Allah issue leads to Muslim-Christian dialogue


In case you are having the Perkasa blues, this should brighten things up: Muslims and Christians have been holding dialogue sessions in church halls across the northern region ever since the Allah controversy led to a spate of arson attempts on places of worship.

You could say it has opened up an avenue for a rapprochement of sorts among the ‘People of the Book’, heirs to the Abrahamic spiritual traditions.

The latest church to play host to such a dialogue was St Louis Catholic Church in Taiping. Now, St Louis, along with the Convent School next door, was the target of an arson attempt on 10 January.

Yesterday, the Human Development Committee of the church threw open the doors of its church hall to a group of visiting Muslims, led by Parit Buntar MP, Mujahid Yusuf Rawa. The Muslim visitors to the dialogue with parishoners included an imam, an ustaz and his students.

It was more of a ‘breaking the ice’ session to get to know one another and learn about their respective faiths over coffee and cakes. But difficult issues were also raised in an attempt to understand each side’s position.

“This is the future of Malaysia,” Mujahid told the audience of 150, who broke out in applause. “For over 50 years, we have been kept apart.” About a third of those present were Muslims, who seemed pleased at this opportunity to meet the Christian community. The Christians, for their part, felt honoured to welcome their Muslim guests for the occasion.

It was the latest in a series of Muslim-Christian dialogues which Mujahid, who has a doctrate in Islamic political science, has participated in. Similar dialogue sessions have been held in church halls in Penang Island (two), Butterworth, Bukit Mertajam and Parit Buntar.

These sessions, which were first organised to defuse any tension in the aftermath of the arson attempts, have been held in an atmosphere of friendship and mutual respect for one another. Speakers often referred to Muslims and Christians in the audience as their “brothers and sisters”.

History has been created in virtually all the churches that have played host. In St Louis, for instance, it was the first time since the church was established about a century ago that it was holding such a dialogue with Muslims.

God certainly works in mysterious ways!

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O, i think Gerakan K is just plain KL …

Maybe he is a PR supporter but he purposely does the opposite in this blog to get attention.

Maybe he is lonely… a nobody’s friend…

Anyway, i really admire your patience on him which am lacking.



I am trying to understand Gerakan K, if he is really a supporter of PR, then, he should be in Hollywood, and he will definitely sweep all the awards, all the Oscars!

His comments come from his own thoughts which are humorous and very very KL. Sometimes, when I am bored, I will go through his comments and the subsequent replies from fellow readers and I have a good time laughing. Even when relating this to you I am having a good laugh.

Have a nice day bro!

Gerakan K


to make you happy all day long, I have to confess, actually I’m a lonely old man with no friend and family and stay in “Rumah Orang Tua KL”. I live to “kacau” this blog.

p/s: please have a good laugh, my friend.


Gerakan K

Obviously PAS is not showing it real color like you say which you calim it is Ketuanan Islam. However, UMNO which is for both Ketuanan Melayu and Islam in its action but you don’t see it that way. If they are not than tell them to shut down Perkasa or punish those that are in UMNO who supported Perkasa.

I think I better rest my case before you have to … come up with dumb excuses for BN or UMNO.

Gerakan K

the perkasa essentially is the frog club with no significant value. What can the frog club do to you ??? At best, they only can chanting slogan or rising the dagger. Don’t tell me you are afraid of it. By the way I also think that Hindraf is the indian version (with better quality) of perkasa.


Gerakan K, You are absolutely correct with your assumption that Hindraf is the Indian version of Perkasa. Infact, Perkasa is borne out of Hindraf? (Is) Perkasa (being) subcontracted to do all those jobs by UMNO Baru(?), and (is) Hindraf is (being) subcontracted to do all those racist jobs by MIC? Will MCA or Gerakan comes out with their versions? Or will these two prove that they are the more civilized of all the boys in BN? And did you see your idol Abraham Ally spewing filths that shamed all Malaysians in Al Jazeera? Really shamed Malaysians, cannot even string a… Read more »

Paul Warren

Ah, but all this is not reported in MSM. So does that mean it did not happen?


Yay… score one for Malaysians!

Gerakan K

This guy certainly a rare species in PAS. This special one can’t change the mass of PAS. “Ketuanan Islam” still alive and kicking. We observe their true self by daily basis and not occasional occurrence of rational actions.


It is really so heart-warming to see the above pic. Thanks Anil for reporting!!! During the last GE, my friend went over to PAS booth and she said to me, the people mending the booth were so warmth and one guy was giving out order, “Ini orang kita, jaga dia baik-baik.” Of course, in that particular hot afternoon (308), a vote was given to PAS. I remember when i was younger and it was during campaigning time for GE in the 1990s, and Dr Teng and his people were doing house to house campaigning and i said to him in… Read more »


Kee, Thanks for your support for PAS! PAS is the real deal always. And our dear friend Gerakan K, he is still very much in slumbers, saying Mujahid Yusof Rawa is the rare species. Do we need to wake him up? Has he ever heard about TGNA, Khalid Samad, Zulkifli Ahmad and the list goes on and on, but, unfortunately, Gerakan K’s list of heroes include, TDM, Ibrahim Ali, Ahmad Ismail, Zahrain, Zulkifli, and the likes. Gerakan K, bro, wake up la! You are too engrossed in your work and forgot who PAS are! Jom sertai PAS, Gerakan K! Gerakan,… Read more »


This is a wonderful happening – but I am puzzled – why do the comments refer to PAS – I have read the article again and again and do not see PAS there – I see two groups of human beings willing to come together and share and understand each other better, how I wish I had been there too.


I really don’t understand?. Past years, PAS was labelled extremist! However, it looks like PAS is moving with time and UMNO regressive.

Keep it up for upholding the ISLAM religion. Good for you.

See – harmless for dialogue with no untowards incident. Why at federal (government level) so afraid to even have one meeting among Christian & Muslim faith.

This is politics in the making.

by a Buddhist.


PAS has always shown and followed the true path in this aspect. The only problem is that BN had always painted a “NEGATIVE” picture of PAS all the time. Especially when all of us depended on the main-stream media. Now with the alternate media, the true colors have emerged clearly.

Borneo Man

God is truly great. Pas should be commended for its courage and foresight. The Christians in Malaysia have proven their value and patriotism through its actions of over 100 years. It has also no other agenda beside loving God.


It always good to read of such a happening. Recently there was another Christian/Muslim get-to-know-you session, this time it was at the SFX Church in PJ. You can read it from my blog:


Gerakan K,

Just look at your political masters, just look how are you being treated by UMNO Baru BN. You still want to support BN? As you are extremely busy, I am enclosing the following for your understanding.

… You deserve the Government you elect!

Gerakan K, jom sertai PAS! Just look at PAS and compare it with umNO Baru? Come join PAS and let us build a united Malaysia.


Well done, Mujahid Yusof Rawa, PAS must take the lead to foster greater unity, better understanding of each other of all races! UMNO Baru had (appears to have) gone out of the way to ‘abandon’ the minority races, therefore, PAS had certainly done very very well, and the Rakyat should be pleased to know that it is PAS that is taking the responsibility to unite Malaysia and not UMNO Baru, who is out to divide and rule and through Perkasa, it had gone out of the way to intimidate the minority! NO to UMNO Baru and BN. Yes to PAS… Read more »