Mujahid meets up with peninsula Catholic bishops


Parit Buntar MP Mujahid Yusof Rawa visited Kuala Lumpur Archbishop Murphy Pakiam at his office today. Also present at the meeting were Penang Bishop Sebastian Francis and Johore-Malacca Bishop Paul Tan.

From left, Bishop Paul Tan, Archbishop Pakiam, Mujahid and Bishop Sebastian
From left, Bishop Paul Tan, Archbishop Pakiam, Mujahid and Bishop Sebastian

Mujahid said he was honoured to meet the top Catholic leaders in the peninsula as part of his peace initiative among the various faiths in the country.

He also presented a copy of his book Berdialog Dengan Gereja to Archbishop Pakiam and Bishop Paul Tan. Bishop Sebastian had earlier received a copy.

Mujahid has been at the forefront of building bridges ever since the Kalimah Allah controversy broke out.

The KL Archbishop offered a warm welcome and expressed hope that efforts to improve interfaith relations would continue, adding that such initiatives should be supported, said Mujahid, who has been appointed to the National Unity Consultative Council (NUCC).

“I conveyed Pas’ hope for the future – of a better Malaysia in accordance with the party’s theme for its 59th general assembly: Rahmat Untuk Semua or Blessings to All,” added Mujahid.

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I hope the Christians are not trying to convert Mujahid…


Alamak ! My Astro NJOY last nite can only watch RTM 1 (channel 101) others kena blacked out ! Could this be present regime want to force the public, especially the East Malaysian bro n sis to watch how Najib plays “badminton” with Anwar during the UMNO gathering ??? Bear in mind NJOY (free astro channel viewings for selected channels with one time payment for decoder/disc) was the tool to “educate” the rura folks; and Najib appears to lead Anwar in 3rd set of badminton. The badminton according to Najib was best of 3 and he won the 3rd set.… Read more »


What Najib is saying is BN starts with 7 points (with handicap granted by EC via Gerrymandering) in a badminton game. Opposition got to score 21 points. BN only have to get 14. Najib is the product of more than 50 years of UMNO abuse of power. He is from a system that do not understand fair play, nor does he understand the meaning democracy. Free and fair election to him is an alien subject. He feels that as long as UMNO win (does not matter how it is won) he will consider it as free and fair election. Anything… Read more »


Some Parliament constituencies could be won with a low majority or could only be won by a very high percentage. However, in badminton, all the sets have the same points of 21, but the Parliamentary constituencies in the general elections are not the same. The ‘one man, one vote’ principle is not respected by EC at all when drawing out the electorial boundaries.



Ridhuan Tee is (allegedly) lecturing his university students to be anti Jews, claiming ethnic cleansing of this race is some form of jihad.

Don Anamalai

Latest update on Ridhuan Tee’s controversy as he shifts the blame to Singapore (as usual) on the issue of ethnic cleansing.


Stylo : Ridhuan is agitating the Non malay and his very own kind, not the Malay

Stylo Logan

That Ridhuan Tee ought to learn from this, and not waste time plagiarising people’s work and agitate Malays with his ethnic cleansing argument.

Quite scary to think that Ridhuan has his own TV show…. this is definitely not lawak ke der!