Herald lawyers’ office, Johor church targeted


Update: The St Elizabeth Catholic church in Kota Tinggi, Johor, was splattered with red paint at dawn, making it the 11th place of worship to be targeted since last Friday. It’s the first church in Johor to be targeted.

Earlier this morning, I received word from a church source that the PJ office of the Catholic Church’s lawyers, Fernandez and Selvarajah, was broken into last night and ransacked. A laptop was reportedly stolen. (More details here.)

  1. Metro Tabernacle Church (Assembly of God) in Desa Melawati – molotov cocktail damages administrative wing (8 Jan)
  2. Assumption Church (Catholic) in Jalan Templar – molotov cocktail hurled on pavement in front of church fails to explode (8 Jan)
  3. Life Chapel (evangelical Brethren) in Section 17, PJ  – molotov cocktail slightly damages porch (8 Jan)
  4. Good Shepherd Church (Lutheran) in PJ old town – firebomb misses window, scorches outer wall, minimal damage (8 Jan)
  5. All Saints’ Church (Anglican) in Taiping – two molotov cocktails scorch stair case leading to main entrance and side porch (9 Jan)
  6. Convent school (Catholic) in Taiping – molotov cocktail, probably meant for St Louis’ Church (Catholic) next door, breaks guard-house window (9 Jan)
  7. Malacca Baptist Church (Baptist) in Durian Daun – smeared with black paint (9 Jan)
  8. Good Shepherd Church (Anglican) in Lutong Miri  – stones shatter window panes (9 Jan)
  9. Sidang Injil Borneo Church (Borneo Evangelical Mission) in Seremban – front doors scorched (10 Jan)
  10. Gurdwara Sahib (Sikh) in Sentul – stones flung, mirror at entrance cracked and wall chipped (12 Jan)
  11. St Elizabeth’s Church (Catholic) in Kota Kecil, Johor – packets of red paint hurled, splattering the grounds, main gate, front door, wall and a statue (14 Jan)

Meanwhile, this is a piece I wrote for Asia Times:

Now that the dust has settled on the attacks against a string of Christian churches, Malaysians are left to reflect on the consequences. Full article here.

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16 Jan 2010 1.34pm

Religion is a very sensitive issue. Hundred of millions being persecuted in the history. So, we better keep the issue close. We are heading to the history again for the rights, freedom etc and at the end produce violent?

God need no advocates or defenses of men. God wait until the sins are ripened and then judgment strike. We ought to be meek as a dove, but vile as a serpent.

bumi non malay
15 Jan 2010 12.34pm

Where is the show of force … to bring in Army to guar all churches ….just as a deterrent is good enough. Not the rubbish of “nothing we can do” or “we can’t stop protest”. Rakyat Malaysia its up to you now!! Think outside square and think clearly!!

Samuel Goh Kim Eng
Samuel Goh Kim Eng
14 Jan 2010 5.22pm


“It’s better to understand
Than to be understood”
When we choose the peace stand
Without being lost in the wood

© Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 140110
Thur. 14th Jan. 2010.

14 Jan 2010 4.53pm

Its sad. There should have been strong condemnation of these acts by the government instead of ‘denial’ of the seriousness of the situation. Apart from the serious damage to Metro Tabernacle Church, the other incidents may appear slight. However, if this is not nipped in the bud, the extremists will be encouraged to carry on, or worst, increase the intensity and frequency of such attacks. Once the genie is out of the bottle, no one can put it back in. But then again, it is my observation that the people in charge are incapable lot. They are brought up and… Read more »

14 Jan 2010 4.46pm

To those who say we should give way,

You still want to give way?

You still think that Christian must berundur?

You still think by retreating they will grant us peace ?

Sorry, only Our Lord can grant true peace.

We Christians only recognize ONE MASTER, and that is The Almighty God.

Nobody else can force us to do anything we don’t want to do.

No one !

14 Jan 2010 3.27pm

Should be aware that apart from ARSON,public intimidation is systematically being executed by an invisible force..

So guess who?????

14 Jan 2010 1.33pm

These happenings really … me off. There is nothing that can be done.The only way is to wait for the next election

A Singh
A Singh
14 Jan 2010 1.18pm

… we can make bigger and better Temples. We would also like to build Masjids for our Muslim friends.
“Allah Hu Akhbar”.

14 Jan 2010 12.33pm

Everyone is after the Fertile Land where $$$$ flows.

By hook or by crook they will try to get it , this time thru confusion ?

Father said- son , someday you will understand.

14 Jan 2010 11.58am

This is intimidation with the t word. Now, we can know who is behind this sick affair. Can we trust the authorities to mean what they say?

Phua Kai Lit
Phua Kai Lit
14 Jan 2010 10.31am

Instead of moving towards the political centre, UMNO
seems to be moving more and more to the political right (and alienating moderate Malaysians of all ethnicities, creeds and faiths).

When will the moderate wing of UMNO stop this political rot?

14 Jan 2010 6.52pm
Reply to  Phua Kai Lit

Most moderates are silent & non-partisan by nature.
What more when the party is UMNO!

If you have not realized, many good folks have since left UMNO.

If you want moderates, try looking in PAS.

14 Jan 2010 9.47am

There should be no cover-up! Is anyone untouchable and above the law? It has been a week since they (attempted to) burn the churches and it’s still zero arrest!

The longer the already incompetent Malaysian police drags its feet to haul in those responsible for religious violence/arsonists, more attacks/mischief will continue. Those instigators who made public statements and clapped them on (protests/demonstration) not arrested, why?

Our Police were never slow when it came to peaceful walks/candlelight vigils by Bersih, Hindraff and Anti-ISA groups? Even those who wore ‘BLACK’ in silent protests were roughened up!