A lesson on entitlements


I am not a fan of billionaire Warren Buffett. But his son Peter could be on to something.

Why don’t I like Warren or rather what he is saying and doing? Look at how he defends Goldman Sachs. What’s more, his investment giant Berthshire Hathaway holds a large stake in Walmart, a company which has been the target of criticism from unions and a whole range of community, grassroots, religious and environmental groups. Check out Wake Up, Walmart.

But Warren’s son, musician and author Peter Buffett, could be on to something when he speaks about entitlements: “Entitlement is the worst thing ever and I see entitlement coming in many guises,” he said. “Anybody who acts like they deserve something ‘just because,’, is a disaster.”

That is surely something some of our right-wing or racist politicians can learn from.

Instead, Peter speaks about values as wealth: “This isn’t about wealth or fame or money or any of that stuff, it is actually about values and what you enjoy and finding something you love doing.”

Check out the news item here.

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19 May 2010 4.48pm

entitlement = opium …

19 May 2010 2.04pm

The Chinese believes all entitlements must come with the 3 pillars of success; HARDWORKING, HONESTY & HUMBLENESS.
Even the once richest man in China; Huang Xuanyu is jailed 14 years for insider trading !!!!
In Bolehland, … Umnoputras are rent-seekers since the M… era and in this 21st century, they are still dominating the RAKYAT with their open bribery, corruption, divide n rule, close tender, biased institutions, racial hatred…………..
What r u doing about it ???????????????????
Stand n watch ???????????
Evils exist n remain bcos good people like U DO NOTHING !!!!!!!!!!!