rid Tuan T : Pariah is not a degratory word and its any English word not Malay. It mean despise or reject. When I refer to that person it is because he has done such a very lousy job and his services is too teruk for which I despise and reject for working properly but running around calling people name. Should I call that lousy, bad or pariah. Any which way you still say its demeaning. Now how should I refer this to a very very very not good or inefficient or lazy person. Ok ok excellent


I think what Hisham Rais had said is correct. That SPR is changing the demographic of the existig constituencies so as to favour UMNO. This is no allegation. It’s a fact. The fact that why Teluk Intan remained under Gerakan immediately after altercation has been done in 1974. Take note that any altercation in any contituencies does not require the approval of parliament. Yes that means SPR suka suka change. This has been documented.