Najib’s Vatican trip: A letter to the Pope


A group of 365 Catholics and other Christians in Malaysia, including a string of priests and religious, have signed a joint letter to Pope Benedict XVI expressing their concern over Prime Minister Najib Razak’s official visit to the Vatican on 18 July 2011 in view of recent developments in the country.

The letter highlighted concerns about the lack of democratic rights and religious freedom in Malaysia to enable the Pope to “understand more critically and comprehensively the political and social realities” lest the pontiff be “presented with a one-sided view of developments” in the country.

It should be remembered that six political activists, including Sungai Siput MP Dr Jeyakumar Devaraj, are being unjustly detained without trial.

See the full letter and list of signatories on the Aliran website.

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Hon.Mr.Gopinath Nadarajah cpt

Dear fellow readers, especially our Christian brothers and sisters:It gives me the privilege to announce that as a patriotic Malaysian,I have in 2 occasions corresponded to HH.Pope Benedict XVI fostering good ties between Malaysia and Rome,prior to our PM’s visit to the Vatican.The Pope has received my letter and invitation to Malaysia (16 Sept 2011 from the Vatican) however the visit is now unforseen.In his 2nd letter to me,dated 8 Feb 2012,the Pope expressed his gratitude and sent his blessing.To view the content of the letters,the public is welcomed any day to our office at Menara Ilmu English Language Specialist… Read more »


I say to all catholics and non-catholics in Malaysia. If God is with us who is against us? Be courageose. HE will be with us till the end of TIME. The early christians who died for the their faith was not in vain. Neither were we promised that we will not be prosecuted for believing in Jesus. What will act to satan’s will, will have his time in hell. Yet we are to allow the weeds to grow with the wheat till Gods harvest time. Be not afraid.

gabriel michael@rafael

for samg : martin jalleh’s letter needn’t reach the pope – i remember when then president bush pleaded with then late pope jp II and the jpII voice – no; no war! mr wanderer aus – not fair to say the pope – he will always declared he also another human being and it’s his job to meet najib. the pope even have to please the tennis world to watch a game with the people.please don’t make the pope to be our ‘invisible friend’

William Eethiah

Dear Wanderer AUS,

Doctors are needed only for the sick and the needy not for those who are healthy, the same goes to Najib..

Pope represent the REDEEMER and he has the authority to pardon the sins of the many … redeemer is for all.

(Najib) is… a human being with no proper guidance may be the people he trusts whacking behind him to the ground without him realising it! If he is honest we will see the changes in his administration in Malaysia, if not you may be seeing him with POPE for another audience…!


There is only God of Love capable of and perfectly divine to forgive men’s sin, if they willingly seek Him and ask for forgiveness. God The Redeemer, The Shepherd, The Sacrifice for the atonement of all of our sins on earth. The Cross is the symbolism to Salvation. No Popes past and present, a representation of men’s godly figure and religious authority can forgive any man’s sin in the eyes of Holy and Gracious God. If that is otherwise, there was no need for His Son, Jesus to come down to earth to men’s level to be the Sacrificial Lamb,… Read more »


Wonder did anyone from the foreign ministry requested for the cross to be removed?


…..because of his audience with the Pope, maybe, the Holy Pope has lost his sense of direction, hopefully, Malaysian Catholics would not do likewise!… will not be deceived by his hypocritical act. UMNO racists and religious fanatics will not change…Najib visit to the Vatican was to hoodwink the electorate. .


All the holy water in Vatican will not wash the sins away committed by these two …. How could the Pope possibly grant an audience for such sinners…really disappointing!


Oh lord, please grant us a picture of Najib kissing his hand. And if it isn’t too much, let the pope wear yellow too.

Gabriel Lim

From the Vatican News, This morning His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI received in Audience the Prime Minister of Malaysia, His Excellency Mr Najib Bin Abdul Razak, who subsequently met with the Secretary of State, His Eminence Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, accompanied by H Excellency Archbishop Dominique Mamberti, Secretary for Relations with States. In the cordial conversations the positive developments in bilateral relations were discussed, and an agreement was reached to establish diplomatic relations between Malaysia and the Holy See. In addition, the political and social situation in the world and on the Asian continent was reviewed, with particular reference to… Read more »


I m disappointed this letter was not presented in churches for more Christians to lent their support and endorse this open letter

Andrew I

I hear Hollywood is coming out with a new blockbuster. It’s called “Confessions of a PM” (for those who lived it up in the seventies, no, it’s not another porno flick).

Michelle Yeoh will play the angel hovering behind His Holiness and Joe Low will play an altar boy.

HC Pang

The pope is politician just like Najib…


Mr Anil! It’s a good move informing the Pope of our sufferings in Malaysia. What’s the use? … You just wait. And even after reading our complaints ,what can the ‘old’ Pope can do?

So many bad leaders all over the world,like Rajebakshi of Sri Lanka. Even Mahathir visited the Pope,sufferings of nons increased in Malaysia.So,I feel it’s a waste writing this letter.


Anil, will the letter reach Vatican and that too to the right people to brief the Pope?
Also does not sound logical that the Pope was not briefed by his Advisors on the current situation in Malaysia, esp with Dr Jeyakumar, also a staunch Christian being detained under EO for trying to do some good for the people


Despair not, brethrens.
All the detailed acts of 709 brutality, murder, lies and evil madness were recorded in spiritual video by the upmost High.
Even if the letter do reach and be read by a human Pope, it makes no importance if he (Pope) approves or disapproves of this … PM…
On the worldly outlook, evil seems to gain, but the Day of Judgement will surely, irrevocably catch up in due time for gnashing of teeth and wailing of pains in Hell.