Sivin Kit on ‘Allah’ and inter-religious ties


Lutheran pastor Sivin Kit is interviewed about the recent Allah controversy, the attacks on religious sites and what ordinary people are doing to improve inter-religious relations.

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Robert Lip Seng Kee

Gerakan K,

So a festering decades old issue is allowed to fester further because it is no longer a “hot” issue?

Sivin Kit

I had only about 8 minutes for the whole interview 🙂

I hope it had covered some key themes ALL of us can seek to understand better, and do some baby steps wherever we are.

Every little “crisis” can be turned into an “opportunity”.


You wanted interfaith ties or dialogue but UMNO second highest command gave all of you a snub in the face. This is the 1Malaysia which I have said all along are just been half truth and true lies by these UMNO leaders. Recent comments by Najib deputy and aides will testify to that. What should we do next GE. Kick out UMNO & their coalition

Gerakan K

Current hot issue is Anwar trial. This “Allah” issue already outdated.