Batu Caves: No stage, so MB speaks from lorry


Barred from setting up a stage at Batu Caves, Selangor Mentri Besar Khalid Ibrahim instead addressed a large Thaipusam crowd – from the back of a lorry, just like in the old days.

The view of the huge crowd from the lorry – Photo by an eyewitness

The police decision to dismantle the stage which the state government had set up came despite the Selayang Town Council’s approval of the location. The cops cited security grounds as the reason for their decision, but said the state government was welcome to set up a stage at any other location – a move that Selangor state exco member Dr Xavier Jayakumar described as illogical and vindictive.

The PM, accompanied by his wife Rosmah and Cabinet members, had arrived at 9.10pm and immediately launched into a charm offensive. See Malaysian Insider report here. They left at around 11.15pm.

Not to be outdone, Khalid, his state exco members, and the Adun for Batu Caves, Amir Sari, were then hoisted onto the back of a truck and spoke before a crowd of thousands near the viaduct not far from the main entrance to Batu Caves.

“When we got there this evening, we heard that the police had issued a warning that they would arrest us for illegal assembly if the planned stage was put up,” said a Selangor state exco member, when contacted. “But the local council came to our rescue and improvised with their enforcement truck.”

About 15 police personnel arrived while Khalid was speaking from the lorry but they were nudged aside by the large crowd, according to the exco member. Xavier then jumped down and negotiated with the police for “15 minutes more”.

Khalid and his colleagues later did a walkabout – and were warmly greeted by devotees.

This is the first time the Selangor state government is taking part in the celebration, with a tent at the venue serving almost like a state government ‘open house’.

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Yes the PM said millions spent on uplifting batu caves. Why? Because Batu Caves is becoming a marvel in Malaysia.It is attracting the much needed tourism $$$$. Batu Caves come under the state. Why treat the MB and Exco of Selangor as outcast. They are fellow citizens of the country given the task of leading Selangor. Thaipusam is a religious event. The Hindus should not allow this event to be a political tool. Look at what the Selangor govt has done. Setting up stall. Compare the 2 speeches. PM spoke to garner votes…I give you this and that….we are tolerant.… Read more »

siew eng

hahaha. i like that – suratkhabar lama. we shud adopt that slogan for umno instead of their dulu kini dan selamanya (god forbid!).


Khalid is just great. I was there to observe the whole scene. Khalid was well respected by the huge crowd. Not many realised that Khalid had to stand on a truck to address the crowd. When words went round that Khalid was there, the crowd shifted to be with him after pushing through the packed area. He was given so much respect. They clapped and cheered him. They applauded his speech. On the contrary I could hear the jeers when the other “camp” took up the “stage”. One former senior minister was continously jeered. He is “thick-faced” though and tried… Read more »


It is a craven unsult to all Hindus and those followers of religions which emanated from the Vedas to use Thaipusam as a political tool to project the craven image of those who …. plunder the Nation in the name of the People whereas the riches are held on by the “Elite”… Thaipusam has been used over the years to … cater to the whims and needs of MIC and its cronies. Rhetorics, lies and threats are used to ‘contain’ the masses but the bubble will burst. Every trick of the trade under the sun is being used by BN… Read more »


Agree with you Varan, Lord Muruga will be vigilant always. He showed his displeasure when his place of worship was bombarded with tear gas and making thousands suffered with the 308 political tsunami.

Lord Ganesh will ensure continued prosperity to all who work for justice!


Mixing politics with religion. It’s all wrong. Even from both divides. Next are we to see Najib and Khalid main wayang on the opera stage in the chinese temple in the ampang new village, kl during the nine emperor gods festival? Sheesh!


Never has any man stooped so low as to politicise a religious celebration. Hindus should feel insulted that their celebration had been hijacked. This is cheap, sleazy,used car politics. This is totally despicable. This is totally unacceptable.


Pakatan was seen giving out free mineral water and mandarin oranges @ Batu Caves. How 1Malaysia. Huhu!


Never ever insult Lord Muruga. For the Gods are mightier than mortal men.
Don’t think there is no reaction from Lord Muruga. … just time will tell!


I like your comment. Very true, God knows, time will tell.


Anil I laugh at these reports of how Khalid being treated as 2nd class and denied permission to speak. I read the Tamil papers and the actual very different from the spin that the so-called Alternative Media is trying to hoodwink Malaysians. Upon learning Najib’s visit, the Selangor govt quick moved to steal thunder and sabotage the visit by erecting structure to block the entrance. They did not get permission to put up the stage from the temple committe or the police though the Selayang district council approved, which is only expected as it is filled with Pakatan members. The… Read more »


You are not just spewing true lies and half truth, you are like an UMNO crony or like the PM trying to inflame a religious situation into a political one for your self interest. Unpopular but recent poll show the state government is still getting 60% approval rating. Maybe you should check check out UMNO & PM rating. It has dropped from more than 65% to around 45%


What makes you swallow all the Tamil papers say, hook-line-and-sinker? Where have you been for the past 52 years? Out of the country or on another planet? May be you are one of those lucky rich people who don’t have to worry about where your next meal is coming from. Many of us aren’t that lucky and a number of us have to scrape out a living everyday. Please come out of your palace and see what life on the ground is like. Maybe you will be more enlightened like the Buddha once you face reality. Sorry, reality is very… Read more »

Pakatan Movement

Ooi, Gerakan K, at least please try to use a different namelah, why you have no creativity like your UMNO masters, is the alternative name K the best you can come up with?

K for Koo-Koo, I say! Koo-Koo if you think UMNO can win back Selangor in the next elections. They are only good at (denying the people’s mandate), just like what they did in Perak.


I will never go to Batu Caves again! How can the Temple Comm put up a Najib Cut-out 3-5 times the size of Lord Muruga! This is an insult to the Hindus and all the devotees. … SO insensitive of Najib to put his poster next to the Lord Muruga statue. Absolutely no RESPECT to the Hindu sentiments….


You are absolutely right! The Hindus pray to Lord Muruga not to Najib. The priorities are now very clear. The BN is again trying to use the same dirty tricks it used in Perak to undermine Selangor’s legitimate PR government. BN, we are not fools, the public see right through your sleazy tactics. The MCA and Geraken are also playing up to the Christians, as UMNO’s blue-eyed boy, KJ is trying to look good with the Muslims. Will Malaysians ever forget the extremists words uttered by KJ, HH and their kind in the past? Perhaps the rakyat’s memories are far… Read more »

Mrs Malaprop

So Najib has come a calling to Batu Caves eh? Well and good but why was MB Selangor denied the same right? It’s such a farce, isn’t it? and PDRM was involved in the complicity.

One robin doesn’t make a spring and one visit by Najib n Co won’t make the Indians vote for him. The best thing we can do is to convince everyone to vote them out.

By the way, the Pakatan Govt could have used this massive crowd to register new voters by setting up several booths at strategic places. Did they?


Batu Caves temple committee (appears to be) just another branch of MIC. The religious festival is now another scheme for them to make $$$

Naji$ & the fat lady is there for public relations. Do you really think he cares about the non UMNO rakyat? We are just here to feed his … votes to keep him & his cronies in power.

Remember how the ruling party’s enforcement agency red hats shot tear gas into Batu Caves temple. This is how much respect these ppl have for temples. This is how much they ‘care’ for the rakyat, with tear gas.


Umno knows The rumblings on the walls The hammering doesn’t stop Until it is finally gone The Malaysian Indians Once you were many In JKR doing a good job on the roads As years gone by You were gone too Now the roads Class F mends Many times in the same hole And taxpayers money go to waste Police is one trading journey Owing to Umno currying its favours By right police should be neutral Yet it is double standard in its ways And taxpayers money go to waste The Malaysian Indians Wake up and think about Don’t you realize… Read more »


Gerakan K, Malaysians, From 1st February onwards, we all embark on a new chapter in our efforts to see a new Malaysia, a “saya anak bangsa Malaysia”. After all the efforts to split and create enmity among us recently, we need to bring forward our agenda of creating a Malaysia that is never going to be divided by race or religion. A united Malaysia. The call had been made by bro Haris, and to support this noble cause, we will start our effort to disobey! No, we are obey the laws as all PR supporters are, even Gerakan K. We… Read more »


When the Indian community was the safe deposit for votes of the BN prior 2008, they bombarded Batu Caves with tear gas on Nov 25th 2007. Remember, places of worship, and Batu Caves is known worldwide. Do they ever care? Do they ever respect the Indian Community? Post 308, they now come a calling, because the Indians had shown their disgust with the shelling of Batu Caves with all those tear gas cannisters and so on. Even the Gods, are not spared by the PRDM. The Indian community must strive and continue to gel into the satu anak bangsa Malaysia… Read more »





Will the rakyat view this PR exercise by Najib with the assistence of the police force kindly, or will it be seen as a desparate attempt to win some support from the Indian community abetted with lopsided strong-arm tactics from the police force? Come the next General Elections, will this Batu Caves fiasco be seen as “Najib turun padang to join the Indian community in their Thaipusam celebrations with security assured by the able PDRM”? Or will the Pakatan folks have a field day with “Najib brought forward his Batu Caves visit to bulldoze aside MB Khalid’s program with the… Read more »


When the PM speak its OK but when the Selangor MB speak its an illegal assembly. What a farce from this PM … and their UMNO cronies… Khalid has done well and good for Selangor and we should vote them back in the next GE.. Can we accept (the use of) corruptible people (to) overthrow a government like in Perak. NO, THAT`S WHY WE HAVE TO VOTE BACK KHALID AND NIZAR & PR BACK…..

Tok Cik

Keep up the pressure in spite of the many obstacles, Khalid. Jibby has his eyes trained on Selangor and will not give up until one of his legs is in Shah Alam.

Chauncey Gardener

How about Najib speaking from the back of a lorry ?


The more BN is trying to intimidate and cow PAKATAN, the more support the Rakyat will lend them. Everyone loves the humble side. Let not these bullies spoil a joyous event, Happy Thaipusam ro all. 🙂


If the PM’s visit to Batu Caves is to celebrate Thaipusam with the Rakyat, we salute him, but it is very clear, he is there to win over the hearts and votes of the Indians so that he can continue to lead the Government.

Why should he hightlight the few millions spent to upgrade Batu Caves, when much much more need to be done to uplift the Indians? Just another case to win over the sentiments of the Indians and win their votes, and conveniently dump them after the next GE.


If BN spent millions on Batu Caves, you will know where will some of the money goes and how will MCCA take action if the money is worded from PM


Malaysian Indians should realize that to get more attention from the Government they need to vote PR. Had they voted BN during the last election would they be given the kind of attention they are getting now? Whatever the PM did, it is not enough, and I hope our Indian brothers and sisters realized. It is just not a matter of a couple of millions here and there to improvise their facilities, it is about their rights, their childrens future. At one time they were everywhere in the civil service, do you see them now? A lot more attention and… Read more »

Gerakan K

repetitive parrot,

Listen to this:

PM gives new hope to Indians, says Samy Vellu


Ai yo, Gerakan K,

Of all people you quote Samy Velluku, what can I say? What can I say? I have tried so hard to open you up, but you are still what you are. Give up on you.

Anyway, cheers bro!


Gerakan K,

For your further information.

Cheers bro!


Gerakan K
haha so say Samy Vellu, but he still don`t understand that he is no more relevant, UMNO crony outdated and ignored, rejected and spurned by his once good lover, Mahathir and UMNO… How can he stoop so low begging to his master when he is not wanted anymore..

Gerakan K

Now listen to the learned one:

USM lecturer says PR losing direction

Pakatan Movement

Gerakan K is really a parrot taught tricks by its UMNO master. Please make a more useful contribution to the discussion here instead of regurgitating the same old propaganda of denial by your UMNO masters.


Khalid Ibrahim is doing a great job as MB under very difficult circumstances – with sore losers like Khir Toyo (believed to be) constantly plotting the overthrow of Selangor’s legitimately elected government, the way… 3 ADUNs in Perak (were enticed) and … the Perak state assembly (usurped) from right under the people’s nose.