PM must speak out now, says Aliran


Aliran president Dr Francis Loh has issued an urgent statement calling on Prime Minister Najib Razak to speak out now on the worsening tensions between certain Muslim groups and Christians over the use of the word Allah.

It is a timely call. Malaysia badly needs a real statesman and much wisdom all round to defuse this situation. You can read Francis’ full statement on the Aliran website.

Meanwhile, I hope all readers of this blog and others will join hands to thwart any attempt to divide us on the basis of ethnicity and religion.

It was indeed heartening to see some 200 journalists and activists coming out today to demand media freedom. We live in Hope!

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When Najib speaks, he makes a fool of himself to the world as in his Kangkung talk.
Still he dares to blame the weather!

Don Anamalai

Deputy Edcuation Minister Kamalanathan must speak now on this issue concerning SJK Tamil Seaport at Kelana Jaya:


Sorry Don it’s a Indian problems.
rajraman. Indian problems no body problems. Kamal the best Public Relation guy for Umno.


Is it true that every classroom of national schools must now have framed portraits of our King, PM and Education Minister?


Maybe .

rajraman. So the students or teachers can worshipped the pictures(?) That’s the way how people s start to idolised.


Don’t expect much from Najib to overcome this worsening religious tension as he
is a puppet on a string. And like a lifeless puppet he is unable to move freely by
himself as all his movements are controlled by a puppet master. Who is the puppet
master? You guess!

Rich Daddy

Be careful with your moves. Silent is gold now for both camps. As there is no “winner” in this case, Aliran should not ask for one. Aliran cannot always think and speak in 1 dimension lah. No black and white in this case, instead learn to accept gray color. See the big picture, it’s 2-way trap. You now have a bias referee in a football match. You will get yellow and red cards if you complaint too much (even that was legitimate complaints!). Pandai pandai lah


Where is his 1Malaysia here?

Stylo Logan

Already swept under the carpet, as provided by the infamous carpet man.


ITS WAY TOO LATE FOR SPEAKING ONLY. The truth is what makes real sense is for Najib to resign. He is UNQUALIFIED to fix the problem. The problem in the end required substantial political capital as well as some degree of intellectual and personal leadership – TRUE PATRIOTISM i.e die for the country stuff. All Najib has are difficult choices – he either sacrifice himself to TRY and fix it, muddle through until someone get rid of him, OR he just run away. The third choice is the most logical and in his character. Resign and later just blame the… Read more »


I find it very intriguing why DAP, Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng, Tere4sa Kok and many DAP leaders keep on blaming Najib for the JAIS illegal act when it is done by JAIS (Jabatan Agama Islam Selangor ) a body of the Selangor State govt. On the other hand I did not hear any comments from Anwar, Hadi, Sabu and many other leaders from PKR & PAS…


Yang, there is nothing “intriguing” about EVERYONE blaming Najib for what has been happening. Najib is the PM of the country, not for UMNO,not for Malays and not for Muslims alone. As PM he must show leadership, something that has been sorely missing for a long time. He has allowed the UMNO bigots free reign without trying to do anything. The 10 point agreement was agreed upon by the BN government. Now for the sake of political brownie points, the agreement is being taken apart piece by piece. Islamic matters is under the purview of the Sultan, not the state… Read more »


PM awaiting for instructions from Rosmah on what to say next


Contract to cons-sultants on what to say just awarded. Please be patient.



where r u? not defending your beloved PM, and by extension BN?

Ho Ho Ho

This najib is umNO pm and not truly all Malaysians pm….he is the worst pm….he is full of flip flop …. he is now jetting around with fat lady….he is enjoying to the core… and on the other hand can feel our pain(?)


47% of malaysians still want him as PM. Rakyat bodoh bodoh bodoh !


Najib reminds me of Idi Amin


Is the PM still a PM?
rajraman.The PM job already outsourced to UMNO warlords.