..and they keep coming back to pray for ISA detainees


Praying in solidarity with those unjustly detained

They keep coming back, week after week, to pray for the release of the detainees… What drives them to pray for total strangers who have been unjustly detained? It is their belief that God cares deeply about justice for everyone.

The weekly Wednesday Masses continue to be held at the Church of the Immaculate Conception in Pulau Tikus, Penang. About a hundred people turned up tonight to pray for the release of ISA detainees and the repeal of the ISA. One senior nun was seen wearing not one, but two ‘Abolish ISA’ badges!

Assistant parish priest Fr Mark Michael celebrated the Mass this time. In his homily, he urged the parishoners to pray for those who have been deprived of their rights, especially the ISA detainees. He also asked the congregation to pray for those experiencing persecution and oppression in other countries as well. “The cries of persecution are painful to hear,” he said.

After the Mass, many made a beeline to the desk outside where Abolish ISA T-shirts were being sold. The red T-shirts were especially popular. Others continued to sign the “Abolish ISA” signature petitions.

The weekly Masses will continue until the ISA is repealed and all detainees are released.

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malaysian niah

i think .. this church and abolish isa post is getting really boriiinnngggggggg that its purpose to promote enthusiam and encouragement…. when it comes to change I salute the thais!



Agnes Khaw

At last my mum managed to go for mass! I can see her back in your photo, the white haired lady in the white blouse. Thanks!


Any Klang Valley church doing this?

Adam & The Ants

PAS got 8 seats in Selangor becoz chinese voted them but DAP will get 0 seats if malays do not vote them. DAP MPs and state assemblymen still do not realised they are in power today becoz the Malays voted them and now they are trying to be heroes to the chinese community only. to the DAP dont you all are aware that alcohol are bad for health just like cigarette. I am a chinese and i hate all the above habits. Not all policies by PAS are bad. in fact PAS has been urging bread earners to go back… Read more »