Muslim-Christian solidarity in Tahrir Sq


Muslims prayed while Christians protected them. And today, Muslims returned the favour as they stood guard around Christians participating in a Sunday service. Tahrir Square continues to witness remarkable scenes of inter-religious solidarity in the struggle for freedom and justice.

Visual of the day: Father Fawzi Khalil holding the Bible standing next to an Imam holding the Qur'an.

See another picture here. And see this Reuters video.

Remember this renewed solidarity is happening in a land where a Coptic Church in Alexandria was attacked on 1 January 2011 in a suicide bombing, killing 23 and injuring 97. reports:

CAIRO: Christians and Muslims recited in unison the “Our Father” prayer in Tahrir on Sunday, a day intended to commemorate those killed in pro-democracy protests since Jan. 25.

Egypt’s Protestant Asr El-Dubara Church has played a big role in calling for a Christian prayer in the central Tahrir Square, in which protesters have camped since Jan. 25.

Protestant preacher Ihab El-Kharat led two sermons at 1 and 2 pm at the Square. “This is a blessed land. … Peace will always prevail in this country,” he told the tens of thousands that flocked to Tahrir, or Liberation Square.

“We are all one. Muslims and Christians are one,” he said.

This was proved true when a man who identified himself as Antoine, an Egyptian-French affiliated with the Catholic Church but only representing himself, recited the “Our Father” prayer.

The widely known Christian prayer was loudly recited after him by Muslims and Christians alike in a heartwarming show of unity.

Objections rose when he reached the part about forgiveness. “And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive them that trespass against us,” he said. “And we forgive Mubarak.”

The crowd refused to offer their forgiveness, citing the still-unrecognized killing of about 300 protesters.
Pope Shenouda, the head of the Coptic Orthodox Church, had asked members of the church not to join protests. However, a man who said he’s from the Melli Council of the Coptic Church but only representing himself recited a prayer of gratitude.

All speakers emphasized however that they represent all Christians in Egypt regardless of the sect.

A memorial was also held for those killed during what was dubbed the “Sunday of Martyrs”.

To add a hopeful note, a couple tied the knot in Tahrir, celebrating their marriage with the protesters.

onislam reports:

Egypt’s Muslims and Christians united for the toppling of Mubarak’s regime

CAIRO – Joining hands against the regime of Egypt’s President Hosni Mubarak, Egyptian Muslim and Christian protestors shared funeral prayers in Tahrir square on Sunday, 6 February,  for the victims of brutal security crackdowns on demonstrations.

“Nothing can describe our feelings,” Michael Muneer, a Christian activist and chairman of the civil organization “Hand In hand for Egypt”, told Aljazeera satellite channel.

“Christians pray and Muslims defend them. It is a touching scene.”

In the course of what Egyptian protestors called the “Week of Resistance,” protesters took to the streets for a “million marsh” in the 13th day called “Sunday of Martyrs” as ripples of normalcy slowly swept across Egypt.

Protestors gathered for afternoon prayer after which they prayed funeral prayers in absentia for those killed during the protests, estimated at more than 300.

By one o’clock PM (CLT), Christians started their Sunday Mass in Cairo’s Tahrir Square as Muslim protesters formed a ring around them to protect them during the service.

Chanting “one hand,” they appeared holding the Holy Quran and the Cross as Christians and Muslims crossed their hands.

Since the eruption of the protests, no single attack was reported on any church in Egypt, though all police forces withdrew from their locations in front of churches.

Last Friday, more than a million Muslims gathered for Friday Prayer in Tahrir Square in a day dubbed as the “Friday of Departure.”

Photos taken during the prayers showed Christians forming a ring around their fellow Muslims to protect them during prayers.

And further on:

Stressing their unity with Muslims against Mubarak’s regime, Christians vowed that they will not leave Tahrir square until the aging leader quits.

“Today there is no distinctions between Muslims and Christians,” Muneer told Al-Jazeera.

“We have forgotten everything and look for a brighter future for Egypt.”

Muneer accused Mubarak’s regime of oppressing Christians.

“It was Mubarak’s regime that invented sectarianism,” Muneer added.

“Christians are not against Muslims, they are against the regime.”

And more:

According to the CIA World Fact Book, Muslims make up 90 percent of the country’s 80 million people, Copts 9 and other Christians 1 percent.

“We will continue our sit-in in Tahrir square till this tyrannical regime collapses,” said Father Fawzy Khalil of the Orthodox Church, who led the Mass.

“We will be patient waiting for the shining of the sun of the freedom.”

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Islam says that if you have sinned, you will be made to account for your sins in the afterlife. People like M obviously don’t care about the afterlife, as they continue to spew lies, untruths, and defamatory statements. Why they do it at this late stage in their lives is anyone’s guess, but it serves as a “green light” to the UMNOputras to continue to pillage, steal and defame others with impunity.

These people are constantly quoted that they are religious and would uphold the tenets of Islam…


It looks like the … Umnoputras… are getting smarter.

They must have realised that when they bought the Scorpene submarines, they only got about X percent in “commissions” while (a large chunk) went to the manufacturers.

Now by this strategy of getting their cronies in Boustead to manufacture the patrol boats, they could increase their (share)…

That is why it is not hard to understand why PM Najib Razak sometimes makes threatening speeches and says things like, “Even if our bodies are crushed and our lives lost, brothers and sisters, whatever happens, we must defend Putrajaya.”

Katharina Sri (ex Noor Aza)

The Egyptian Coptic Christians have long suffered discrimination, kidnapping of their girls/women, rape and murder by Muslim fanatics – were Egyptian Muslims demonstrating en masse before against such savagery?! You’re as naive as ever – the Christians are being used by the Muslim terrorists and fanatics including the Muslim Brotherhood, to support such false “people’s revolution” and to divide Christians and Jews, particularly of Israel!


So we can make things simple if everyone can pratise individual religion freely.

Everyone beliefs that his religon is the way to heaven and let it be that way and let the judgement day reveal it.

God the almighty cud have easily programmed us all human race as robots and all programmed to believe in one creator but that’s not the way he wants it.

Just like a father he wants to earn the children love and respect and not to demand it.

Brotherhood of man.


We are all God’s creation…human race!!


We should see, hopefully, negotiations getting underway towards a fruitful conclusion. This is a great and golden opportunity for all Egyptians. The wealthy may be influential but the wealthy must surely also see opportunities for growth and wealth protection in a new reformed government whilst all Egyptians rebuild their country for all citizens in democratic freedom.

semuanya OK kot

The great war machine of the Great Terrorist Empire of adolescents is so voracious that it has to manufacture its own terrorists and bombings. This has been going on for decades, but has only now come to light.


Anil, this is not replicable in Malaysia especially in Selangor. So why flog a dead horse?

Maria Abdulah

The 11,000 malaysian students in Egypt should learn such harmonious relationship among the muslims and christians so that they could educate those Jakim officials upon their return to Malaysia.


How to expect Umno to abandon its ‘divide & conquer’ strategy that it has learnt from its British master?


I can visualise Muslim and Christian solidarity in Malaysia such as that happening in Egypt now under a Pakatan Rakyat platform.

That will not be possible under an UMNO “ketuanan” scenario.

Lucia Lai

yeah the egyptians muslim are the true muslim, very unlike (some of) our muslim here esp. those in umno and perkasa. oops correction. i should mean nothing like them at all! remember on 9 jan. they also stand in solidarity with the chrisitans:


Ya, that is humanity – all in one race.

But in this land, the Perkasa condemns other races. The Hindraf only for the Indians and a columnist in Malaysiakini by the name of Helen Ang talked about Chindraf in her last article.

I suppose Chindraf is for the Chinese.

Why all this rubbish i really could not understand when we should all be Malaysians regardless of race???

We are 53 years old but we are still sucking milk bottles. Really, no shame !!!


Unfortunately those chinese wearing the free 1malaysia t-shirts do not share your sentiments. Same with those Indians who are now flocking back to MIC for instant goodies.


Given how much the Abrahamic religions have in common, I find this heart-warming. We can look at what we share in common and build bridges, or we can look at how we are different and build chasms.

I know which one is my choice. What’s yours?


Muslim politics is not what our porn-star CSL made it out to be…based on extremism and fanaticism. No, Muslim politics stand for clean, fair and compassionate govt.
What you saw the Muslims in Tahrir Square were the true Mulims similiar to those in PAS. Good Muslims work along side with all other religious groups…to rid corruption and establish democracy in their own land.


It is at times of great strife and turmoil that people unite as human beings and nothing more.
At this low point of their lives, they forget the differences of race, religion, colour, gender, age, etc.
How wonderful if it would stay that way without all the suffering?


The royal family of Jordan is getting worried that the Cairo protest will be snowballed to Jordan…