A birthday celebration with a twist in the new Malaysia


Cute video above. I don’t think such a warm clip would have been possible – it wouldn’t have been so relaxed and natural – in the old Malaysia. But you can see what we have missed all these years just by watching the above clip.

The most interesting part for me is when the young interviewer, Kashika (she’s a natural at the job, isn’t she), asks Mahathir: “Do you think I can be a prime minister?”

“Certainly! Certainly,” Mahathir replied without hesitation. And then he goes on to give her some poignant sagely advice on what it takes to become a prime minister in a democracy. “But you must work hard. You must be nice to people… to win their support. You must always keep your promises. You must do the right things. You mustn’t cheat. All those things, if you have, people will like you, and in a democracy, you can become a prime minister.”

It is almost as if he is passing on advice some of which he had to learn himself, sometimes the hard way, and perhaps only later in life; other bits from observing what his predecessor found out too late.”

On a related note, I would like to ask you, have you noticed anything on the ground, on the streets, among friends and strangers in the new Malaysia that is different. What are people like now? Do they feel less constrained, freer, friendlier perhaps, happier and more relaxed and hopeful about the future?

I have found that people are more willing to smile and talk to you than they were before. The burdens of life remain, but at least there is hope in the air. Speaking of which, brilliant news about the cave rescue from Thailand – all 12 boys and their coach out – just in time in not for the World Cup semi-finals, at least the final.

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Ho Wan Lai
Ho Wan Lai
11 Jul 2018 9.39am

Rare to see young Malaysians speaking good English like this Astro interviewer.

Anil should start making light hearted interview video s of this nature.

Anil can start interview CM Chow if possible under the shady tree at Esplanade Speakers Corner? Or may be less serious matter with many heritage maestros like that famous Uncle Tan of Siam Road?

Ah Hua
Ah Hua
11 Jul 2018 8.48am

That is why it’s very, very important to have a good wife, especially when one is holding an office of high power. We have now witnessed some fine examples with so much contrasts in our country alone.

11 Jul 2018 1.33pm

Many of us would like to have the chance to wish Mahathir a Very Happy Birthday in person.
And for sure many of us would like Mahathir to keep his words & promises. Example- follow the law.
Therefore,it is best for “New Malaysia” to consider deporting Zakir Naik as he too is wanted for money laundering.
It was Mahathir who said that Malaysia welcomes professional expatriates and would be given PR if qualified.
Zakir Naik is NOT but was issued a PR.
Happy Birthday and Thank You for helping kicking out the previous thief.

11 Jul 2018 8.58pm
Reply to  KhunPana

Was Zakir offered an island in Tasik Kenyir? Pls take it back otherwise that island could be a haven for extremist-terrorists.

13 Jul 2018 6.10pm
Reply to  tunglang

Can use Zakir to trade for Jho Low if Jho escapes to India. One to one exchange.

11 Jul 2018 9.33pm

There are many happy occasions for a New Malaysia like this birthday celebration of Tun Mahathir with his wife.

But there are still remnants of Old Repressive & Corrupt Malaysia which we ought to clean out the soonest possible like this one:
Time To Clear Out The Police Force To Create The New Malaysia
Take for example the horrifying experience of online activist Jason Lim, who dared to report a KL massage parlour for hiring an abusive illegal foreign worker to the police. Read on.

Ma jiji
Ma jiji
11 Jul 2018 3.27am

All I want to say now is – Happy Birthday, Tun !

12 Jul 2018 7.41pm
Reply to  Ma jiji

In less than half a day, all of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s stamps were sold out at the General Post Office in Downing Street, Penang.


You got buy or not?

13 Jul 2018 6.11pm
Reply to  Norman

Overpriced. But bought it anyway.

Cygnus Knight
Cygnus Knight
4 Nov 2018 3.48pm

There are only SIX out of 179 nations that have not signed or ratified the ICERD. These are Myanmar, North Korea , Angola , Nauru, Palau and Malaysia. So looks like PAS and UMNO are no different from [some of the ruling parties in these countries]. The world has changed but the mindset of these racist bigots is stuck in the Dark Ages.


18 Aug 2018 1.20pm

BBC HardTalk: Imam, Oxford Islamic Congregation – Dr. Taj Hargey

A tiny proportion of Muslim women in Britain wear the burqa or niqab; forms of dress which keep the face partially of fully covered. Nonetheless, those women find themselves at the heart of a sometimes bitter argument about religion, values and tolerance in Western society. HARDtalk’s Stephen Sackur speaks to the Islamic scholar and imam- Taj Hargey, who has long stirred controversy amongst fellow Muslims by condemning the burqa and demanding a new form of Islam. Will his ideas ever gain traction in the Muslim community?


15 Jul 2018 6.42pm

MIC has got a new Indian chief.
Any chance for reform, or leaving BN?

Possibly MIC merge with PSM since they are both fighting for Indians?

12 Jul 2018 7.37pm

Things will be pricier when SST comes into play, says Najib.

Do you think so, Mr Anil, based on your accounting knowledge? If so, we should buy things before the end of tax holiday after Aug 31?

15 Jul 2018 6.43pm
Reply to  Anil Netto

Can be more specific?
How about mobile smartphones?