20,000 throng Anwar’s open house


Anwar speaks about the political transition in Umno a couple of days ago

Some 20,000 people flocked to Anwar’s Raya open house in Cherok Tokun on mainland Penang this morning.

According to my contact at the scene, reporters pressed Anwar for a timeline for the parliamentary defections from the BN to take place.

“Soon,” he said. “Very soon.”

Later this afternoon, at the PKR Bayan Baru service centre on the island, a couple of hundred people turned up to witness Anwar accepting the membership forms of some 5,000 Indian Malaysians who had applied to join PKR, said my source at the scene. About 3,500 of these applicants are said to be ex-MIC members.

Yesterday evening, Anwar took a flight to Kota Bharu, where together with Nik Aziz he addressed a public rally. In an entry on his blog, he estimated the crowd to be 60,000.

He told the rally that a letter had already been sent to the Agong, reports Harakah Daily:

“Malah Pakatan Rakyat sudah menghantar surat kepada Yang di Pertuan Agong bagi memaklumkan perkembangan terkini dalam Pakatan Rakyat yang sudah ada simple majority bagi membentuk kerajaan,” katanya.

Pada ceramah itu sekali lagi beliau menegaskan Islam menjadi tunggak utama kerajaan baru sebagaimana yang termaktud dalam perlembagaan.

Katanya menjadi keutamaan Pakatan Rakyat untuk terus memartabatkan Islam dan PAS tetap menjadi penaju utama kepada kerajaan baru.

Menurutnya, setiap dasar kerajaan akan diputuskan bersama dengan parti-parti Pakatan Rakyat dan bukan menjadi dominan kepada pihak tertentu sahaja.

On Monday, when Parliament resumes after a recess, the spotlight will fall on the Opposition Leader, who is likely to focus on the Budget and the economic challenges ahead. Observers will be watching closely for any hint of defections.

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Good for the nation. Anwar is THE man who should lead us. We hope Malaysians will give the support.


The point is, was Saifool there or not? Did Bala and his family turn up? What about Syed kojak Albar, Kalimullah, Najib, KJ, Badawi, Ahamd ismail, ali baba rustam, gani patail, rosmah, 2mohd, muhiyyidin, shaberry and most important our tun dr. datuk tan sri mahatir turn up or not?

heh heh heh Sewel eating satay ayam hutam with raja Petra in kamunting rest house!


Thanks for this uplifting report, Anil 🙂


When there’s free food, people will go anywhere.


hey guys, lets all go to Anwar’s open house in KL tomorrow at kelab sultan sulaiman, kampung baru!!

Ahmad Sahur

The ISA is a crime against humanity if you look at the Rome Statute. As a result, we can have RPK and the rest of the ISA detainee’s released, have the ISA repealed and also have a regime change all in one go if someone lodges a report with the International Criminal Court in The Hague. Go to this site http://margeemar.blogspot.com and find out how.


heis going to be the PM.(ANNUAR) look at the sudden change in najib. he speaks his same old arrogant way. there is no gurantee that najib is going to be the PM he is using the same flute andp laying the same drums that mamak mahathir has left.wonder do they have any political accument to run this country.UMNO divisions head can vote for najib but remember what happen in march 2008.ANNUAR IS CHAISMATIC AND HAVE A WAY to get to the rakyat’s mind and feelings which non of the umno putrs have. its a very clear distinction.the moment i saw… Read more »

Johnny Cheah

Letter sent to Agong. Hope he will view it favourably and some important thing come out of it. Like asking Badawi to step down. The rakyat have suffered enough for the last 51 years under the BN/UMNO government. We need new capable people to run this country especially with the current world economic situation. The people in the current ruling government are more interested in fighting for positions than to govern.. Oil price is below US$85/barrel. Is the government going to reduce the pump price by 10 cent or 15 cent come ist. November. I believe the pump price should… Read more »


Thats a good sign. It’ll be nice if we have more rakyat to update us on any news from Kelantan or East coast state as well. Any volunteers? Keep up the good work.

Estrelita Soliano Grosse

Once again, you keep us informed of worthy news. Never do we have to doubt whatever is written here. That’s the beauty of your reputation!

Thanks again!