This Christmas, give them hope…


If you are wondering how you can make the year-end extra meaningful, why not think of the Monfort Youth Centre in Malacca.

The students of the Monfort Youth Centre

Help the Centre give hope to the young: An artist’s impression of the proposed double-storey building – Images courtesy of Monfort Youth Centre

First of all, I want to say thank you for your support this year with this blog. Some of the discussions and debates we have had here have been priceless. We have witnessed many things together in the struggle for justice and freedom – sometimes “live” as news breaks. At other times, we have been aghast at the environmental and human price some of us have paid for unsustainable development. And if we start to talk about corruption, oppression and exploitation, we could be here all day…

The year end is also a time for us to reflect on our lives, our priorities and what our role is in the larger scheme of things. Jesus himself was born in poverty. He constantly identified with the poor and those whom society often shunned. He empowered them and gave them hope.

From what I hear, the Gabrielite Brothers (a religious order within the Catholic Church) have been doing some excellent work in giving hope to the young at the Monfort Youth Centre. Over the years, they have provided all-round human development and training in skills such as motor mechanics for disadvantaged teenagers. Youths who complete courses at this residential-care centre are usually snapped up by prospective employers; not only are the students given quality training, they also display an impressive sense of personal responsibility.

The Brothers are now expanding the centre with a new double-storey building. The ground-floor will have four classrooms for language classes and two rooms for personal counselling. The upper floor will house a multimedia lab and a workshop for the computer maintenance department. Unfortunately, public donations are down by 20-30 per cent this year because of the economic slowdown. The Brothers have raised enough money to complete the building but they don’t have enough funds to equip the departments and the classrooms with computers and furniture.

Help them to give hope to the young. You could write out a cheque payable to Montfort Youth Centre and mail it to Monfort Youth Centre, Kg. Baru, Air Salak, 75250 Melaka, Malaysia.

Or just give them a call during office hours (8.30am to 5.30pm), Monday to Friday (except public holidays), (Tel: 06-3510114 /115 Fax: 06-3510200).

Wishing you peace, love, justice, happiness and everything good now and in the coming year.

Please help to support this blog if you can.

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With humble requests, let’s not use this forum for political mileage gain. I believed what Anil does is to relay the message of the requests and needs. If we are being asked one day whether when you are being given a choice forever being a giver or forever a receiver, which one will we have choose ? Zooommm… your wish granted. For those who select the choice of being a giver, you will be made to always have the additional or spares to share whereas to those who choosend to received only, then you will always be in need of… Read more »


Anil, Wishing you and your loved ones Blessed Christmas! Thanks for raising some interesting topics in your credible blog that allow us to enjoy an intelligent debate – that also gives us the privilege to give our viewpoints. Compliments on your excellent job thus far. Meanwhile, just wondering if you would be posting a New Year Wishlist for the nation, as then it will help authorities like Datuk I.Jala to pick some pointers for his initiative under National Key Areas. After all your blog has got a good following everytime you raise some very good subjects. As Catholics/Christians we should… Read more »


MERRY CHRISTMAS Anil and all at home.
Keep up the good work you are doing.
Thanks for the infos and good read


If Gerakan/Umno Government has wisely spend the taxpayers money – 1% can build 10 of the buildings


So many such organizations survive on the enthusiastic members of our society. I hope we continuously support monford youths


Anil, please allow me be the bah humbug guy:

How long has the Montford Boys Home been serving the society?

How many boys have “graduated” from the home?

Where are those “graduates”?

How come year after year the Montford Boys Home kept on asking help from the society when their “graduates” do nothing to help back?

In essence, why should the society help those “boys” when they are going to grow up to be just like their older brothers — people who never thankful for the help they get?

Andrew I

I know of one who has become so successful he has properties dotted over Malaysia and Down Under. To be fair, I don’t know whether he’s contributing or not, but a phone call to him should do wonders…no?