Molotov cocktails lobbed at Assumption Church; police report made


A police report has been lodged following the incident this morning when a couple of Molotov cocktails were lobbed into the premises of the Assumption Church in Penang.

Photograph on 27 January 2014, courtesy of e Malaysian Insider/ Hasnoor Hussain
Photograph on 27 January 2014, courtesy of The Malaysian Insider/ Hasnoor Hussain

Two men on motorcycles reportedly hurled the cockails at 1.30am, but only one exploded and the other fell on the grass, said police.

This comes a day after provocative ‘Allah’ banners were found at the premises of five different churches including the Assumption Church in Pakatan-ruled Penang.

What makes it unlikely for the identitical Allah banners to be the work of church insiders is that the five churches affected yesterday comprised four Catholic churches and a Lutheran (Protestant) church. There is very little day-to-day inter-denominational interaction at the local church level.

Are we seeing a pattern here where ‘dirty tricks’ individual(s) or a group wants to divert the public discourse away from the issues that really matter by attempting to heighten inter-religious tensions.

But just as in 2010 when people reacted knowingly to a series of arson attacks targeting churches and provocations on mosques, Malaysians are unlikely to fall for such desperate tactics.

P.S. Didn’t the police say yesterday they would be step up patrols at churches?

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No religious discord please.

Emulate the new MCA’s ‘Love Is In The Air’ new aspiration for Year of Horse:


Polis now focus on pantau harga runcit, not crime busting?

Rich Daddy

Hmmm so desperate lah …. Last time cow head and now bunches of fire.

Guys, just wait for 4 years and few months we finish this rogue coalition to history. Expect more from the rogue coalition particularly when GST implemented. Luckily Malaysians smarter than these lousy staged provocations.

Batu Ferringhian

Fakri, this is exactly the problem. The police know exactly what’s going on and what they should do but would rather not lift a single finger to help Penang. It’s politicized and it’s downright appalling. I know there is no proof but it honestly feels like something P….. would do. The chaos that happened in Teluk Bahang recently was fueled by none other then P….. Look, as for the banners…I honestly do not think that this is something any sound minded Christian (or even Malaysian) would do. These incidences have nothing to do with religion and everything to do with… Read more »


When dealing with evils, we let God handle. He sure can right?


I thought the Police in George Town is supposed to keep vigil on churches. The police knew two on motorbikes threw the petrol bombs but there why there was no arrest?

Elizabeth Thomas

Yes, God is watching & protecting us.


As soon as they do this, THEIR LEADER says that its because of weak BN govt.. The problem isn’t even these idiots, its the guy doing the key talking..


I heard a Kerala eagle talked in Helang Island.
Diversionary blame for such provocative acts of indirect justification?


The church should install CCTV around its perimeter?


Pray & ye shall receive protection.
God is watching them & will replay on big heavenly screen for all to see these evil, cowardly deeds comes Judgement Day.
No ifs or buts.