As MIC wanes, Najib uses direct approach


The MIC appears to have slid out of the picture after its poor showing in 2008 as Prime Minister Najib reaches out directly to Indian Malaysians in a series of events.

Giant cut-out of Najib at Batu Caves - Photo courtesy of Mkini

30 Jan – Najib visits Batu Caves on Thaipusam eve. He becomes only the second PM to visit the site after his father. But a giant replica of him at the venue becomes an issue – as did the refusal to allow the Selangor MB to speak at the same venue.

23 April – Najib officiates at the 1Malaysia Vaisakhi Open House at the Indera Mulia Stadium in Ipoh. He announces an allocation of RM4 million to assist in “strengthening cultural aspects, language teaching and repair and maintenance of Sikh houses of worship across the country”. See Berita Harian report here. “You help me…”?

12 June – Najib launches SMC2010, endorsed by the Sri Murugan Centre, and reportedly offers “more scholarships and direct financial aid for Tamil schools under the 10th Malaysian Plan”. See Malaysian Insider report here.

August – The Malaysian Indian Muslim Congress (Kimma) becomes an associate member of Umno after six earlier applications to join the BN were rejected. See Star report here.

19 Sept – A large delegation from the Malayalee community will meet Najib at a lunch-time get-together at the Mines Resort in Kuala Lumpur.

8 Oct – Similarly, the Telugu Association of Malaysia is organising an “Evening with the PM” at the Putrajaya Convention Centre. See TAM website here: “TAM is organising Malaysian Telugu unity gathering to show support to 1 Malaysia concept launched by our beloved Prime Minister YAB Dato’ Sri Haji Mohd Najib bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak.”

In the Hulu Selangor and Sibu by-election campaigns, and the Vaisakhi celebration, we witnessed pledges of RM3-4 million each to various groups. No doubt, other groups will be waiting to see what they can extract from the PM.

All in the spirit of “you help me, I help you”?

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Hi Anil,

Not sure if you saw this LA Times article on the 1Malaysia campaign. I had no idea that the govt paid US$24 million to a US public relations firm to create this campaign to re-brand the country.



MIC is on the wane. MCA is struggling to get on it feet.Gerakan has become irrelevant. Sabah coalition is in disarray. Sarawak is struggling to get rid of white hair to be a force to be reckoned again. Now UMNO & Najib are like DESPERADO. JUST LOOK AT THE CUT OUT AND ONE SHALL UNDERSTAND, aimlessly waving out to you but will be ignored. After all who are you, are you bigger than our…… and it seem so to some left over from MIC . PKR with all the previous debacle behind them has stablise and hantu like Zahrain, Wee… Read more »


Of all ppl who are jealous is Gerakan K here.Results PR has contributed to the rakyat has benefited you as well, isn’t it enough proof to you why you are in this blog? Think deeper, either you are unable or you won’t. So, should Anil take you off this blog?
So you see, my ‘learned’ friend, don’t try to fool others here or least yourself.
Even’ Gerakan’ brand is not even qualify to wash RPK’s feet, let alone telling what others should think or do. Wake up… or sleep back into oblivion, like the ppl you support.

Gerakan K

Who is RPK ??? A wanted person that runaway from justice !!!

Who is Gerakan President ??? The Cabinet minister of Malaysia.


Who is RPK? A citizen of Malaysia that had to leave the country because he couldn’t say the things he believed. Who is Gerakan President? A politician. Who would you believe? Point is, we should never have to ‘keep quite’ if we think something is wrong. It doesn’t matter if it was something with the Prime Minister or a Senator, we shouldn’t just accept what politicians say. Why is it that we let of certain politician off just because he said ‘he didn’t do anything?’. No investigation whatsoever. Of all people, a ‘politician’. This is what we call double standard… Read more »


Who is RPK, one who without fear or favour tells the truth.
Who is KTK, one who is a zero KPi minister who hide behind the cloak of his master

Gerakan K

Too many examples, I just pick the classic one:

your busted 16th September 2008 Putrajaya dream offered by Anwar and promoted relentlessly by RPK that even your great great leaders like Nik Aziz, LKS, LGE believe it !!!

What a lie promoted by RPK !!!


Hi NoShame, Anil’s blog is a very nice place to share, share the idiosyncrasies of Malaysian life. So to share, sharelah: In almost every blog, there will intrude a smart alec or smart a…. Obnoxiously self-assertive, rude and impudent, he will run down every intelligent discourse with his dunggu explicits. Another brand for this type of … is what is commonly termed Internet Trolls. How can troll posts be recognised? •No Imagination – Most are frighteningly obvious; sexist comments on nurses’ groups, blasphemy on religious groups .. I kid you not. •Pedantic in the Extreme – Many trolls’ preparation is… Read more »


Also I’ve learnt from D&D that it is effective to use ‘fire arrows’ or ‘acid arrows’ to put trolls down…
As quoted from here:

Trolls are infamous for their regenerative abilities, able to recover from the most grievous of wounds…

Bring out your D12 dice guys…


That’s why they keep coming back to this blog!
Anil must have periodical headaches just to manage them without offending their mamas’ feelings. Who knows, they might be agents provocateurs, so be careful dealing with these… Trolls befit their type of menace and no manners.

Gerakan K

LOL !!!

Stick to the issue please. No point in creating insulting statement either directly or indirectly to any commentator here.

By the way, I like the “regenerative” word as it implies the “never give up attitude”. This is important if you want to win the GE.

On the other hand, please be enlighten that any differing views are not stupid or likewise. See who is being rude here ???

Also, see who is doing the labeling here ??? Troll ??? Dunggu ???


Actually no one pointed you out specifically? He was just explaining what a troll is? Why so defensive?


This comment about Internet Trolls is for public consumption. So are other type of useful comments that help increase public awareness for our benefits. If you are being sensitive or self-aware of who you really are, that is not my problem. You create your own image, self perceptively or ask-for-it external reprimands. And please don’t act like a deranged headmaster (see Pink Floyd’s Another Brick in the Wall music video) ordering what others can or cannot do. This is not your primitive school territory. You seem morbid of / attached to the word ‘Machais’. Machais here, Machais there! Did I… Read more »


UMNO & Najiib has gone to the lowest of lowest. They are willing to go to the site of a holy place to garner for support.

Gerakan K

The pot is calling kettle black !!!

What about DAP MPs in Surau ???

Don’t deny this fact as MP Teo has apologized in her actions !!!


They don`t go there to canvass. They go there to help, that is to contribute and donate whatever means they can




Gerakan K is so obsessed with Najib and his $$$ … to the Indian community.Are Indians so cheap that they can be bought so easily???
Najib ”s hands are so soiled (implicated) in so many scandals from the submarine issue to Altantuya issue, comissions… (saying) that he never met Saiful….so many many more….
he is not fit to be a PM.for all Malaysians. He talks with a fork tongue depending on the crowd.
Bertaubat lah gerakan K…ur opinions always seem to be so childish and immature!!!!


Thanks Devan, with Malaysians like you the Malaysians Indians have a chance. If their votes go back to the UMNO/BN come the next GE, they will have to wait another 50 years, or eternally, for them to ever catch up with the rest of the Malaysians. And talking of all these monies, remember, when they withdrew the subsidies on many basic consumables? They said it was for education purposes? Just how much of the RM750,000,000 had gone to education? And 900 million RM going to civil servants for Raya bonus? Honestly, I am not against the civil servants getting their… Read more »


Did you remember the fuss they made when a gigantic poster of Anwar was erected? Why isn’t anyone complaining about the gigantic poster of Najib?


And its in a holy place


I too don’t understand the Malaysian Indian mentality.

My perception based on Indian politics in India is they always quarrel among themselves, can’t agree on one simple thing and too overtly ‘democratic’ to look at issues with one hawk eye (perceptive with unrelenting focused needs and wants).

Maybe their egos are too disparated and shaky, individually selfish, or easily influenced by money-carrots.

I may be totally wrong. Mai Thousand Apologies to all Malaysian Indians!


They want DRAMA!!!


Those Indians that dont like MIC but also complain about DAP and PKR, instead would rather behave like slaves to Najib? I really don’t understand the mentality. Do they really think they are better off these days EVEN just personally? Its so ‘buying lottery’ to me!


The only positive sign he is doing is his direct approach. All because BN is losing grounds .Najib have no other options.
However it does not translate into getting support and votes which he and his umno desperately needed.
We can see from what happened in Sibu.

Gerakan K

Based on comments offered here, perhaps the 1Malaysia PM Najib should stop any aid / allocation to any Indian based entities as they were not appreciated.

Or these PR machai jealous of contributions made by our 1Malaysia PM Najib ???

Why I rarely see any contribution made by PR leaders to Indian communities until Hindraf publicly criticize them ???

Finally, many thanks to our 1Malaysia PM Najib for granting huge scholarship packages for the group of Chinese students few days ago.


If Najib should stop aid for the communities who did not suppport him, then he should also stop collecting taxes from them. We cannot afford just to give to wannabe but to all.


Why be so surprised, this UMNO PM is (mainly) for all Malays only!…Chinese and Indians are just supporting form works to support the … evil regime.

UMNO THAMBYS, wake up and stop having self pity….be cunning like M…

Gerakan K

Actually you are not so qualify to comment on our state of internal affair as you are not in Malaysia.

What are your sources of information ??? RPK website ??? LOL !!! You need to “turun padang” and make observation of things being done before suggesting anything meaningful. Otherwise, you are just regurgitating the propaganda offered by malicious websites.

Even, this website owner need to edit your comment by adding “(mainly)” to your statement.


It is often said by historians that those who are nearer to an event(or focal point of said happening) make for a better witness than as a judge.


Whether he is in Malaysia or not he is qualified to comment. Even if he is a not a Malaysian he still has got the right to comment. Even a Thamby or wannabe has the right to comment. We comment because we want justice and the truth to flow like a mighty river not because we support something that will make our wannebe a reality.


UMNO Thamby and wannabe are all the same. They delved in self pity waiting for handout and there is one just around the corner here

sam sung

Samy says he will step don when he feels like it. You go, Samy! I mean, don’t go. You are valuable to PR where you are now.


… Poorah MIC, Poorah Samee Value!

Art of War Strategy:
Make the host and the guest exchange roles (反客為主/反客为主, Fǎn kè wéi zhǔ):
Usurp leadership in a situation where you are normally subordinate. Infiltrate your target. Initially, pretend to be a guest to be accepted, but develop from inside and become the owner later.



The writing is already on the wall, Samy Vellu still does not get it. MIC will be doomed in the general election.


Woi! I didn’t see the PM’s date for lunch with the White Man Society. Where’s my patronage? I’m not guaranteeing meek subservience and abandonment of my self-respect, but you never know what you might get in return for a really, really nice slap-up meal. Everyone has their price, after all.

Is there somewhere I can get a one-and-three-quarter metre version of that cut-out? I think it would be a great start to my every day if I could ‘high-five’ the PM as I leapt out of bed in the morning.

Gerakan K

Get real, man !!!

You can’t vote. No point to do anything to you.

Even LGE make an offer with us, vote PR and you will get free wifi and no “saman ekor”. This is also “you help me and help you” offer. Why no noise being raised from machai like you and Anilnetto ???


I must watch some more of those – that was good. You guys only sweat below the nose? I think we call that ‘snot’ or ‘spit’ where I come from.

Andrew I

Hey, thanks for the link, frags. I enjoyed also the second exclusive interview with seh peh kong.


As MIC is supposed to represent the Indian community; so the conclusion is MIC should close shop sooner rather than later ?


Well. With the dysfunctional MIC leadership led by that toupe fella. What can Najib do. This is the beginning of the end for MIC.