MPPP won’t take back occupied burial plots


Responding to concerns expressed, the MPPP has come out to say that occupied burial plots at the Western Road Christian cemetery will not be repossessed.

Yesterday, a Penangite wrote a letter published in Malaysiakini expressing concern that the MPPP’s ad in the press could even raise the dead(!).

See the MPPP’s clarification in theSun here.

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17 Sep 2010 1.53pm

“Better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.” – Solomon.

Let him have his say, Hazri. 🙂

16 Sep 2010 12.26am

Why do you choose to condemn before getting the other side of the story. As the councillor has clarified, do support the initiative, as it is being done in good faith. Stop being an arm chair grumpy old man, and “turun padang” if you find something wrong with what is being done. One does not have the right to condemn & make sweeping statements just because you perceive something in a negative manner.

Gerakan K
Gerakan K
16 Sep 2010 12.17am

Flip flop, bit pop talk talk !!!

Please lah. Stop practicing evil and angel roles !!!

I predict that LGE will open his big mouth in next few days to finalize this decision and will make himself an instant hero for the dead ones. Sigh !!!

What a calculated move to divert our attention to the second anniversary of the failure of 16th September 2008 Putrajaya project !!!

Malu lah Rocket !!! Malu lah Chairman Lim !!!

16 Sep 2010 10.31am
Reply to  Gerakan K

Gerakan K has no constructive role in this blog as he only condemns the present state government….

We want only constructive feedback. I hope anil will not publish those irrelevant rant from this guy.

15 Sep 2010 2.53pm

thanks Andrew for the letter. it was very well written.

Andrew Aeria
Andrew Aeria
15 Sep 2010 2.40pm

Anil, this is just a mere powerless MPPP councillor talking. Can we have it in black and white please? And from the MPPP President no less?

Our current governments – be they state or federal, BN or Pakatan – just do not have sufficient credibility that we tax-payers should accept what they say as truth, what more when some minor official in MPPP like Felix has already bungled the original advert big-time.

So, sorry, I do not accept this explanation. Let’s hear it from the MPPP President and cast it in stone – just like those tombstones in Western Road.

15 Sep 2010 1.58pm

This is really a Christmas bonus. This show the concern by the PR government that they will really look after the interest of the people. With the registration exercise, the cemetery would be properly maintained and those who go there to pay their respect would find it in good and proper conditions knowing full well that the decease would would surely rest in peace. Kudos to another good act by PR

15 Sep 2010 1.56pm

“We have nipped the bud, before it has a chance to bloom!”
RIP my good souls…..