Have you checked out Najib’s 1Malaysia website here?

It’s in four languages: Malay, English, Chinese and Tamil. (The Tamil version’s content is largely in Malay and English.)

For it to be really “1Malaysia”, however, the website should have included Iban and Kadazan-Dusun.

Something for Najib’s public relations folks to chew on.

This might seem like a small issue but it’s just another manifestation of how peninsula-centric political leaders can be – even when they are promoting national unity and integration.

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Law of attraction! It has always been there and that’s why people who knows it gets what they want ALWAYS. A wise guy once said “When you do not know where you’re heading in life you’re actually heading the right way!” another guy said “The first step in faith is to take IT” then another guy said “You do not need to know all the hundred steps you shall take up the staircase if you have not even taken a single one till now. Failing is a discovery of finding another method to do or take in the future as… Read more »


Be simple mate! as all the experts in the world are good in what they do is simply because they are good at basics. FOCUS on what you want as what ever name they call it 1Malaysia or something else…. be it, What do you want? you’ll find the answer to your own question as it holds priority to the believe system that you have in yourself as no one could take it away from you. That’s what people call faith. With faith people live their life without it they perish in despair. It always starts with faith in oneself.… Read more »


Hey guys, it is interesting to know that we could discuss this openly now without knowing one another. I have been involved back in 1990 as the kembara muda – organized by Public Bank Berhad back then. 1 malay, 1 Indian and 1 Chinese guy was elected from all the states to travel in a group of three from check point to check point, ours was from KL to KB. Moral of the story, if you really want to unite have an open heart, no point questioning everything that is coming your way… it is not your job, leave it… Read more »


Some thoughts … if really 1Malaysia is really what 1Malaysia is all about, isn’t it time to do away with the inclusion of responses to questions such as “apakah kaum kamu”? If that is done all across the country, that is what I call 1Malaysia.


Hi Anil, have u really sunk so low? I am very concerned… A reader commented Anil= K= Gerakan K (I paraphrased it) ??? O! Please Anil, I believe in you, a devout Christian. Please dont be another Wong Chun Wai, for God’s sake. I know u r a good person, you are very concerned with Buah Pala issue but from what i see you are off balance now… or as some readers suggested, u hv been bought over by Gerakan??? You shd know, buah pala issue is not as simple as “by a stroke of a pen”, things can be… Read more »


Sugu and Steven should be barred from getting any compensation at all for the trouble they have caused. NOTHING AT ALL. Let them sued for all they can. Since they have such a good and generous lawyer willing to do fOR free…


This 1Toilet is turning this 1 thingy into a 1Malaise. Tackle the fundamental issue that formed Malaysia first i.e. equal treatment, development for Malaya, Sabah and Sarawak. Right now there are 3 Malaysia.

1World? How to achieve that if there is already such big hoohaa over batik or bali-dance or even nasi-lemak?


For those who still keep on harping about LGE not declassifying all the minutes right now should think about what Zambry did in Perak. Remember how he shot off his big mouth about securing foreign investment into Perak when it should be kept a secret? Do you want this to repeat in Penang?

Furthermore some of the actions decided by the Exco may be detrimental to the BN and should not be revealed prematurely.

It might not have anything to do with KBP at all.


Is it really 1Malaysia or 1- MALAY-sia??!!I think this wont work out smoothly.they will have to get the trust of the other races (chinese and indians) and that they will have to be given equal rights as what MALAYS are benefiting of.and i am talking about the general rights as a citizen!


if penang still govern by BN, then kg buah pala squatter will be offer 2 room flat instead of 2 story link house just like what happen to tanjong tokong.

please be realist and grateful to PR government effort. After all squatter will remain as squatter no matter what!!

Ravin P

Australia here I come. Am a coward on the contrary. I believe life is too short. Plus I am not interested in political fame either I’m just Joe Public. What is the point of struggling(and wasting my time) every step of the way when I can just as easily move to a more developed and forward thinking nation. This world is globalised and is open to all of those who are intelligent and hard working. If Malaysia(UMNO) insists in (going downhill) why should I be concerned, I’ll just pack and leave. This world and not any country is my home.… Read more »

1Malaysia Sceptic

1Malaysia is an empty-shell slogan with no real substance and intentions. It is just to lie and cheat, hoping rakyat could be blinded with the sugar-coated slogan. 1Malaysia can only be achieved with UMNO totally revamped and changed, to be sincerely rid of corruption, injustice, discrimination, inequality and particularly the “Ketuanan Melayu”. Can UMNO do it? I can bet my life that the answer is a big NO! How can the spineless and inferior-complexed Umnoputras live without … the hand-outs from their very own corrupted regime? If UMNO could reform into a thorough cleansed party as mentioned, I would eat… Read more »


IMalaysia is always a question mark
to the indian community.


1 Malaysia… hahahaahahahahhaha


Those non-bumis believe in Najib’s 1Malaysia is cruel to their offspring.

My friend whole family is leaving for Australia next week for long-term settlement in Australia.


Oh! Penangite, is it Indians making it 3Malaysia or 5Malaysia… MIC, PPP, IPF, Makkal Sakthi Party, and all the rest?


Would be grateful if you an extract this article from Malaysia Insider. with all the LGE bashing by Gerakan spin doctors in your blog, this is a Feather in the cap for us Penangites!


Morning Dew

For one I am not from gerakan and have never been a member of any political party and am not interested in becoming a politician. I may help out with causes that political parties are involved in and this also meant umno if they have a cause I felt worthwhile taking up. You heard of the phenomenon called “emperor’s new cloths” ? I can’t speak for anil or K or gerakan K or anyone else or any of their motives but I believe that if we do not point out what we felt was a wrong or an injustice then… Read more »

Gerakan K

We can only know after years later if LGE had benefited anything out of Kg Buah Pala demolition. It is too early to judge LGE. Why? Because selective transparency of LGE in handling that issue.

Steven Yang

Gerakan K You are such a hardcore that your brain does not seem to be able to think at all. KTK and Gerakan together with their UMNO goons approved the sales of Kg Buah Pala to Koperasi ……… during their EXCO meetings before the GE08. The sales was effected and 2 deposits were made also before the GE 08 election. Koperasi …… then turn to Numestero for joint development. After GE08, LGE has to finalise the sales agreement and the final deposit was made. As the the court order was not in favour of the Kg Buah Pala Resident, LGE… Read more »

Gerakan K

Stop your spin if your LGE even fear to reveal all exco minute and debate with KTK. Anything to hide?


Gerakan should read this article that it may clear up his brain before it get too muddle


and Indians makes 3Malaysia. You go figure out this!!


Citizenship…Bumiputra and non-bumiputra = 2Malaysia!!!


Even Bumiputra has 2 distinct groups Muslim and non Muslim

Loh Yeow Boo - Penang


House prices got 2Malaysia!!!
University entrance selection got 2Malaysia!!!
License for operating foddstalls got 2Malaysia!!!
Application for job in civil service got 2Malaysia!!!
In univeristy, no Chinese food – 2Malaysia
Issuing of amanah – 2Malaysia!!!

Want more examples?