Utusan Malaysia at it again


Utusan Malaysia is at it again. Faced with declining circulation and a buoyant opposition coalition after Sarawak, the Umno-owned paper resorts to stirring the pot and trying to create ill-will among Malaysians.

This strikes me as a paper that sudah hilang modal, i.e. has no other issue to capitalise on. (Same goes for the bloggers the paper cites.) Such irresponsible reporting should be censured by all right-thinking Malaysians and people of goodwill.

Joint Statement by the Christian Pastors of Penang with Penang Chief Minister of Penang Lim Guan Eng at Komtar, Penang 9 May 2011

DAP and the Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng have never asked Christian Pastors to pray to seek God’s divine intervention to establish Malaysia as a Christian state or have a Christian Prime Minister.

Christian Pastors and Churches have always prayed for blessings for the nation, peace and well-being, unity and harmony amongst all races as well as a leadership that is honest and just.

Christian Pastors and Churches are aggrieved that such outright lies can be published in the mass media. We sincerely and strongly urge the Prime Minister and Home Minister to take action against Utusan Malaysia for printing and spreading such dangerous lies that have disturbed the multi-religious harmony of society, created fear and uneasiness amongst Malaysians, especially Christians.

We express grave concern that Utusan Malaysia is spreading dangerous lies that make Christians the object of hate and incite hatred against Christians that may lead to undesirable consequences.

The Chief Minister of Penang will continue to meet with Christian leaders, Bishops or Pastors just as he meets with Muslim clerics, Buddhist or Hindu monks in line with Mr. Lim Guan Eng’s duties as the Chief Minister.

Christian Federation of Malaysia (CFM)
a) Roman Catholic Church
b) Council of Churches of Malaysia (CCM)
c) National Evangelical Christian Fellowship of Malaysia

Lim Guan Eng, Penang Chief Minister

And this is a response by the organisers of the conference, which became the subject of Utusan’s cover story. The conference was held on 5-6 May and organised by the National Evangelical Christian Fellowship (NECF), Global Day of Prayer, Marketplace Penang and Penang Pastors Fellowship:

Christians’ response to “Making Christianity the official religion?”

The Christian community in Penang is disturbed by unwarranted and unsupported claims and allegations as contained in the write-up “Making Christianity the official religion” in the blog “The Thirteen Million plus Ringgit Guy Ramble ….”

While it is true that several Christians and pastors gathered together at a hotel in Macalister Road for dinner, the gathering was never with the intention to make Christianity the official religion of Malaysia nor was it with a vow to have a Christian Prime Minister. The dinner was held to honour several pastors from Sarawak who was in Penang for the Unashamedly Ethical marketplace conference held this morning. Such fellowship dinners are common amongst Christians and are part and parcel of the Christian custom of love and fellowship.

The organiser of the Unashamedly Ethical marketplace conference is also perturbed by the claims in the blog that a special convention in the morning and a special meeting to be held this evening at Khaw Sim Bee Road, Georgetown was to ponder over having a Christian brother as the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

The organiser vehemently denies such a claim as being unfounded and totally untrue aimed at creating division and social disharmony in multi-ethnic society of Malaysia and appears to be seditious. The so called special convention this morning was in fact an Unashamedly Ethical marketplace seminar organised to discuss and address the issue of bribery and corruption in the marketplace and the Christians’ contribution in addressing such issues. It has nothing to do with political succession.

The Christian scripture has always affirmed the teaching and practice to honour and pray for the ruling authorities. This is demonstrated in the custom in Penang where pastors have consistently prayed for the leaders of the State in public meeting irrespective of who they are or which party they represent. The question of whether who will become the ruling government and the prime minister must be left to the democratic processes and by the will of God.

The organiser therefore call on all ethnic and religious communities to reject unfounded claims and negative assertion and stand together in upholding love, charity, compassion, righteousness and mutual respect as well as to contribute positively towards the development in the state of Penang and the nation as a whole.

Organisers of Unashamedly Ethical Conference,

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Politic of hate base on race and religion is outmoded and outdated. It can not solve any problem except push Malaysia further back from modernization and advancement.


My guess is Utusan Melayu published patch of lies to divert attention from many pressing problems facing the nation, like rising cost of living, rise in corruption index, high FDI & domestic capital outflow, and out of control brain-drain, etc…. Playing with this religion issue, majority of Malaysians will forget about the pain and begin to (quarrel) against each other again until the cow come home.


One reader in malaysiakini summed up very well: “There were about 200 people at Umno’s ‘Save Selangor’ launch in Shah Alam last year. The ‘Save Selangor’ roadshow fizzled out even though it covered the predominantly Malay areas of the state. Three hundred people turned up at Perkasa ceramah in Alor Setar despite a call for 30,000. Then there was the near-empty lecture hall for Pembela’s talk on ‘defending Islam’. Umno can see the signs. Racist events organised by proxy bodies of Umno designed to create and intensify racial tension and maybe even precipitate trouble on the streets is shunned by… Read more »

Azman Salleh

Sorry Afig, but I was there in Alor Setar. To say that there was only 300 who turned up is a blatant lie. You could see thousands on the field, not counting those that took shade under the 50 odd canopies at the side. The point I’m making here is that Perkasa seems to get the attention of those that had realised that tthere traitors in their midst !


I urge all not to buy or read Utusan Malaysia as its writings contradicts 1Malaysia.

Soon Soon

Another Kampung Buah Pala in making? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wycQ_Kv8DSM


Like it or not negative politicking works everywhere and more so in this country. Every electorate is incredibly tolerant of such methods.


Sangat Penat,

You have to be one of those racists from your posting and I am surprised that Anil allows it to be posted.
If that is your opinion you should really try to stop Umno and Najib or The Talent Corp from calling the non Malays from coming back to serve Malaysia. Malaysia can do with people like you and your kind … Any wonder why the calls for the non Malay professionals with incentives and added incentives are doomed ?


As a christian i really feel offended by utusan’s irresponsibility and hisham/rais who rushed to affirm utusan’s sick joke and gave us a stern warning.Mr Home Minister, you warned us for what may we ask?Nobody did as claim by utusan and you blamed us!You should warn utusan-perkasa-pembela, not us.Christians normally dont want to get too involved in politics but now you guys have forced us … and yes, we are now in…thanks to you.We will now ask our members to take politics seriouly.


It is targeted for the rural malays by playing such sentiments and it probably works, if this is BN’s idea by rellying on rural malay votes (well it did work in rural Sarawak, didn’t it?). As for us urbanites it goes to show how low you get, Utusan, please for heaven’s sake dont insult our intelligence!!!! Don’t worry PR, with such acts u can only get stronger!

PS. I am sure MCA, MIC, Gerakan are banging their heads against the wall!


Najib is more powerless than badawi.

That or something more sinister is going on.


I have tried several hotspots operated under the penang free wifi program. Some of them work but most, unfortunately, don’t.

As a Penangite myself I am thinking of starting a similar program for people of Penang, but this time it will be a rakyat-run program, since we know how inefficient government can be.

Let us do something to make Penang better !


I can still remember the first time in the 60’s I and my nephew made friends with our Malay neighbors – thro’ hand signs! Each of us barely 5 yrs old could only speak in our respective mother tongues. But all we needed was genuine LOVE to be friends – it was the Malays who approached us first at my father’s shop. One of them Ahlan was the most friendliest, sincere and humble Malay friend I ever had. He always had a smile on his face, came rainy days or sunshine! All we need right now is the Love of… Read more »


sorry brader. madey took that away…


Utusan Malaysia is a pawn in this game. This is South East Asia “at it again”. You’re all just about to repeat your bestial history for the benefit of a tiny group of the worst among you.

Sangat Penat

As a strong supporter of utusan we are saying so what we lie,provoke,instigate…so what!? Nobody dare to touch us , nobody , do you understand ?! SO WHAT! Pergi lah lu


Take a moment to ponder our actions, our arrogance, our misplaced egos. Put ourselves in God’s shoes watching from a distance:


utusan (might) claim that chin peng will become president of the people’s republic of malaysia once dap comes to power with the help of christians(!)


Peace* Porridge hot, Peace Porridge cold.
Peace Porridge in the pot, 50 years old.

Utusan likes it hot, BN likes it cold.
Rakyat likes it in the pot, Otherwise it’s…

(* sp)


When will the Home Minster ask Utusan Malayu to explain their conduct ? Can the other media do the same thing and will get away with it ?


Utusan is so bold to spread fals ehood to instil fear as no action has ever been taken against it. If Najib is serious about his 1Malaysia, he has to suspend Utusan at once. Otherwise, we all know what to do in the next election.


My guess is this is all a plot to overthrow Najib. I think there is internal division within UMNO. Some people are using the right wingers to bait them into their little trap for Najib and cousin. Najib has been quiet as a mouse recently. He realises it. If he condemns it any stronger the right wingers will have his head. And Mu will become Prime Minister… Any right thinking individual will realise how silly all this is. REALLY? You(government) want to investigate some stupid claim from a tabloid or what a blog has reported, without any evidence. Spending resources,… Read more »

Katharina Sri (ex Noor Aza)

I mean to say, why didn’t you publish my first comment criticizing Islam?!

semuanya OK kot

Without knowing the details, let me jump in. We live in a … society where – criticism is taken as justification for harrasment, torture, imprisonment or worse. – gross violations of rights (in opportunites, by way of robbery, assault, murder) end up in NFA-land. So, go ahead and ask, but don’t expect answers. This site is doing enough in its own way. Don’t imagine it is any better in “developed countries”. Irritate or threaten their elite or “holy cow” history and you will find out. “The greatest right is the right to be wrong… When agitators talk against the things… Read more »

Katharina Sri (ex Noor Aza)

Anil, Socialist like you always hate peaceful freedom of speech – so you’re no different from the Muslim fanatics!


Katharina (or whatever your name is),
Virtually every comment of yours aims at insulting and hating Islam, so I don’t see the point in Anil even humoring you. It’s bad enough that poor Anil has to contend with his stalker, Gerakan K! Freedom of speech doesn’t necessarily – and simply – translate to allowing the free flow of hate speech, you know.

Katharina Sri (ex Noor Aza)

I criticize evilness and that’s hate speech – if you look around, most acts of terrorism is committed under which religion? And I, a convert from Islam, is not even allowed to practise my Christianity in Malaysia; so you expect me to shut up on such unacceptable injustice?! You better learn what freedom of speech means – not about hearig what you like to hear only!


Katharina, One may have the freedom to embrace a faith that one is comfortable with, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that one has the right to express hate against religions other than one’s own. Evilness and terrorism are not the monopoly of one religion, and in this case you attribute it to Islam. In fact, the evil acts committed by the lunatic fringe of any religion should not be seen as representing the very tenets of a particular religion. One must make that crucial distinction lest one would be seen as being pathetically blinkered. Anyway, my understanding of Christianity, like… Read more »


“most acts of terrorism is committed under which religion”

I’m not sure a discussion on ‘comparative zealotry’ is going to get us very far.


In this colorful multiracial Malaysia, the only unique, authentic, Asian cultural diversity in this sunshine corner of the world, we all are God fearing people. Fearing Him who knows each one of us bone-deep, yesterday, today and tomorrow, we therefore need not fear who each of us mortals are going to be or plan to do. Let this be the concerns of Him up there watching us. So why the fuss over God fearing people having sincere and heartfelt fellowship of love and care? And for them to pray for this beloved country, is it not a multitude of blessings… Read more »

tan, tanjung bungah

Hi everyone, Utusan Malaysia’ and the 2 pro-UMNO bloggers’ allegation that christians are plotting to replace the official religion of the country insults the intelligence of all Malaysians. Would Malaysians and especially Muslim Malaysians be that naive to believe in such an allegation? (1) With christians forming only 10% of the population and muslims comprising more than 60%, isn’t it rather absurd for anyone to believe that christians are trying to make Malaysia a Christian State? (2) With a significant majority of Muslim Members of Parliament from both the political divide, would there be any MP, muslims and non-muslims, who… Read more »


Where is Unity Minister, Khor Tsu Koon? Come out and say something.


Mister ‘No …’? You’re joking right?


Minster of Unity? Ahem! Pardon me! Koh Tsu Koon? He wouldn’t dare give a squeak where Utusan and Perkasa are concerned. Forget about that.. that failure of a man.


He won’t even mutter a word when his photo was torn down and stampered by the lunatics!

KS Chew

I’m very scared of framing by the powerful. Sodomy, sex video , and now…


Only Gerakan K will vote for the racist BN

Gerakan K

Get a life, dude.

Now I give you a meaningful task, what is the meaning of this:

Utusan != BN

p/s: ask google if you don’t get it


Just like your ‘big dog’ masters, you’re in perpetual denial. Guess you have been well-trained.

Andrew I

Allow me to pass you my crown.

Penang Voter

So, still want to vote for BN ?????


1. Sexs and Religions are the only stuffs that are burning brighter each day for the Rakyat to ponder. We preoccupied ourselves with these …- NOTHING on acronymed-Developments & Economies. Those are smoke-screens! What they are trying to do is DIVERT OUR ATTENTIONS SO THAT WE DONT ASK, SCRUTINISE THEIR ACTIONS and so easy for them to ‘party $$’ into unknown channels.

2. Lets all of us stop sweating our frustration glands over the 2 evil baits and be very focussed in tracking their actions in economies and acronymed developments and the so call M&A on our public funds managers!


Yes. It is (perhaps) meant to agitate the malays against the Christians and DAP so that they momentarily forget about the increase in sugar price by 20 sen per kilogram.