When an imam goes to church …


A beautiful video clip of an imam and his colleagues extending the hand of friendship and brother/sisterhood to Christians in Egypt as they celebrate Christmas.

Imam Mazhar Shaheen is from the Omar Makram Mosque in Tahrir Square, Cairo, which is known for its inter-faith initiatives. He visited the nearby Kasr El Dobarah Church, the largest Evangelical church in Egypt, led by Rev Dr Maurice Sameh.

Could this ever happen in Malaysia? It is not impossible, you know. Some day … soon.

A new Malaysia lies over the horizon.

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Throughout history Malayans/Malaysians lived in peace; we never have had any religious problems, no sectarian problems either, until Umno came into the scene – it’s the incendiary Umno mindset to ‘divide and rule’ that created much tension in recent years!
Despite our many differences and religious beliefs, Malaysians co-existed warm and well before that, respect each others’ freedom of choice, traditions and religious practices.

Time to act. Come GE-13, choice is no more an option for us if we want peace for our grandchildren and those after them – Get rid of evil UMNO, flush them out down the toilet!


Hadi went to sfx pj a couple of,years ago. He stayed outside the church building spoke to the Parish priest and left without fan fare.


He didn’t convert after the visit did he?

Gerakan K

That is scary. In ideal world, I prefer each religion does not touch each other. Each religion should OPERATE privately and individually. No forces to the unbelievers.

No moral policing.


Despite the numerous “gostan” by PAS in the last week, there is one Malay from PAS who will have no problems. Our YB Mujahid Rawa from Parit Buntar or is it Nibong Tebal. He has come to our Church a no of times, including to visit our new Bishop and pray together. He does look of a Taliban (my apologies) but he is totally opposite of that.