Sr Julianna Lim dies after brutal attack at Seremban church


Sr Julianna Lim, 69, passed away at about 3.30pm today, succumbing to injuries sustained during a violent attack in front of the Church of the Visitation in Seremban on 14 May which left her in a coma.

Julianna was head of the Seremban Infant Jesus Learning Centre, a centre for remedial and holistic education for children from poor and disadvantaged families.

The Sisters of the Holy Infant Jesus are a Catholic religious order involved in education, for decades via the Convent schools and in more recent times through the IJ learning centres. At these informal education centres, retired Convent teaching sisters have put their experience to use by focusing their attention on small groups of children from disadvantaged backgrounds. They are sometimes assisted by lay volunteers in their work, which emphasises remedial and holistic education and the inculcation of noble values.

Julianna and her colleague Sr Mary-Rose Teng, 79, were seriously injured during the 6.00am incident last week, when their assailant reportedly pounded on them with a crash helmet at the church. The sisters had arrived in church to attend early morning service.

Violent and petty crime and other social ills remain a serious problem in the country. Elsewhere, researchers have found a correlation between wide income inequality and a host of social and mental problems as outlined in a ground-breaking book The Spirit Level.

We pray for the soul of Julianna. May she rest in peace and receive her eternal reward.

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RIP, Sr Julianna Lim. God is your loving bosom.
Sr Mary-Rose Teng, God keeps you in safe hands.

Q: Will the real culprit of such heinous crime be caught in time?
Hope it’s not the same case like the Mongolian lady murder which took a long & winding road to uncertain justice.

Dan Chin Yong

all Malaysian – no matter what religion should attend the wake and go to the street and let the Goverment /Police know that there is no law and order to protect elderly and all Malaysian from harm in broad daylight. The people should now seriously protest against the Police now to protect all Malaysian before it is too late. daily robbery, house-breakin, snatch thieves and other issues – This insecurity – our home Malaysia.
Where are the Police. Really,


I was led to believe that this was a racial attack when in fact it is a robbery. Hope the Malaysian Chronicle and other blog media will not stir up this issue.

My sympathies and condolence to the family and hope the police will catch the culprit fast