Rest in peace, Sr Julianna Lim


More than 500 mourners attended the funeral today of Sr Julianna Lim, who worked among the poor in Seremban through the IJ learning centre.

Photograph: Arul
Photograph: Arul

The Sisters strongly believe that it is only through values-based holistic education that children from poor families would be empowered to break out from the shackles of poverty.

This is in line with the vision of the founder of their Infant Jesus religious order, Nicholas Barre, who tried to make basic education accessible to all especially poor children in 17th century France.

Photograph: Teresa Kok
Photograph: Teresa Kok

And it was towards this cause that Sr Julianna and her colleagues dedicated their lives. People like them are real and often unsung Malaysian heroes.

Photograph: The Sun
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Pakistan has hudud for 30 years. Has the crime rate drop !!! Compared it with Malaysia and see which country is better. Both were once ruled by the British. Too bad the CAT dare not utter it like you do.?? and instead keep lying in front of us and said NO but tacitly agreed with the Moon. Is it not !!

Ed G

Whether Hudud or the present secular law, the enforcement and criminal prosecution team will most likely be unchanged. Do you expect the present IGP or AG be replaced upon the introduction of the Hudud? Or do you honestly believe that those who are seemingly untouchable by the law would lose their impunity with the Hudud. Will justice be served if only ‘ikan bilis’ are severely punished while the sharks continue to swim freely?


Don’t expect the quarter cooked police to look or pretend to investigate into the death. Any investigation would be against the laws or rules set up by the Umno schmucks, therefore you can safely assume that the case will be NFA !


Sr Julianna Lim, you are in a far better place now, rest in peace !!!


Looking at the rampant crimes these days and violence in pg, Kl and now kuantan threatening…, threatening arson because of certain word, what is hudud actually? Hudud maybe outdated but if it can reduce crime like rampant corruption in this country and less robberies, less snatch thefts, why not? How many young innocent lives had been lost due to snatch thieves? I just learned that the woman killed last year while having a walk in Bukit Gasing with her daughter was my cousin’s sis in law. Few days ago, a woman was lamenting the thief/robber had taken the life of… Read more »

Andrew I

Kee, when all else fails, ditch the Versace suits and put on the Flintstones’ garb.


Wow Andrew, you are talking. Wonder whether Lawrence think so.??


Congratulation Mr. Key, You have fulfilled the late tiger wishes. “`Hudud over my dead body“`.