Allah controversy: Protesters fail to show up for anti-Penang CM protest


An advertised protest against Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng failed to materialise on Christmas Day when nobody turned up.


About 30 police personnel were on guard in the neighbourhood and near the CM’s residence. Journalists too were present.

But no one else showed up.

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gk ong

“My greatest responsibility as the prime minister is to ensure the safety and security of the Malaysian people. Our position is quite clear, we reject this so-called Islamic State. We reject this state defined by extremism. And we condemn the violence being committed in the name of Islam.”

So said Najib on his blog on 31 December 2014. Let us hope he could be firm on this on 2015.


We must support the G25 movement now that Perkasa is threatening to sue G25.

The G25 prominent Malays had submitted an open letter decrying the “lack of clarity and understanding” of Islam’s place within Malaysia’s constitutional democracy.

The letter touched as well on a “serious breakdown of federal-state division of powers, both in the areas of civil and criminal jurisdictions”.

We have yet to see the response from Najib.

About time to stop further hijacking of Islam to suit political agenda.


Ridhuan Tee has been barred by Sarawak Chief Minister to enter Sarawak for his lecture can be provoking to non Muslims there. He has been asked to U turn back to Peninsular.


This proved that the Sarawak BN govt is not biased when they also banned PR MP.

Phua Kai Lit

Religious extremists and racial extremists of the Isma and Perkasa type are the minority in
multiethnic, traditionally tolerant Malaysia.

It is only the official regime propaganda machine and the right wing echo chambers that make it seem as if they have more political support than they really do.


Why make it ‘autonomous’ as a state official stand when it is too sensitive to the point of provocative? Such religious issue is a national one rather than an one-upmanship (hero) statement to get more state popularity yea (for shook-shiok sendiri?). Ultimately, the multi-racial people get more worked up & divided to the point of confrontation. Do we necessary need the (first) one to cari-pasal? If Parliament is not the ultimate place to make / change / amend laws, then we don’t need the MPs, some of whom think they are born to make ultimatums at a personal whim &… Read more »


the issue was feudal thinking of some. may be pre308 MPPP no “kuasa” hanya ikut perintah from CM ? Then what’s the point of having MPPP no authority to enforce then CM must be very busy no wonder past CM labelled “boh hoot” ???

Line Clear after so many years have made a trademark popular to many. It;s time they move to proper shop-lot premise rather than to continue serving food along the alley. Having said that, chinese or indian hawkers are alike need to trade at proper venues.

Beca Man

What’s wrong eating in alley?
Line Clear was clearly a decent place to eat, away from roadside unlike the one at Penang Road opposite Hotel Malaysia.
And it costs less to eat than in aircon restaurant.
This place serves the Rakyat well in terms of affordable makan-makan.

Lu want bin chooi, that’s your expensive choice.


Dedicate this clip to Beca Man.

I think tunglang likes it !


If like Henson said, then all the Air Itam traders must be moved. The situation there is even worse.


Worse still are coffee shop in the Paya Terubong areas occupying whole stretch of road with structures and hawkers stalls being built. This has deprived the resident of parking space.. They should be the first to be moved instead of Line Clear as Line Clear is only occupying an alley while these coffee shop occupied public road and space.

Beca Man

Can MPPP do that – remove Air Itam roadside traders?
Even a beca has difficulty moving in such congest road in the morning.
Bet the CAT dares not.


We should never ever trust the CAT. I have been cheated & misled once too many.


LGE now facing tweeter circulation linking him to the closure of Penang road alley Line Clear Nasi Kandar, which he just retwitted denying. Looks like not a peaceful Christmas for LGE?

Pak Tim

Why succumb to bn rumour mongers? Line Clear has become a tourist attraction that even MPPP has reserved a car park for that alley.

Pak Tim

There is an explanation for that. Professional protesters were not paid. Probably paid by public money but the funds has dried up(?)


Line Clear should operate on a proper shop lot. The place is quite unhygienic as hinted in the Anthony Bourdain’s program with cats loitering around.


Religious bigotry a shame in Malaysia.