Utusan: Penang Pas lodges police report


Penang Pas lodged a police report this afternoon, criticising Utusan Malaysia for publishing “provocative news aimed at creating ethnic and religious tension in the country”.

MP for Parit Buntar Mujahid Yusof Rawa, flanked by Pakatan reps, holds up a copy of Utusan Malaysia outside the Patani Road police station after the party had lodged a report

The report referred to the allegation that Christian churches or groups aimed “to make Christianity the office religion of the country and disregard constitutional provisions that placed Islam as the religion of the federation”.

The claim that Pakatan Rakyat was also involved is something that must be condemned, said Ab Rahman bin Kassim in his report on behalf of Pas at the Patani Road police station at 3.00p..

“Religious and ethnic harmony is a cherished value in our country. Ethics, abhorrence of corruption, integrity, courtesy, honesty and trustworthiness are characteristics that are needed in any blog and newspaper – especially Utusan Malaysia, which frequently plays up sensitive ethnic and religious issues,” the report said. It called on the police and MCMC to investigate the matter.

Mujahid himself stressed four points in a press statement after the report was lodged:
– the Utusan report was provocative and aimed at inciting hatred and prejudice, touching on Islam as the religion of the federation;
Utusan had resorted to gutter journalism in reporting unverified and unsubstantiated news from blogs with little credibility;
– its reporting had shaken national unity and inflamed public sentiment;
– certain quarters with chauvinistic views might take this opportunity to threaten national security; what is worrying is that these quarters might have even planned this whole scenario to create chaos.

Mujahid said that Malaysians had accepted the status of Islam under Article 3 of the Constitution and Pas was committed to defending that status. At the same time, Pas, he said, was committed to realising Pakatan’s aspirations for a peaceful Penang for all and would not succumb to slick political manipulation.

Mujahid urged Pas members and the public not to fall for Utusan’s inflammatory reporting.

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Ibrahim Ali is trying to make Malaysia the epicentre of modern day crusade war?

What happen to ISA?
Why is he protected with immunity?

I shall not make Malaysia my 2nd home. Too dangerious.


I think Dan Brown will be happy to develop a new storyline based on this conspiracy hatched by utusan…


Utusan only got a ‘surat teguran’ as Hishamudin is still defending utusan!


Why Najib gothe Christians to pledge but not Bigdog?



Big Dog has been immunised against any action from Home Ministry as he is a suspected cyber-trooper as many have believed?


We, as rakyat of Malaysia demands Utusan to be closed or suspended for at least 366 days for the reward of publishing false, lies and creating tensions amongst law abiding citizens of the country. They disrupt racial harmony and peace and threathing rakyat of our daily lives. Stern action must be taken against Utusan with out further delay. A necessity to revoke their publishing licence!!! for the sake of all Malaysians. We want peace !


According to DSAI:
“Malay society is influenced by the Malay media to fear others. As if we’re poor because of the Chinese, our house is dirty because of the Chinese, the roads are not fixed, Chinese, no money, prices of goods going up, the Chinese and the Christians”

Let’s hope the malays can alleviate their siege mentality by not reading utusan.


UNMO already know very well they have lost the trust and support of the right thinking Malay Muslim of the country, they will do whatever they can to cling to power.

Praying for a clean, transparent and accountable government pun salah, what the heck is this lah UMNO.

What ever PAKATAN plans to do, please be careful so that UMNO / BARISAN will not make it an issue.


I have just come across this wonderful article by blogger Mohd Arshad Raji:


He wrote:
“I do not believe the Christians in this country would want to do what was stupidly reported by UM. The repercussion is too great and no one would want to see this country disintegrate and destroyed by some unscrupulous instigators of violence who gleefully hides themselves behind their sponsors. And if ever your report turns to be true and is realized in the future, I will not blame anyone else but the UM and your sponsors for their own stupidity.”


I wonder what will happen if the “Christian Crusaders” were to demonstrate in front of Utusan Melayu Head Office!?….even they have a very valid and legitimate reason to do so. I hate to think of the consequences.

Living in Malaysia one must be tremendously tolerant to survive in this racist country.


… It is a wonderful life down under!


Why should anyone take notice of this below par Utusan Melayu…!
Boycott this … paper and let the ignorant kampung folks enjoying reading such thrash….they are the blind followers of this evil UMNO empire. This is obviously, the sign is near for this racist only surviving, hanging on to the life support….


Zunar’s cartoons/satire are deemed offensive and banned by Home ministry but Utusan’s inflammatory articles of imaginary conspiracy to change the country’s ‘official’ religion are allowed.
Strange but true.


I really wonder why all other newspapers never condemn or even comment a bit about the utusan daily provocations ? Takut?


Why take chances when you do not have the immunity like utusan?


Wouldn’t it be easier just to ignore Utusan Malaysia? It seems like a paper cynically written for consumption by idiots. Most countries have newspapers like that. It seems to me in Malaysia that chauvinists at both ends of the spectrum are making political mileage out of what is essentially the lowest common denominator of cultural exchange.

Sunny Leong

Unfortunately the majority of the rural folks can only read Bahasa Malaysia and has no internet access for alternative media. They are held ransom by Utusan with its lies, falsehood and seditious articles.


Look at what happen to the Bidayuh & Iban in Sarawak now. They have now to suffer from land grabber and have to resort to burning their vehicle and machine. Do you want to be like them????. If only they have exercise their rights wisely. Subsidies will be cut and prices will be increased further because if they don’t the government will risk bankruptcy as predicted by Jala. . RON 95 will definitely be increased so are the many other goods with the implementation of GST. Do you want our country to go that way with an incompetent PM and… Read more »


Beside racial, pornography, cheating, cronyism, corruption, arrogance etc etc, they have gone one step further.. Anwar car wheel bolt was found loosen…. (someone) now getting desperate and are willing to do anything…

Change is what we need now. Why should we be afraid of change. Is it so hard to change but it is what we really need now. You have change 5 state governments and you have seen it that it is good if not better.

Andrew I

Since everyone has been thanking RPK for his TV3 interview, especially Gherkin, we should also consider what he has to say about not heaping change solely on Anwar, thereby unwittingly “crucifying him”. With or without Anwar, the movement will continue.

In his wisdom, RPK concludes that the other side will be at a loss if Anwar ceases to be the focal point.

Andrew I

I remember a Kelantan Chinese telling me that during the ’69 riots, the safest place for a (Chinese Malaysia) to be was in Kelantan. That’s probably why there are Chinese people manning PAS booths during elections.

Thank you, PAS, for never playing the racial card.


If I am thinking of relocating / emigrating from state to state within Malaysia, this’s the place to be. Peaceful, harmonious and lots of authentic heritage culture and nature.
Plus, the cost of living is not high, I don’t drink alcohol beverage nor do I gamble. So, no problem.

And this’s the place of Umi Aida, my modern day version of Saloma. Perfect place for a Chinese to immerse in authentic Malay culture.


Why didn’t Najib reprimand Utusan for printing lies that hurt Malaysians especially the Christians? Does that mean that some Malaysians do not deserve or need to be respected? Why is Utusan still around? Why no action against it? Why no show cause letter? Why are their editors still allowed to spew poison? Utusan owes the entire nation an explanation why it deliberately took up the unsubstantiated and seditious UMNO-supporters’ blog posting and under whose order, printing it and causing racial and religious tension among Malaysians? Why no police action against Utusan and its editors yet? Why are the bloggers who… Read more »


Mariam Mokhtar summed it up very well: “Islam may be a beautiful religion, but some of the Muslims in Umno, Utusan Malaysia, and the extremist groups like Perkasa and Pembela are ugly. Islam may preach love and tolerance, but Muslims in Umno, Utusan, Perkasa and Pembela are bigots who are consumed with hate…Perhaps the so-called Muslims in these organisations, who profess to be true Muslims, are Muslim in name only. They lust after power and are aware that without the Malay vote, the activities of their party, their newspaper, their institution or their way of life (the Ketuanan Melayu lording… Read more »


Now we all should know why that Utusan Melayu circulation is diminishing together with NST !


And also the Star. Now the Star is offering at a special discount if you subscribe it for 1 year.

Andrew I

Like how much? 200 per cent?


No need to read The Star. You do not miss anything after you have read The Sun.


Here is a good article that you will never get to read on NST or The Star: