Photo of the day: Bridge-builders at work


While recent divisive controversies like the Tanda Putera movie grabbed the attention of Malaysians over the Merdeka weekend, other Malaysians were quietly building bridges behind the scenes.

planning for Muslim Christian dialogue 1 September 2013

The photo above shows Tasik Gelugor Pas information chief Abdul Rahman Kasim (left) poring over a calendar with Reverend John Kennady Samuel, the pastor of the St Mark’s (Anglican) Church in Butterworth, to agree on a date for a Muslim-Christian dialogue. Looking on is Parit Buntar MP Mujahid Yusof Rawa (right).

The date finally agreed upon is 16 September, which happens to be Malaysia Day.

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Filem “Mukhsin” akan ditayangkan percuma pada hari Ahad (8hb Sept) yang akan dating.
Jom sertai wayang pacak untuk anak Malaysia, hargai kerja seni Allahyarham Yasmin Ahmad.

Festival Filem Komuniti Malaysia 2013
Tarikh: 8hb September 2013 (Ahad)
Masa: 8:00 mlm – 10:00 mlm
Tempat: Taman Rekreasi Teratai, Indahpura.
(Jalan Teratai 36/12, Taman Indahpura. 81000. Kulaijaya. Johor)

Treler Mukhsin:


I think the majority of Malaysians are racially cohesive and want to live with each other in harmony. Our problem is the government of the day is using race to stir up racial issues for political expediency. Hopefully the rural folks will see the light finally and throw their support behind Pakatan for a new government in the next GE.


Unfortunately the rural folks are still unknowingly being fed nightly BN propaganda by TV3 8pm news bulletin. Now you know why PPSMI is abolished, so that they could not understand alternative media that is not in BM.

joo kok

DAP in Johor had an open air screening of Yasmin Ahmad’s Talentime for the Merdeka celebration in JB, free for all. this is the right spirit of togetherness for all races. Somehow BN missed the point.


Ganda Putera = perosak bangsa!


BN has failed us in perpaduan rakyat.
Tania Putera is dividing us.

Pak Tim

This is the way.