Who to vote for? A Christian reflection (Video)


The Christian churches in Malaysia have come out with an awareness-raising video for voters.

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Han TK

Below is an email that is being circulated. Subject: Psalm 109:8 Story from Malaysia : Malaysian General Elections is just around the corner. Lets bow our heads and pray together. My wife and I were in slow traffic the other day and we had to stop behind a car that had an unusual PM Najib bumper sticker on it. It read “Pray for Najib Psalm 109.8”. When we got home my wife got out the Bible and opened it up to theScripture. She started laughing and laughing.Then she read it to me. I could not believe what it said. I… Read more »

The difference is a wise and good christian. He will vote for whoever is honest, reasonable and fair He is more concerned with issues concerning justice and fair play, freedom of speech and democracy; not race and religion


Christians are not the ones to call for a change first but the general Malaysian public wants a change. Nobody wants a change if govt is doing well. God is speaking thru the people & working thru the people. Pray for God’s will be done!

Han TK

Apparently you did not get the message from the video.

God will not help you if you do not help yourself by casting the vote for Pakatan.


Gelakan K’s promise of BR1M money reminds me of the thirty pieces of silver that Judas took a price to betray Jesus. Trying to bribe the electorate is the lowest form corruption. Gelakan K seems to revel in playing the role of Judas.

najib manaukau

Umno for decades now have been coming up with false figures to justify all their pro muslims and pro Malay policies. To make up these false figures their former president started to import muslims from neighboring countries and at the same time also to keep them voted in power. Therefore, all the figures, in fact everything the morons are coming up with can only be taken with a pinch of salt and above all it also goes to prove what kind of cheats and liars they are. Thus any votes for them or their lackeys, they call coalition partners, are… Read more »


gerakan k

100 a monh, you salivate and lose your sense of integrity and thumbs up for a corrupt govt.
4b down the drain 1MDB, you know that?


It’s fortunate that the people of the various races from Malay, Chinese, Indian, Kadazan, Murut etc etc are tolerant and not racial and religiousm. Unlike the extremist of UMNO, Perkasa and m kuty that is trying to create a recipe for disaster. Yes by mixing politics with religion by calling for the burning of the Bible and belittling religion of other races such as the Hindu. So now we know who are the dirty campaigner ??????? Well mouth watering, and this may be due to some people without dignity like beggar who will do anything to clamour for handout such… Read more »


Christians know who to vote.They are taught not to fall into temptations with so many carrots hanging infront and vote for people who really can work for the rakyat who always go to the grass roots to help.They want a clean,transparent and accountable government! That is all they want,not money!


The last time there were close to one million Indians on the electoral rolls. Yet the Indians don’t have even one seat in any legislature. Buntong, the seat with the highest concentration of Indians, has 48 per cent Indians. Sabah with 800,000 voters has 26 parliamentary seats including Labuan and 60 state seats. Putrajaya with 6,000 voters has one parliament seat. These are the facts to focus on and not bull… from PR and BN who want to lead us through the nose through political mandores. I would prefer PR and BN not to field any Indians. Why do these… Read more »


The Christians should unite together with all the other 3rd Force elements viz. Hindraf, Orang Asal, & Star, among others & put a 3rd Force in the M’sian Parliament composed of the marginalized & disenfranchised minorities. Hindraf Makkal Sakthi reaches out to the poor in Malaysia including in Sabah & S’wak — ask Jeffrey Kitingan — the marginalized & disenfranchised. Hindraf has pushed for the plight of Sabah & S’wak in the international arena. Hindraf is not about Hinduism but, among others, against the intrusion of the Syariah & the Syariah Court into the sphere of the civil courts, bogus… Read more »

Gerakan K (Team)

A lot of contradiction here Brian. Recipe for disaster when religion + politics !!!

I will call this as dirty campaigning by you know who.

p/s: Mouth-watering BR1M await you if BN win this GE. RM1200 for household and RM600 for individual. Do the right thing.

Andrew I

Haha, team. Like in team lotus?

Or should we call it team crony?


Most Christians support Christian candidates regardless of their “quality”. That’s what I noticed.


Before you put your vote, remember this

””” BURN THE BIBLE ””’ (call) by Ibrahim, (who is) supported by m kutty and the Cheap PM is dumb


Mahathir said Malaysia would be saved if there were more people like Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali.


Enough reason for us to reject BN!


I am a Christian, while I subscribe that religion should not be mixed with politics/government, however in this instance an exception to the rule is accepted. Christians should vote for a CHANGE and change means the BN should go.

SL Wong (@wong8898)

Yes. U are absolutely right. We must stand together to fight the dirty BN for the betterment of our children & nation.

BN must be destroyed & buried.


Han TK

The video gave us a strong hint on 1:56 with the statement ‘Don’t use just 1 source for your facts’.

The key word here is ‘1’.

So we should heed the advice and vote wisely for a better future.