New KL archbishop Julian Leow vows to focus on 4 Ls


The new archbishop of KL, Julian Leow, has said his priority is towards the 4 Ls: the Lost, the Last, the Least and the Little.

Julian Leow’s maiden speech:

It is with humility and meekness that I accept this appointment as the fourth Archbishop of Kuala Lumpur. I am humbled by the Holy Father, Pope Francis’ trust and confidence in me, for thrusting such a heavy responsibility onto my shoulders. I feel like Jeremiah in Jer 1: 6-8, but the Lord’s presence assures me not to be afraid for the Holy Spirit is with me.

Hence, I take up this office at a time when this nation is at a juncture when all that we have built-up, sacrificed for and taken for granted, may be lost forever if we, as a nation, make the wrong choices.

We need to re-write the script that is being read and acted out today, the one that is tearing our nation apart. We must produce a new and fresh narrative, one that is not only of having a shared destiny of peace, prosperity and harmony for the present and the future, but of understanding our shared past of mutual respect, dependence and cooperation. If we have not reconciled our past, of how we each have struggled side by side to build this nation, if we do not acknowledge the contribution and sacrifices each person had, has and will continue to make for the betterment of this nation, we will continue to stagnate and will never progress to be who we can and could be as Malaysians. A nation divided in herself can never stand tall.

This new narrative is not about competing with each other to see who is first, who is superior or who is more successful, but to gauge our strength as a nation by the way we treat the weakest and the most vulnerable among us. The most neglected of society must be our priority, to move this nation forward. We, as Church, must care for the frailest because we are only as strong and as united as our weakest member.

The future of our nation will depend on this new narrative being taught to our young. The values we need to instill in all, beginning from the young is this. Malaysia needs united Malaysians in mind, heart and soul.

We must inculcate values of mutual up-building, prospering your neighbour, debt of mutual love, out-doing each other in doing good, wanting the best for the other, recognizing the divine in each person as we are all made in the image of our Creator. We must stand up and speak up for the voiceless, the oppressed and the neglected for we shall be judged by what we do to the least of our brothers and sisters (Matthew 25:41). “For whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers, you do it to me”, said Jesus. Let us not be contented with looking after what is ours only.

My Pastoral priorities would be the 4Ls: the Lost, the Last, the Least and the Little. I want to bring back the LOST, those who have strayed away from Mother Church for whatever reason. I urge you to Come Back Home. The Church needs you and you are restless until you rest in the bosom of our Mother. Here is where we need to go out in search of the sheep, bandage its wounds and carry it back on our shoulders.

The LAST are the Migrants in our Archdiocese who have left everything in search of something better. I want to make them welcome, to let them know that they have a safe place in the Church and that God loves them very much. We, as hosts, can play a more supportive and pro-active role in this area. We need to strengthen these people and provide space for them. The LEAST are the voiceless, the neglected, the oppressed, the forgotten of society. There is refuge and a place for everyone and the Church must speak out for them. We must provide and care for the weakest in our midst.

The LITTLE are the Youth and the young, who need a solid understanding of the Faith, preparing them for the challenges they will encounter. Therefore, our catechesis must be re-visited, re-studied to ensure our youth know why they believe what they believe and be convinced of this Faith.

Not only is understanding our own faith important, but to know the faiths of others around us. Interreligious dialogue is so crucial in a country like ours. This will dispel misconceptions and create a healthy atmosphere of mutual respect.

Greatness is when we have contributed something for another, for their benefit: prosper thy neighbour. Great men and women are remembered by history when they have given to society, how they have enriched humanity by their philosophy, theology, by their thoughts, words and deeds. What do I want to be remembered for? What do we, as a nation, want to be remembered for? What is our contribution to this nation?

We are at the cross-roads of our future as Malaysians. A future from a shared past that we, as people of many faiths, have built up and sacrificed for. I pray that common sense will prevail and that difficult but right decisions will be made always by us and by our leaders.

With your support, your sacrifice and your prayers, my dear People of God, and especially, my sons and closest companions, my priests, I dedicate myself and my office to the task of healing and building our Nation Malaysia.

Burmese: ce-zu tin-ba-deh
Nepali: dya-nya-bad
Punjabi: shukria
Sinhala: bohoma stutiyi
Tagalog: maraming salamat po
Tamil: Romba Nandri
Thai: khawp kun krap
Vienamese: cam en ba.


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God bless you my beloved archbishop
Today was an opportune time led by the Holy Spirit
To read n to meditate on your speech which for me is also
A spiritual document. Dear bishop you carry Malaysia on yr
Shoulders, I will use the salient points u emphasized to build my
Family n my religious community. May God always lead you.
In this year of mercy be a blessing for u n our nation Malaysia


Off topic but at least it still somewhat concern the 4 L

The Star today page 16. YB Ng admitted that the PPS formation was not proposed before the state assembly or approved as an enactment but said that the PPS was a community policing project. PPS is recognized by the state but their power DO NOT EXTEND BEYOND POLICING.

So it (appears) that PPS is an illegal uniformed organization

Xiao B

Go watch the movie THE BOOK OF LIFE to learn about kindness.


There is a little bit of God’s goodness in everyone of us.
Use it & the world will progress, Mother Earth will rejoice & people will multiple with Love;
neglect it for own selfishness, greed of money+status+power, fanatism & restless ego & we are every bit like the Devil.

OM Saigal

To progress, God is one to all of us…Those who disbelieve, just buzz off……


What about the other L of LGBT?
I learnt from a BBC report that Pope Francis is seeking the Catholic Church to soften its stand on this matter.


The Vatican has had to backtrack on a landmark welcome to gay people in the Catholic church after bishops voted against it.

The proposals, put forward by Pope Francis, failed to win a two-thirds majority from bishops who gathered from around the world in Rome for a Catholic Church synod.

Many conservative bishops had been angered at a draft report which called for greater openness towards homosexuals and divorced people, and these paragraphs had to be scrapped.


Don’t ever give up hope that the voices of Malaysian Catholic will be gagged and restricted, this pack of Umno dorky and schmucks’ days are numbered.


But what is tearing this country apart is the Big M – the Malicious (I bet you thought it was something else…..). There is not even the other real L – the Lying…Much of what is wrong is based on lies and untruth – myth created in order to achieve their malicious ends.