Praying in hope for an end to ISA


Collective prayer: Justice and love will prevail over the ISA

About a hundred people turned up for the Mass  to pray for ISA detainees this evening at the Church of the Immaculate Conception in Pulau Tikus, Penang. It is the latest in a series of Wednesday ISA services that is likely to continue until the ISA is repealed.

Parish priest Fr Marshall Fernandez pointed out that prayer is a powerful means of advancing the kingdom of love and justice and peace. It was also important to have hope, he said.

He asked the congregation to focus their prayers on three areas: the ISA detainees and their families, Parliament and the Cabinet – the latter two so that there will be a change in the present oppressive situation.

God is deeply concerned about justice and he will listen to the pleadings and earnest prayer of his people especially when two or three are gathered in his name.

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Dear Anil, could you please post this message:
Seremban Vigil has been cancelled as the organizer Angela Ooi have not been able to acquire a police permit, and she acts in advise of RPK who felt that it might be good to cancel tomorrow’s vigil.

Annou Xavier

Dear AN,

We have to keep the pressure on until the next GE with such candle light vigils, prayers, road shows, public talks and lectures to educate the rakyat and keep peopel appraised.

Good job.

Annou Xavier


Lead on Methodist church,lead on!Someday soon our prayers will be answered where we can ‘sing a song of freedom’ verse for verse without anymore interruption or fear and where our ISA detainees in Kemunting can walk as free men again.


ISA on the bend We wish it so Every night concerned people Light candles praying hard To see fairness in our journey Of peace, rule of law and stability The way of the devil Every one must be made aware Promising gold and diamond Power and the biased rule of law The people know realize They have to make a stand ISA the ground digging You won’t stay long in one place Time you move on Leave us alone; let us enjoy our freedom On the black hill The rumbling is heard The messages have arrived “Change else you will… Read more »


Will definitely join you in your prayers. God, our Lord, is a just God.

Agnes Khaw

Thank you so much for keeping me informed of happenings at PT Church. I live in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah now having left Penang 28 years ago. PT is my parish. I schooled at the Convent next to the church. My 83 year old mum has been wanting to go to the ISA masses on Wednesdays but she has no transport. She also tells me that it so happens that Wednesday nights, there will always be some form of weather acting up against her!!! Haha! She said if there weren’t a thunder storm, she might have been able to con some… Read more »


Parish priest Fr Marshall Fernandez, thank you for leading the way!

Can you imagine — if people gather in every church, every temple at precisely the same time, same day and pray? Not a word of politics — just a sincere focused prayer.

You know, i truly believe that God/Universe will respond in ways that we earthlings will not be able to imagine!

Unlikely that there will be enough water canons to go round the country! 🙂


Congratulations to the Pulau Tikus CIC. If only the Methodist Church were just as active – I’m really disappointed with my denomination. With all the injustices occurring in our country, all my KL pastors did was to occasionally pray for enlightenment among our BN ministers. For the past two months, I haven’t heard anyone talking about the ISA. Perhaps they’re worried that their current megaproject – a new multi-purpose hall – might not be approved. Obviously our holy ones have forgotten the dictum about God helping those who help themselves.


We Care

Let’s continue to Fast and Pray for Wisdom, Peace and Tranquility to prevail.