Fear not the ‘green wave’: Build a nation where everyone has a place

Fishermen at work in the morning with Penang Island in the background - ANIL NETTO/ALIRAN

Many voters in urban and semi-urban areas are worried about Perikatan Nasional’s inroads in the recent elections in six states.

PN’s rhetoric about the “three Rs” – race, religion and royalty – did not help.

The election outcome unnerved many among the minorities. They are now even more anxious about the tide of conservative Islamisation, apparently now at their doorstep.

After the elections, a viral WhatsApp message stoked more fear. The message said that changing demographic trends will marginalise the minorities even more.

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Islanders, Mainlanders & Public:

“reducing car ownership and opting for public transport to alleviate flooding”



And I thought, bigger and better planned drainage system etc, is the solution to solving the problem.


Yes, this is an island, surrounded by sea, glamour even, someone said. And yet the rainfall water can’t flow out to the sea, gets trapped. Parts of the island becomes land below water. With mud and sludge, not so glamorous anymore.

Where it should have been white sandy beaches, the coastal stretch from Weld Quay to Bayan Lepas are now planted with chicken coop like ugly tall buildings. One can look at it from the 1st bridge coming to Penang.

Horrifyingly horrible.


Islander, but you don’t think like other islands. You think of flag hill. Maldives, Pacific Islands are all drowned with swell, surge and high tides


Climate change consequences- take your pick forest fire or flooding.

You drive your car release more co2 to atmosphere causing all the damage. Try car pooling if cannot take bus!


Torrential rain in Hong Kong on Friday (September 8) leading to widespread flooding across the densely packed city, inundating streets, shopping malls and metro stations, as authorities shut schools and asked workers to stay at home.


Burning of fossil fuel (cars!) is greatest culprit to weather change – leading to wildfire, drought and flooding.


OR congested,  densely packed city with no proper water disbursement system like our PIA which was once flooded because of poor water disbursement system and also the recent flash flood in some parts of island.  Glamorous ? Nope, I think not.


The government should create a special financial zone (SFZ) in Penang just like the one in Forest City, Johor, Bagan MP Lim Guan Eng said in Parliament on Sep 13.


Drainage is designed based on rainfall data in the code of practice of civil engineering. Unfortunately, the intense rainfall of today can be higher than historical data. To build bigger drain to handle occasional flash flood is deemed not practical as wider drain means narrower roadm


Buildings are constructed. Islander was to level all and rebuild. Also why he don’t ask DID. For more than 20 they implement the retention tank, pond system


In that case, it is important for civil engineers and urban planners to monitor and assess the changing rainfall patterns and adapt the design and management of drainage systems accordingly. This may involve updating design standards, conducting hydrological studies, implementing sustainable drainage practices, and employing predictive modeling techniques to anticipate future changes.

Like this can or not ?


If can predict, may as well go and see uncle lim in genting. They just based on data and guidelines by DID and they are approved by YOU? You want to pay more than rest of the taxpayers? You want to be over the design?


Most people are not worried about environmental data, but are anxious about the release of Economy Minister Rafizi Ramli’s PADU data which will opened to the public for verification of their socioeconomic status in January next year.

The targeted subsidy programme (petrol) is expected to be fully implemented beginning next year base on the data to segregate the T20, M40, B40.



PADU can have access to your credit card spending data? So many can spend big but pretend to be in B40, may not get subsidy next time?


Ask the British.

Malaysia is using British Code of Practice BS 8301 1985 Code of practice for building drainage sets out recommendations for the design, layout, construction, testing and maintenance of foul surface water and ground water drainage systems constructed in the ground under and around any buildings and their connection to sewers, treatment works and soakaways.

Kee Cheong

You are certainly more engineering.
We are still following British standard today.


With Bolehland attitude, the answer is “harap dipermudahkan”.


Higher rainfall due to extreme unpredictable weather as ozone layer depleted because of carbon footprints. Less non electric cars less carbon released to the atmosphere. Font ever oppose such fact.


How to plan when time when Rome was built in a day? You want to get rid of all heritage buildings? You think very well.


You were there when Rome was built. You saw them build it in a day?
Why you want to get rid of all heritage buildings? What did those building do to you?


Of course I was there. But you tidor and snoring in the style. Your good friend wants to be big big longkang. Big Big longkang in Komtar will flatten all heritage buildings with big bing branches


Bigger more $$$ and more land. You want longkang wider and deeper than road tunnel? You take over DID.


Why you wow wow, kbkb so much about $$$ and land. All this your personal property?  Longkang wider or deeper, anyone ask you to take a changkul and do? DID your personal property also?


Then is your property and your $$$. You don’t know basic? Deeper and wide what is the point. Sea water during low will come in and high tide will swamp



Anthony Like leads by example. He took RapidKL to test it’s smooth running.

Perhaps Penang YBs can do likewise with RapidPenang to improve its efficiency.

What say you?


Consumers Association of Penang (CAP) president Mohideen Abdul Kader said children below 12 years old, senior citizens and cyclists should not be charged for using the ferry services.

“We want to promote healthy living and reduce the carbon footprint, so cyclists should not be imposed any charges.


Go and asked the private company running the service. Umno and MCA sell it to make $$$$


Seniors (warga emas) should enjoy discounted fare of RM1.

What say you, dear NGOs?


NGO folks drives cars, use bridges, not ferry. So they would not bother.

A Senior

Yes, NGO folks who use cars will have to use the bridge simply because new ferries do not carry cars, just passengers and motorcyclist. In these they have no alternatives. To bother or not bother about the ferry fare is a non issue.

Seniors will be most happy if they are given a free ride. After all how many seniors are there using the ferry in a day. If no, they do not mind the 1 ringgit charge, 2 ways and not one way.

Kee Cheong

Sounds like a fake senior.
Please be more respectful to our wargaemas, ok?

A Senior

Sounds like you lack the ability to judge. You should be more respectful to seniors and not be like what they say, ” Don’t judge a book by its cover” meaning in this case, don’t simply judge a person just by reading his comment.


I hope Minister Loke could step in for the sake of retired old folks with no active income. RM1 one way is reasonable for senior citizens.

A Senior

What?  Senior citizens, retired old folks with NO Active Income, you consider reasonable to pay RM2 for 2 ways, that is RM1 for each trip?

Preferable, RM1 for 2 ways, that is 50 cents for each trip. Did they say use IC to swipe for payment?


“Former MP Zuraida backs Dr Mahathir’s appointment as adviser, says not a political move” By Shahrin Aizat Noorshahrizam dd September 18, 2023 
@ 12:49pm



Sorry, but that simply can’t be true, that the appointment of TMM as an adviser is not a political move. 

The all lot of you are politicians, in a political arena, participating in our Nation’s politics. So, how can this be not a political move.

This kind of statements will not help our women in their endeavor for 30% participation in politics. Please note.


Slow death of Christian mission schools in Malaysia (with or without green wave)

The only viable solution seems to be turning them into private schools offering an international curriculum



The Ministry of Local Government Development (KPKT) is preparing a new law specifically related to urban renewal, said its Minister, Nga Kor Ming after launching the Urban Renewal Implementation Guidelines (GPP PSB).

PSB GPP will be used as guidelines and reference for the federal government, state and local authorities, developers and other stakeholders to redevelop obsolete and abandoned townships.



This will have ‘repercussion’ as the authority will not need 100% consent from all residents if the old estate is to be demolished and redeveloped.

More work soon for Penang NGOs to protect old heritage housing estates?

Simon Tambiahrajah

Renewal of old estate is long overdue to give residents dignified living? But some may have to relocate to mainland as cannot afford new maintenance fee?


That is in theory. Otherwise there will be no wars or trouble spots world.


Dr Mahathir was having dinner with the PAS delegation which included four menteris besar in Putrajaya this evening.

Mahathir was also caught having a light moment throwing kid punches at Sanusi.


Mahathir said this in a ceramah on Sunday (Sept 3): “PH is led by a person who tells us that this country does not only belong to the Malays and that it also belongs to others. He wants to give this country away to outsiders (pendatang).”

He added that he would continue to talk about 3R as it is his right to talk about such matters.



Che Det planted Muda as mole or Trojan horse in ph?

Anwar knew about it after what azmin has done.

So little boy threw tantrums and declared himself as 3rd force – how childish!

Night Owl

Childish indeed to think that because of what Azmin did ( whatever that is) MUDA is mole or trojan horse said to be planted by CD ( for what didn’t say) and so little boy blue threw tantrums just to be a 3rd force?

Simon Tambiahrajah

Only that Sadiq boy was missing. He can join the party openly next time.

Night Owl

Whatever this means. Suppose only clueless supporters understand
what is said by ST.


Perikatan Nasional chairperson Muhyiddin said it is important to deny the federal government a two-thirds majority in the Dewan Rakyat.

At a gathering with Malay-Muslim NGOs from across Johor today, the former prime minister said doing so will impact the government’s ability to amend the Federal Constitution.


“Malay-Muslim NGOs” are influenced politically?