As China envoy visits Petaling Street, Jamal is reined in (Updated)


By reportedly warning that a group of protesters would turn up again in Chinatown today to demand whatever, Jamal took a step too far.

Things happened quickly after that.

China’s ambassador to Malaysia Dr Huang Huikang took the unprecedented step of visiting Petaling Street yesterday, and warned those who used violence to disrupt public order in Malaysia.

The Insider reported:

“The Chinese government opposes terrorism and any form of discrimination against races and any form of extremism,” he was quoted as saying.

Beijing, he said, would not think twice about voicing out against any threats towards the interests of its citizens or anything that disrupts the relationship between Malaysia and China.

Jamal was reportedly arrested after that.

(Update: The envoy has since been summoned to Wisma Putra for an explanation. But it is worth noting that China just completed a six-day joint naval drill with Malaysia in the Straits of Malacca, with more than a thousand PLA troops taking part.)

Mahathir accused Najib of backing the demonstrations in support of the prime minister. See point number 36 in his blog post.

Meanwhile, the pro-Umno website lashed out at Jamal, saying his struggle was not the same as Umno’s:

Petaling Street Bukan Isu Perjuangan UMNO atau Melayu

Tindakan Ketua UMNO Bahagian Sungai Besar, Datuk Jamal Md Yunos, mengancam untuk menutup tempat perniagaan Petaling Street bukan perjuangan UMNO, apatah lagi perjuangan Melayu dan Islam.

Apabila Pesaka menganjurkan Himpunan Merah bagi menyatukan orang Melayu ia bertujuan menunjukkan bahawa orang Melayu bersdia mempertahankan kepentingan Islam dan Melayu jika perlu. Ia bukan untuk menunjukkan siapa lagi samseng apatah lagi “berperang dengan kaum Cina.”

Melayu tidak pernah terjejas dengan Petaling Street. Sekian lama kita sudah ketahui Petaling Street ialah tempat penjualan barang palsu dan kurang kualiti terbesar di negara ini. Ia di monopoli oleh kaum Cina dan disukai oleh pelbagai bangsa kerana harga yang murah…..

Jika Jamal mahu membantu orang Melayu, maka kempenlah agar peniaga Melayu di Uptown, Downtown atau apa sahaja jenis “town” dibenarkan berniaga barang yang sama seperti peniaga Petaling Street tanpa gangguan.

Jika Jamal mahu membantu Melayu, apabila kerajaan beri geran kepada beliau sepatutnya beliau laksanakan sampai berjaya dan bantu Melayu lain. Malangnya sekian banyak perniagaan beliau yang kerajaan bantu, sekarang ini sama ada sudah berkubur atau hidup segan mati tidak mahu.

Kita mahu memperjuangkan hak Melayu dan kepentingan Islam, tapi bukan cara tidak masuk akal dan merosakkan keharmonian negara ini.

Jangan nanti Himpunan Merah yang berjaya tempoh hari, akhirnya menjadi “kad Merah” kepada Barisan Nasional.

All of a sudden, Jamal has become isolated. (Update: Lee Lam Thye has pointed out that all ethnic groups were given trading lots in Petaling Street in the 1970s.)

How did this come about? For context, the words of a KL-based political analyst should be relevant:

“The China ambassador’s visit to Petaling Street tells us a lot about an underlying message. Too much is at stake – trade with China and our investments there,” he said.

Malaysia has been China’s top trading partner in Asean for six consecutive years with annual trade between the two nations exceeding US$100bn. Malaysia is also China’s third largest Asian trading partner after Japan and South Korea.

“The trade is considerable. But there are idiots who don’t realise the consequences of their actions,” said the analyst.

It is reassuring that the authorities are now reining in those who are trying to harm ethnic relations in the capital.

But what about the real sponsors of these Red Shirts, who are hard-core supporters of Najib perhaps aiming to divert our attention from the real issues of the day such as 1MDB and the weakening ringgit. Who will rein them in?

Can Umno itself abandon its race-based rhetoric and politics at a time when no effort should be spared in protecting the interests of the ordinary rakyat on the street during these difficult times?

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kuning cilik

MCA can only cry foul to plead Najob for action when that Tajudin guy threaten to slap the chinese? No wonder Chua SL said the current MCA is soft, not sure if Dr Chua can dispense Liow viagra that is useful in his hotel escapade?


Prof Khoo Kay Kim: Apakah Karakter Melayu Memasudkan Maruah Melayu?

Ed G

The Malaysian government seem rather irked by the attention garnered by the China envoy’s statement touching on anti-terrorist, anti-racial discrimination and anti-extremism during his walkabout around Jalan Petaling just hours before the racially charged, hypocritical anti-counterfeiting rally was supposed to be held. Ironically, this was during the time when our PM and Foreign Minister were at the UN Headquarters in New York condemning Islamophobia while preaching against the typecasting of any religion with terrorism. Imagine the embarrassment that Najib would had to go through had this rally took place. Rather than being grateful to the China’s envoy, they instead… Read more »

gk ong

You can expect Umno to continue to harp on this issue to divert the attention of the malays from the economic woes.


Tunglang, no worry it has nothing to do with the school, it is a private chat group from former classmates. Many thks.


The money was banked into ah jib’s personal account. Why other amno members interfere into ah jib’s personnal affair? If they love to interfere might as go and sued wsl. The korban, moon cake are over. Waiting for depavali, Christmas and new year to be over?
Further, why the mid East doner also interferes into Malaysian affair to ensure amno wins the election? Why no callining up from foreign ministry??


The Middle East donation of USD700 million has actually interfered with the last GE results, allowing regime B to win by offering goodies to kampung and felda folks which is bribery that EC and MACC chose to ignore.


Huang’s visit got nothing to do with Jamal or the rally. Its actually about the South China Sea situation and Najib’s administration discussion with US on bases in Sabah.. Wisma Putra had to back down because it was never about Jamal or the Rally.

But it goes to show Red Shirt rally is only relevant as political discourse about distraction of those in power who don’t want to do what is needed. Their message and power means nothing..Their damage is another matter altogether..


And also Aussie submarine now entertaining the ferry passengers here in Penang, and wonder why our own Scorpene submarine no friendly appearance from deep water to meet the taxpayers???


Actually a good time for the PRC army spies to infiltrate and learn the military capability of Bolehland.


To summon this Chinese diplomat shows what is clear about OOO-THONG: it is AOK to be rude, arrogant & repulsive to call other citizens by animal names, but is not AOK to be commented by outsiders as it is certainly clear under the clear blue sky of such typical losers in any multi-cultural society such as ours which incidentally is similar to that diplomat’s better managed country made up of hundreds of ethnic groups of diverse cultures & languages. When the pui-ua (rice bowl) is getting smaller by the days, who cares to summon who? Will national maruah itself feed… Read more »


Anifah has confirmed that it was Najib’s order to summon Huang.
Maybe Najib tried to impress Obama while he was in New York?

But BN is making a mistake to be funny with the Chinese envoy.
It has shown to the world that au no is behind the red rally.


Janji Kita Tahu (As Long As We Know) The brainchild of The Ming Thing, “Janji Kita Tahu (As Long As We Know)” sees four friends relate to the hate, racism and misdirected news around them — and how they come to realise that what matters at the end of the day is how they see themselves: As united Malaysians. Nowadays, we read so much news about races not getting along. But honestly, I’m sure we all have friends or know people from different races. So do we believe everything we read or see online? But with all the negativity… Read more »


Better video than the one featuring 4 old folks drinking coffee with Ah Jib.


I am at two minds about the China Envoy voicing his “support”. We should tread carefully, as we do not want this to turn into a Chinese vs Malay. It was never about that. Furthermore, China’s human rights record is rather bad. I guarantee you certain quarters will exploit this and claim that Malaysian Chinese are trying to control the country with the backing of communist china. The bad guys are cornered and will resort to desperate measures to survive.


The days of myopic+phobic view of poor & hungry Communist China ala Mao Zedong’s Red Dragon is over, my friend. Washington Gringos would prefer us to still wear that eye piece with a John Wayne cowboy vs Red Indians enmity in a Grand Canyon mirage view, notwithstanding we are now in the New Century of borderless + digital trading & economic power = $$$uper power. The quiet under current of paradigm shift of super powers has already begun since the days of Deng Xiaoping’s strategic reforms for China’s economic growth, open-arm investment policies, banking expansion, urbanisation of counties & modernisation… Read more »


I agree with you. But I do worry about China’s militaristic ambitions in the South China Seas. However that is another story. My main point from my initial comment is that the red shirts and their backers will seize only any excuse to whack Malaysian Chinese. Over the decades till recently, I have seen opposition leaders present more substantive debates compared to these goons. Any difference? None whatsoever. They have perfected the art of sticking fingers in their ears and act like gangsters.

johan Khun Pana

Ambassador Dr. Huang statement/comment is inline with President Xi JinPeng’s foreign policy. This means that Beijing won’t tolerate “rioting …” Note that China is also a permanent member of the U.N security council. This is an extract of President Xi’s written statement – “XI: China pursues an independent foreign policy of peace and is committed to world peace and common development. In today’s world, it is impossible for China to develop on its own; only when the world thrives can China prosper. China has never been absent in efforts to promote world economic recovery, seek political settlement of international and… Read more »


In the early days umno took away sime darby, all the big businesses from the chinese, etc etc etc Then, they took away all the chinese banks like ban hin lee bank, chung kiaw bank, lee wah bank, etc etc etc Quite recent, they took away the businesses of robert kuok, the sugar refinery and the bread gardenia… They have taken all the big businesses from the rich chinese, and now they want to rob the small traders in Petaling St, i think very soon they want to chase away the hawkers in Jalan Alor(?) i will not be surprise…… Read more »


How is Eden Seafood, Catering & Restaurants doing now???
How Is Eden Group existing???
No need to ask any further.


Won’t be surprised popular Penang Chendol franchise business may be seized in majority by Umno since the profit margin is high!


Penang’s famed Chendol @ Lebuh Keng Kwee is already halal. Its CEO is too far sighted to make it halal for a wider customer base. The next phase of its existence as a business entity needs no further readings from fortune tellers. I believe the CEO is waiting for the biggest offer from the Blue Ocean Strategy corporate raiders of any Malaysian business already famous, strong & running a neat profit. May I add another Malaysian law to the 22 Immutable Laws of Branding by Al Ries: Build strong + low-profile Malaysian brands to maxi-profit at start up + growth… Read more »


Keep your eateries non-halal so as not to invite those Umno vultures!


During Robert Chuan’s (CEO of Eden Restaurant) steering of Eden, the name that came to mind for dining, romantic rendezvous or business lunch was always Eden@Hutton Lane.
Now? Whose minds will tick Eden? Adam & Eve?

This is no urban myth, so better get real while in Penang Island.


Restaurant business is cut-throat. Western food chains go bust all the time. Attributing that to ethnicity is bigotry.


When have evident failures (of takeovers) been attributed to bigotry? GOSH!!!
Is that how our beloved country goes down the drain?


is this comments thread representative of what you tell your kids? Is it any wonder the gap between Chinese and non-Chinese getting bigger? The comment “keep your eateries non halal” disappoints me the most. Do more to break down the silos, not make them bigger la uncles.


“Took away” chinese businesses?! You dont think Kuok is stupid do you? He has exitted that business to move to something else. I bet you he didnt lose money exitting. Cmon. You guys are just as bad as the red shirt guys with all your urban myths.

Sounds like the kind of rubbish Singapore recruiters tell the kids.


You smell like the OOO THONG!

Datuk YB Loh

Dont mess around with China or the 3 billion Cina B… around the world. Almost every country in the world is rushing to make good friends with them. When they sneeze we are the ones catching cold. It will be suicidal to insult the Chinese and their diaspora.
There are ten of thousands of Malaysian Cina … in China and anothet ten of thousands doing business with them of which the Chinese government taps info from.


An interesting observation by YB Liew Chin Tong on the coming voting patterns among the Malays: There is also a cliché that PAS held sway among Malay voters, especially the rural ones, therefore it is impractical not to include PAS in the new coalition. Yet, one must not forget that without the progressive faction, PAS would have no capacity to speak to urban Malay voters, not to mention non-Malay voters. Assuming that the political “wind” is in favour of the Opposition, the next election will be determined by whether the Opposition can defeat Umno in about 35 to 40 marginal… Read more »

johan Khun Pana

Ambassador Dr.Huang did not mention anything specific but in general sense. And that is peaceful co-existent and trades.
Saying – No to extremist and anything racial are common global commitment. Even the Umno’s Najib said the same in the U.N.
Dr. Huang did NOT mention umno/najib/jamal /Red Shirt nor any names.
But Putrajaya and some of it’s umno people are showing symptoms of melt down and turn rabid like.

As they(umno) love to say”Siapa makan Cili , dia rasa pedas”


China have no intention to meddle in Malaysia Politics as UMNO claim. They just reminding UMNO don’t be racist. UMNO on other hand have openly support Palestine ( i believed the Jews also must have their home land since they also a part of Arabs origin with Organised Book followers from same GOD). Share some land with the Jews and make peace since Jews is prosecuted since the days of walking Prophets. Malaysia also have hand in MNLF and Thailand in the name of Islam brotherhood. American meddle with every country when $$$ to be made or to benefits them.Rusia… Read more »


Strange…how come we don’t hear a squeak from Perkasa, ISMA, Perkida, the
red-shirts. the black shirts, the silat warriors et al when the China envoy
visited Petaling Street with a warning. Make police report la.


From now on, we are going to see more and more (negative) news throughout world media about Malaysia ! Despite China’s years of saying nice things about us but now I think the weather has changed, very much changed !


Dead silent from red guard and blank news on sea exercise in straits of Melaka between china peoples’ navy and tldm


Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye, the former MP for Kuala Lumpur Bandar, said he was there when the lots were handed out to Malays and Indians for trading in Petaling Street when the area started operations in the early 1970s. He said he had witnessed the Kuala Lumpur City Hall officers calling out names of people who were allotted spots to trade in Petaling Street. “The traders were chosen by ballot and Dewan Bandaraya (City Hall) allocated lots to the Malays and Indians,” he said in a telephone interview yesterday. “If the Malay traders moved away voluntarily, it is not… Read more »


The Chinese ambassador is telling Jamal and Umno that the red rally is insulting The Red Army (People’s Liberation Army)?


We truly need outsiders with genuine interests in bilateral trade & peaceful co-existence to hammer the nail-point into Putrajaya – don’t risks your future playing with emo-fires for worthless pursuits of political games.
Chinese says: Ai bo pui chiah liao, ko lai luan ha-mih?
(Already not enough to feed, still want to quarrel what?)

Better take note of Asian Tai Kor’s advice whose sneeze is more potent than Obama’s cough.


China is warning Umno mot to play with fire.


But we have a Son of a Gan previously from MCA to voice his displeasure to perceived foreign interference. If I have a business interest & own citizens visiting another country, would I just keep silence when things seem to get out of hand over there? That SOAG should be thankful that a foreigner is sincere enough to bring moon cakes, confidence & goodwill among races trading or visiting Petaling Street. MCA, where were you on 16 September when shops were hammered, peace threatened & racist abuses thrown at your own blood kind? Please lah, take away that alphabet ‘C’… Read more »


Tunglang, can i have your permission to post your above comment on my class chat group? Pls advise. Tq


You may go ahead, but I am not too sure about our prosedur-prosedur Pejabat Pendidikan Pulau Pinang. Not too keen to get into the same degree of contention like CAT gomen’s Merdeka Day Bersih theme.
Whether in classroom or online chat, better be careful not to get too viral.


The nation is concerned with the RM 2.6 billion donation to Najib, the 1MDB crisis, the free fall of the ringgit, the adverse impact of the implementation of the GST, the use of the racial card via ‘red shirts’ etc. Where is Liow Tiong Lai and the MCA?