Gerakan CC member quits party


Gerakan central committee member Dr Hsu Dar Ren has quit the party on the third anniversary of the 8 March 2008 watershed general election.

The reason? “Not so much because of the party itself, which has a good ideology and many good members and many good friends, but more because of the dominance of Umno over everything else within the coalition,” he said.

“I am sick of race-based politics and Gerakan is actually getting further and further away from realising its ideology of building a fair and equitable society.”

The following is his statement:

It is with a heavy heart that I am announcing my resignation from all my positions in Parti Gerakan Rakyat Malaysia, including that of Central Committee member, FT state liaison committee member, division chairman, branch chairman and ordinary membership.

Parti Gerakan is a party with good ideology to establish a fair and equitable society in Malaysia . It too has many conscientious members who subscribe to this ideology.

Unfortunately, within the framework of BN, where the hegemonic race politics of UMNO predominates, it is impossible for Gerakan to realise this ideal.

In fact, as a result of more than five decades of race-based politics, the country has drifted so much apart that racial polarisation has never been as bad as now. Despite the many decades of trying to work from within, Gerakan is now further and further away from realising its ideals.

Three years after the 308 General election, I sense that apart from rhetoric, there is little change in policies gearing towards uniting the people and providing a fairer and more equal footing for all. I feel that it is now futile for me to try to fight within the system anymore.

I have no intention of joining any other political parties, but I will continue to voice out through writing and blogging on the importance of building a fair and equitable society.

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Calling all idealists in Gerakan. Isn;t htis time you call it quit too. There is nothing to stop you people. Do it.


The Gerakan Chief (is) hooked on to UMNO, a self comforting action. Where is there a future for Gerakan? Dr made a wise move, better late than never!…unlike Marble polisher Gerakan K…just an empty vessel without any substance….a gold digger…




Wrong! Party Gerakan needs only close shop, a bunch of hypocrites, pretending to uphold equality for all races when it is to suck up to the master for personal gains, worst than MCA!


yeow boo,

i know dr toh though not as close as I wish.

but I can say he is a true gentleman who cares. if he truly is after material, he would have stayed. he is now devoted to NGO works. I last met up with him during CNY and from the conversations, I can only detect he cares for the country. He is really a good man. I wish I can follow his footsteps one day.



doc is a good man trying to change from within.

he is a lone voice but you gotta respect his stand.

he is a dying breed.

he thinks its time to move on so give him the space.

my always best wishes to a GOOD GOOD MAN.



you are a good good man.

my best wishes in whatever your future endeavours.

you are just like dr toh. a man of principles and who will live and die with what you dearly believe. I wish there are more people like you in Gerakan or for the matter in any political parties.

I hope to cross path with you one day and with that an opportunity to bow to thee with respect.

Once again best wishes, DR.


Gerakan K, what are you waiting for? It is pointless to stay in a party that is like a rotten flower that will not bear a bud. Did you say Gerakan will regain Penang?…wait till the tropical sun grows cold. Dream on, my funny man!

Gerakan K

Gerakan has chance even though many DAP supporters think otherwise. So, DAP supporters here don’t bully me by voting down my comment, OK ???

However, regardless of the GE result, I will not jump to other party unlike Anwar, Zaid, and Hee and others.

I stay loyal until the of the party !!!

Andrew I

You left out the word ‘end’ in your last sentence.

Phua Kai Lit

Stay loyal to the original founding principles of Gerakan or stay loyal to Koh Tsu Koon (lost in the GE but still remain as “leader”?)


Kita di amno tak perlu sokongan daripada kaum lain, kita ni kuat cukup dah. Mereka yang perlu kita .Kalau tak suka dengar arahan kita keluar ! Kalau nak perkerjaan, tolong diam,


Ya Betul! Habis cakap bagi burger special satu.


Whatever KTK or CSL said about DAP or PR, they should look at themselves into the mirror.

Andrew I

Well, we know CSL likes to look at himself, especially when, err, he’s having something done to him… at the tailors, lah, what were you thinking?


For the past 10 years I have been challenging that doctor to come up with a good reason for remaining in Gerakan.

And for the past 10 years that doctor had difficulties in coming up with even one single satisfying reason.

Bowen Liu

Gerakan K should do likewise unless he is still licking up to its umno master.

Gerakan K

According to my sources, Gerakan has chance to regain Penang in next GE.

The chances of achieving that has been increased after Pakatan Rakyat MB bans lottery in Pakatan Rakyat states.

At least two major events will happen before next GE involving PR. And the multitude of change/damage will be huge.

Nevertheless, LGE is so handsome, so people don’t thumb down my comment. I praise your idol now.


Penang Voter

Good. Please inform Najib to call for a GE as soon as possible.

Penangnites have tasted ‘sweetness’ in life with Pakatan as State Govt. Do you think they want to revert to ‘salt’ again ????


Gerakan K,
In Penang ~~ FAT CHANCE ~~~

Gerakan K

You wait and see lah the BIG events coming soon.

Andrew I

You’re beginning to sound like Anwar.

Quitting when BN is on a roll. You sure about this, Dr. Hsu?


HahaHHa!! nearly fell of the chair lah. Adoii perut sakit dah. LOL!!!!!!!!!

Gerakan K

Oh really ???

By the way, I can stop laughing when people mention ex-Perak MB Nizar and ex-Perak DUN Speaker Sivakumar.

The classic comedy is that somebody is lodging a police report complaining “Sivakumar menyamar Speaker Perak” !!!

LOL !!!

[1] Polis Terima Tiga Laporan Siva Menyamar Speaker Perak (


And one would think, coming from gerakan you would be used to being thumbed down by now.


What does Gerakan *do*, exactly? Isn’t this as big a news item as me leaving KFC once my order has been given to me? Aren’t they practically a ‘Non Government Organisation’?

Andrew I

More like a ‘Non-existent Organisation’.

Loh Yeow Boo

The reason to quit….now it is getting more difficult to cari makan inside Gerakan already as they have lost all the influence and power….just like why Toh Kin Woon left……..
They are abandoning a sinking vessel…


Dr. Toh has my respect.

He was the ONLY Penang EXCO that I respected, back when Koh Tsu Koon was the CM of Penang.

How I wish

How I wish Dr. Toh becoming the CM of Penang !

What Penang needs is not a politician. What we need is a CM who loves Penang, who will take care of Penang, and who will not lie to the Penang folks.