Happy Malaysia Day! A touching moment


Coach R Jeganathan embraces Paralympics T36 (cerebral palsy) 100m sprinter Mohamad Ridzuan, who clinched gold in a games’ record time.

This is what is possible when barriers are broken. We can achieve things we can only dream about now. 

This is the kind of Malaysia that is possible when we can work together and when extremists are kept at bay and when we reject politicians who divide and rule. 

This is the kind of Malaysia we want. A land where everyone is equal under the Malaysian sun, a land where everyone, resident or migrant, can live with dignity and justice, free from oppression and in harmony with the environment.

Happy Malaysia Day, everyone!

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Siang Yee

Based on the primary school’s teaching (see report below), Anil should go to Hindu Temple?



Coach Jeganathan got RM300,000 reward from BN government as his disciple got RM1 million for striking gold.


Penang football team may get relegated with one more match to go.

David Loman

GEORGETOWN: Persembahan hambar skuad Pulau Pinang bukan setakat meletakkan kedudukan ketua jurulatihnya, Nenad Bacina serta Pengarah Urusan Persatuan Bola Sepak Pulau Pinang (FAP), Bojan Hodak dalam bahaya.

Malah, kekalahan demi kekalahan yang dialami skuad Harimau Kumbang dalam Liga Super turut memberi kesan kepada Presiden FAP, Datuk Seri Nazir Ariff Mushir Ariff.



I notice your blog banner is in yellow, in support of Bersih?


Why no report on Bersih 5 here?

David Loman

A nationwide roadshow by election watchdog BERSIH will be kicking off on the 1st of October that aims to educate and disseminate the rakyat on BERSIH’s demands, institutional reform and the 1MDB issue across 246 locations nationwide including East Malaysia. The convoy will converge during the BERSIH 5 rally slated for next month.

David Loman

Bersih 5.0 vs Bodoh x 5.0 (Jamal Yunos vs Maria Chin)

Malaysian First


The above link unlikely to be touching moments BUT it may inspire Malaysians to work hard (of course ethically) to afford the luxuries.


Tips Menabung Rosmah Mansor

gk ong

UN’s ‘Lead By Example’ award recipient.

David Loman
Willy Wonka

Umno is now blaming the Jews when Rosmah was denied.

Sandra Soh

Permata may have claimed to educate young kindergarten kids against extremism, but they would grow up later being brainwashed by BTN when joining the civil service. How ironic! UNESCORTED should take note.

Malaysian First

Peaceful demonstrations by Bersih 5 being racialized by racial RedShirt group sponsored by racial supremacist party!

Don’t forget to tune in to Astro Awani channel 801 on Malaysia Day 16 Sep a special documentary on Harimau Malaysia 1980 about a national football with different races united to defeat South Korea to earn Olympic qualification.


Whatever it is today, tomorrow, the future – the first steps are for EVERY eligible voter in Malaysia to be registered. With plans of re delineations or gerrymandering on going, these continuous registration will throw spanners into their underhand schemes. This must be the sole plan of all our youths – REGISTER AS A VOTER IMMEDIATELY & CONFIRM YOUR REGISTRATION REGULARLY. Otherwise we can be talking till the cows come home. This is the simplest of all other plans to throw out a corrupt government – so do your part. The second plan and next is to ensure 90% voter… Read more »


Please encourage young people to register as voters. We need every vote in GE14.

Harry Sim

You may not be able to vote even if you have registered as the EC has a strange way to define cut off date to suit BN. So please register as early as possible. Every vote counts. Ubah is the only way forward.

David Loman

the 1980 Harimau Malaya football legends:

ZS Heng

Sports can now be a rewarding career for Malaysians.

Samad AH

Money is now the motivator for sports in Msia.

Lim Siang Yee

3 millionaires after their gold haul at Rio.

Gregory R Warrier

Really a great moment.


world’s fastest man