More Abolish ISA events in Penang


I am surprised. I thought that the Abolish ISA campaign’s momentum in Penang would fizzle out after six weekly vigils. But no – there are more events coming up.

Today (Wednesday), there will be a Mass for ISA detainees at 8.00pm at the Church of the Immaculate Conception in Pulau Tikus (next to Convent Pulau Tikus).

And I hear there’s going to be another candlelight vigil on Saturday, 15 November at the Esplanade.

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ya, there will be a vigil on 15 nov, organised by several RPK/malaysia today supporters. more details here, including meeting on 7 nov to plan for the vigil night. all are welcome for the meeting.


ISA is a tired outdated law that is conveniently used by not so subtle authorities when it suits their needs. If on the one hand we have the judiciary and if it is functioning independently, then why in blazes do we need a hastily assembled act that was used to maintain british domination in Malaya back in the 1950s. The British wanted to keep their ‘ketuanan’ then so they used it. Now another group or party wants to keep their ‘ketuanan’ so they are using it. Such is Life!