16 September: A tale of two gatherings


Many people are worried about what’s going to happen on Wednesday, 16 September.

The Black Shirts

All attention is on Himpunan Rakyat Bersatu, reportedly organised by Persekutuan Silat Kebangsaan Malaysia (Pesaka). (Or is it now Himpunan Perpaduan Rakyat. Whatever.) It wants to use Padang Merbok as a venue. (Update: DBKL has approved the venue, and police have given the green light for the rally despite earlier declaring it illegal. Though the venue is Padang Merbok, police are not prohibiting people from marching along the streets.)

The aim of the Himpunan is reportedly to “protect the sanctity of the Rukun Negara and to express outrage over footage of apparent of a couple of Bersih 4 rally participants stomping on a picture of Najib and Hadi.

The selling of red T-shirts is reportedly not being done by Pesaka, said former Malacca chief minister Mohd Ali Mohd Rustam, who leads the group.

Incidentally, Pesaka is registered under the Sports Development Act as well as under the Societies Act. It received funds from the Youth and Sports Ministry via the National Sports Council for its sporting activities.

So where is Pesaka getting its funds for this event?

The Red Shirts will join in

There is another group called the “Coalition of Malay NGOs” led by Sungai Besar Umno division chief Jamal Md Yunos, who is “assisting” the organisers of what is dubbed the Himpunan/Kebangkitan Maruah Melayu rally, which has eight objectives. They are the ones reportedly selling the red T-shirts. But it was finally clarified on 12 September that there will only be one rally at Padang Merbok.

This Himpunan has been persuaded to join in the Black Shirts event, and so they will march from Bukit Bintang and elsewhere to Padang Merbok.

Jamal says 300,000 are confirmed to be attending the rally. (We shall see. I expect the number to be much fewer.)

“They will pass through not only Bukit Bintang or Petaling Street, but everywhere. Come September 16, people in red shirts will flood the streets of Kuala Lumpur.

“I am not concerned about the permit. The non-Malays are also welcome to join as long as they have the same mindset like us, as peace loving Malaysians.

Pro-Rakyat and Otai Reformasi

Some 2,500 members from the two groups plan to  camp from dawn to midnight at Bukit Bintang and Petaling Street to protect Chinese traders in the area. Police have told these two groups to let police take care of the security.

The other gathering: Launch of Parti Amanah Negara

But there is something else happening on the same day which unfortunately has received little attention. And that is the launch of Parti Amanah Negara, which is expected to be held in the morning of 16 September. This is the new party of the ‘progressive’ and now breakaway faction of the Islamic Party, Pas.

I believe the launch of Amanah will have a longer lasting impact on Malaysian politics than the Himpunan rally. Maybe we should focus on something that is more positive that is more in line with the new politics of inclusiveness rather than dwell too much on those who are doing their best to drag us backwards to the old politics of race and communal sentiment. So why is all the attention on the Himpunan rather than the launch of Amanah? Why give so much publicity to the red shirts, who are craving such publicity?


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Sia Boey Guiness Drinker

20,000 army veterans to protect the Red Shirts on rally day!!!
Protect from what, or is it an excuse to cause mayhem at the slightest provocation
by paid agents of provocateur?
Kau Ye, Kau Fai, Kau Sai!
Let’s drink more Guiness tonight and sleep well into the night next day.

Phua Kai Lit

Yes, Benny 10:02 am.
I agree with the second half of your last sentence.

Fascism is the last resort of scoundrels.

gk ong

Ku Nan has indirectly told us that Umno is the organiser of the rally, by saying that the rally is for those who love the BN government. So how will MCA and Gerakan respond?



Khairy as Sports Minister is allowing Pesaka (assuming Silat is sports) to meddle in politics? Umno leaders never use their head and soon could face the liabilities.

What would happen if the Persatuan Kabaddi Malaysia followed suit with another street rally in the name of restoring the Maruah of the Indian community, giving their disappointment with Hindraf and Makkal Sakti?


Then Malaysian Taichi Association or Jeet Kune Do (Bruce Lee’s art) Clubs or Wing Chun Martial Art Schools or Drunken Monkey Wooi Koon or Praying Mantis Morning Clubs would start their own himpunan???
What an intriguing & colourful Malaysia!

Phua Kai Lit

The haze in Kuala Lumpur is very bad.

All the fascists & neo-Nazis, “bought” people (paid with money to march),
and dupes (duped by corrupt politicians to march)
will be choking on the haze on “Malaysia Day” (ironic).

Staying home will be better for their physical health
(as well as their mental health) !

gk ong

Singaporeans felt the ‘tension’ from these red shirted gangsters and voted for PAP into massive victory (10-15% vote swing) in last Friday’s general election, in order for stability. I heard the SAF will (allegedly) be on high alert on 16 Sept.

Lawyers for Liberty executive director Eric Paulsen says the ‘red shirt’ rally is designed to provoke, intimidate and bully non-Malays. –


When PM out of country, if ever there is unsavory incident happening then can push the responsibilities to DPM? Remember Musa Hiram got to answer when Mahathir was absent during that shooting incident (Memali correct if I m wrong).

More arm purchase to fight off straits melaka pirates? Or to buy French aircraft carrier do that our Tebuan can take off from the sea? Stronger than C4 or C5 explosive to counter IS threats? Anil can enlighten us?


If you go to outpatient unit @ Pg GH, you would most likely be attended by a foreigner doctor, Middle Eastern, Kolkata Indian or wai lao.
Much more meaningful to increase uni placing for other races who are passionate for medical courses like Pharmacy, Dentistry, etc rather than importing these foreigners who may have no passion but just to pass local time for end of month repatriation of Ringgit via Western Union to their homelands.

Ini BN pun tak boleh pikir apanya faedah doktor-doktor wai lao kepada Negara Cinta Ku!

Ed G

Shouldn’t the PM be celebrating the Malaysia Day instead of attending the annual London Arms Fair? Is he trying to imply that Sabah and Sarawak are of lesser importance to him than the West Malaysia? Besides, he can easily send his Defense Minister or someone from the ministry or armed forces who I believe is better versed in arms and defense system (than him) to visit the fair. Or if his presence in the fair is so important (which I doubt), he can always leave (at any time) after the Malaysia Day celebration as he has at his disposal his… Read more »


I am sharing this appropriate comment found on social media: 1. Bersih wants fair elections and an end to corruption. Red shirts (allegedly) want bloodshed and instill the superiority of one race over another. 2. Bersih was conducted in a peaceful manner. Businesses were confident enough to proceed without interruptions. Businesses were confident enough to proceed without interruptions and police did not have to place extra personnels to protect certain ethnic groups. 3. Bersih had a clear hierarchy and is supported by majority of intellectual Malaysians with a clear end goal. Red shirts have no structure, no accountability, no clear… Read more »


No doubt Umno is behind the red shirt circus.
Umno is very worried that Malays are joining DAP, thus racially alleging that DAP is challenging the malay institutions with Bersih.
But such uncoordinated strategy to counter DAP could backfire, thus PM Najib ‘delegated’ his abrasive DPM to handle the potential consequences on 916?


DAP keep low profile until GE14 approaching then unleashing many moderate, progressive, capable Malay candidates, and this discomforting to UMNO as so far Cik Dyna and Cik Rara are making walnuts outwit turning their heads in awe!


Point is the rural people. Umno have been feeding with addition and sedatives. Pr must make a break through. Rural sabahans and sarawakians do not behave thugism and not under the influence of race, religion and ruler which dumno is master in


Ali Rustam was unhappy losing in the last GE to DAP, so he has a personal agenda to discredit DAP.
The silat group flip flopped from red to black shirt, in a bid to shift the blame to Jamal Yunos should the rally went wrong?


This guy Ali is a big shot in one silat group. Like a certain MB from NS (later minister) whose group had to be disbanded.

What do you expect when compulsory classes on racial superiority, inferiority, entitlement and hate are conducted at public expense?


A by-product of BTN is not surprisingly racist & bloated in nature.
A sense of race superiority is aptly a self-deception in the face of difficult challenges – whether in political or economic or social uncertainties. have they not learnt from Indonesia?