Sarawak: BN pulls out all the stops


The BN is pulling out all the stops in Sarawak. Once again, money is pouring in.

Of course, if these politicians are to be believed, all these cash handouts have nothing to do with the state election.

This time, the beneficiaries are the mission schools – again. Muhyiddin has distributed RM6.35 million among Sarawak’s 127 mission schools. See Insider report here.

Nothing to do with soothing ruffled feathers after the Alkitab fiasco; the funding was all agreed in the 10th Malaysia Plan.

Remember the controversy involving Christian churches accepting money during the Sibu by-election campaign? Those allocations were supposedly all agreed earlier as well.

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Kamsiah Yasin

Once people are more educated, they will reject BN.

However, people in Sarawak are still being fooled into believing that only BN can help them. They have failed to realise that their natural resources have been plundered and little has been channeled back to their pockets.

Sarawak need to UBAH!!! or suffer for the next 5 years again.

charlie chan

ABBA famous song – MONEY MONEY MONEY. where is the money. another BUY ELECTION using tax payers money. sarawakians , wake up n be wise n not fooled by some jokers politicians, the timing is perfect – throw out BN _PBB

Andrew I

I can’t help it, I’m captivated by your money.


It seems that at Muara Tuang, the returning officer refused to announce a walkover for PAS’ Noraini when PBB’s incumbent Dato’ Seri Mohamad Ali Mahmud failed to produce last election financial statements as required by law.


It is not just all stops, it includes all morals.

Gerakan K

Correct !!! Absolutely correct !!! “You help me, I help you” works like a magic. But only applicable to those capable to help. As I said previously, pr are using a lot of wrong strategies. They try to use: “You help me, I help you” strategy, for example RM1 billion fund, RM400 a month for senior citizens, freedom of religion in any language, etc. Here is the proof [PKR promises Sarawak religious freedom, more cash (] But those copy cats failed to realize that who got bigger muscle. So, my prediction is still unchanged that Mr Taib will the election… Read more »