First attacks on churches outside Klang Valley


2026: Hishamuddin confirms seven churches have become the target of vandalism in the country so far. But my tally indicates eight.

Maybe his tally doesn’t include the Convent school in Taiping that was struck by a molotov cocktail, although church officials say it was probably meant for the St Louis Catholic Church next door.

In the incident in Miri, the glass windows of the Good Shepherd Church were shattered after being thrown with bricks, according to a church member, Bernama reports. It is believed to be an Anglican church located in Lutong, Miri.

Except for the first arson attack, the other six incidents caused negligible damage.

2006: A scroller on Bernama TV Channel 502 over the 8.00pm news confirms that a church in Miri was targeted.

1858: Energy, Green Technology and Water Minister Peter Chin said earlier today that incidents such as burning of churches would not happen in Sarawak. “Honestly, I do not think such incidents will happen in Sarawak. We have been living in peace and harmony for a long, long time because Sarawakians are sensible people,” the Borneo Post quoted him as saying.

1839: In an unrelated development, the Malaysian Mirror reports that the Sarawak National Party (Snap) has joined the Pakatan.

1813: News reports (Insider and, and according to blog reader SamG, Bernama TV Channel 502) speak of an attempted attack on a church in Miri. But it is hard to see any damage in the photo found here on

1705: A Catholic priest describes these arson attempts as “amateurish” and says national leaders must come out with a strong statement to the nation that all this has to stop.

1700: Rev Hermen Shastri, the General Secretary of the Council of Churches of Malaysia, along with fellow church leaders and other Christians, is in the midst of a dialogue session with Anwar Ibrahim.

1655: Three more incidents today:

  • A news alert has gone out that a Baptist church in Malacca was splashed with black paint.
  • Attempted molotov cocktail attempts at the All Saints Anglican Church in Taiping – confirmed by church reps
  • A similar attempted attack at the premises of the St Louis Catholic Church/convent school – confirmed by church reps.

Al Jazeera reports:

“There were black marks on the wall [of All Saints]. We believed there was a small fire earlier but there was no damage as the wall was intact,” Zulkifli Abdullah, the state police chief, said.

He said a broken bottle filled with the inflammable liquid paraffin was found inside the compound of St Louis Catholic Church.

According to The Star:

… the staircase leading to the Taiping church was slightly burned while the Molotov cocktail thrown into the school failed to explode. Perak CPO Deputy Comm Datuk Zulkifli Abdullah said the bottle, however, shattered the window of the guard post located at the compound, which also houses a church.

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bumi non malay

Where is the response of show of force … to call in the army and guard all churches???? Instead we get muted response from PM, IGP as nothing much can be done, resources are limited.

…its up to rakyat now to (make a difference). Vote, protest unite against the racist bigots… Play the racist game and be prepared to pay the price of a different shaped Malaysia….Fire cannot douse the (struggle for) change. Thanks to racists …. foreigners, investment, tourist are (are likely to) avoid UMNO-Malaysia. I could not have done it better as money also fleeing Malaysia…..


Yes, I agree with what Iron is saying. A history of 400 years wiped out when 1PM says you can’t use the word. Why not Amen be next?
Muslims have also started to use “Christian” names like Qistina, Daniel and many more. (Will it just be) a matter of time before Christians (are) banned from using cedntury old christian names like Christopher or Christine or Christina, Daniel etc etc etc(?) What next?


Dear KM,

Have you ever thought of the consequence of giving way.

If we give up the use of “Allah”, they can be emboldened, and demand that we stop using “Amen”.

Do you know that in Islam they use “Amin” ??

What if, I mean, what if they do that ?

Will you tell us to “give way” again ?

Just how far you want us to retreat ?

Just how far is enough ?


just be humble and change the name.

don’t use the same old name.

check concordance & get a proper name for christian God.

It is purely the mistakes of those involved in making a careless selection of name.


Humble appeal to all Christians/Catholics:

We all know that its our right as enshrined in our constitution, but, for the sake of peace of our beloved country (Malaysia) please give way (please note that stepping behind does not mean retreating or losing) and not to use the word Allah in your publications.

This is a great steps that show the MATURITY of the believers/Christian faith. I don’t think any believers of Christ would like to be labelled as not forgiving.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng


We need not wear gloves just to box
But to sort it out through the ballet box
To deal with those who behave like a fox
Let’s pray for God’s wisdom on how to outfox

© Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 110110
Mon. 11th Jan. 2010.


UMNO and BN have failed the people. Vote for Pakatan.

SungeiApong man

As a Sarawakian, I don’t believe that the incident in Miri is religious based. It’s more to do with someone out to do mischief. We Sarawakians are not religious fanatics or bigots like some of those in the West. For the older generation Muslims, many actually studied the Bible during their schooling days under the colonial government. I still remember my classmate Hamid who always scored distinction in Scriptures and quite proud of it. He’s still a devout Muslim today, perhaps a more enlightened one even.


wow…a really poignant example of unity in diversity, if I may say so. How I miss these humble and so-loveable Malays/Muslims…


After Taib is gone. UMNO will move in and Sarawak will look like Sabah and worst and East Malaysia will be JUST LIKE Malaysia including all overpaid failed projects, the racist-religo politics and


Maybe only through operation lalang 2 can Gerakan ever dream of returning to power in Penang, albeit in the passenger seat this time.
Bet you the party will be (rejected by) most Penangites if that happens.

Perhaps it’s Gerakan K’s dream too. 🙂

Katharina Sri (former: Noor Aza)

They should have brought the army in, since this is obviously foreign-infiltrated terrorism and act of (illegal) war! I really suspect this is the work of Al-Qaeda footsoldiers, especially foreign ones, who are trying to cause chaos like in Pakistan, Afghanistan and so on, and “Clash of Civilization” phenomena, so that distress non-Muslims will leave in droves out of Malaysia. Thus, I suspect, that this is to ensure al-Qaeda pure Islamic country is achievable, and ultimately to control the oil, especially in Sabah.We can notice they only target oil-rich Islamic/partly Islamic-ruled countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Nigeria, Sudan and Yemen,… Read more »

Anak Kuching

YB Peter Chin should quit Bee End.


I guess Peter Chin is really ashamed now. He failed to see that the influence of (a certain party) is too strong.

On Gerakan K, nothing to say.


It is very clear, who the instigators were… They supported and encouraged these morons to do the job… if you read the NST and STAR over the last few days prior to the attacks.. But fortunately, the Christians are generally level minded.. Most Malay friends I spoke to, are very angry with the Govt of the day… People are stupid, no more…Gone are the days…It’s not 1969… The BN Govt. is protecting the almost empty coffers / Taxpayers monies, till it is fully emptied… The Austrialan, NZ, UK and US Embassies and High Comm will be flooded with migration applications..… Read more »


As I understand from news I read, non-muslim has referred god as Allah for centuries in Middle east and all other muslim countries worldwide.
why then must UMno Utusan Malaysia, UMno and the BN govt create a big issue of Herald referring god as Allah in their malay edition? Remember..there are billion of muslim worldwide and Allah dont need the 1 million odd malaysian UMno muslim to protect him. Please grow up and wise up.


I fear this is a prelude to operation lalang 2.
Escalation of chaos to warrant a strike.

It has happened before.
Same old trick, recooked(?)


Agreed and had been warned by our YB from Pokok Sena, Mahfuz Omar. This is seriously one that looks like a prelude to what is to come.

Acting out the scene of TDM in 1987. Sickening! Maddening! Just how low will they go and just when will they open up their mouths to stop the ongoing attacks! Acts of bullies, intimidating the weak and helpless!


Mr. Anil, Did you remove Gerakan K’s comment? I was just about to reply to this naughty boy’s comment which I think I saw here and it is not here anymore. Really, pitiful this naughty Gerakan K, either he is a joker who intentionally comment to provoke responses, or he really is such an obsessed man, with a fixed mind set. Though his comments make the discussion lively as he sees things the other way, but during difficult times like this, everyone has got to be more responsible and do not take the sickening situation as an opportunity to make… Read more »

Gerakan K

No time to comment. Just came back from Genting with some angpows from Uncle Lim. While you all still harping on general criminal issues, I prefer to enjoy my holiday. Be cool everyone, everything will back to normal tomorrow. Please notice how good our PM that help these churches with hefty grant. This is our government contribution to other religions in Malaysia. KTK was there. Who says KTK is useless. He also contributed a lot to christian society. Thumbs up for KTK, PM Najib, BN and UMNO.


Yes be cool everything will be normal. One stupid comment from the PM has (ultimately resulted in) the country lost hundred of millions in tourism revenue and investment. On top of that government money and resources were lost with the government having to donate to the church and using manpower for further securities which otherwise should not have been….


Gerakan K: Very soon you’ll have to change name to Cinta Malaysia K.

If you think that PM giving $$$ to a destroyed church (singular church; not plural as you mentioned) will make $emuanya OK, then your moral fibre must even be lower than we thought.

The basic tenet of any religion is love & do good. (After your house of worship is burnt) – giving $$$ to pacify thereafter is OK with you, then your God is $$$$

Lest we not forget, $$$$ is the root of all evil


Good for you Gerakan K, glad you made some money.

Did you see the damaged church in Bukit Beruntung on your way up to Genting? If at all you see it, it served as a grim and sad reminder of what the works of a few fanatics and deperate peole can do! You should have snapped the picture of the damaged church and posted it in Anil’s blog for all to see.



Gerakan K,

You see your comment is abit unfair lah. Yes, PM was there, KTK was there………. after the incident, after the hurt and pain, but KTK only appeared after ok? Also, you forgot to mention that Brutus Liow from MCA was also there, right? Gerakan and MCA were also there to show their faces. Wonder what they mentioned to those poor victims? Any clue Gerakan K?

Cheers bro


Aplogies – Total 7 – 4 in Klang Valley, 1 in Taiping (the other is a school, so I presume it was not included?) 1 in Malacca, and 1 in Miri


psudo intelligent blogger rocky will write who are THEY …bez he is the only person on malaysian soil who can define the word ..THEY..


Hishamuddin confirms 7 in Sarawak, 3 outside Klang Valley, & 4 in Klang Valley. That makes it 14. I fear that if it goes on like this… the consequences will be far reaching. Hope that never happens.


Another one church hit in Miri, reported by Bernama TV on 502.
That makes it one in Melaka, All Saints, Taiping, St Teresa Convent, Taiping, and one in Miri.
So that makes it 4 outside Klang Valley, and 4 within Klang Valley


Apparently even East Malaysia has not been spared – read the Bintulu Edition – a church in Lutong has been stoned.


Anil, the attacks has spread to East Malaysia !

This time in Miri, Sawarak !