Memories of dear friends – Br Anthony Rogers

A spectacular sunset at Teluk Air Tawar: How long more will the public get to see this? - ANIL NETTO

Sharing with you a reflection by Br Anthony Rogers:

I have recently been facing moments of mixed emotions to see many of my very, very dear friends “go away,” but they have all strangely come closer to me.

YES, these many friends leave us, but they leave behind memories of deep friendships.

They, to me, are not DEAD. They have become more ALIVE!!

I believe this is truly God still with us because of them. There is Sadness but also hidden and submerged tinges of sweetness if we have moments of silence to recall our history and journey with them. I think that this recollection of
these memories of joyful moments are the source of our ability to give and share love with others.

I want to believe that this is my invitation to the Resurrection of Love in my life. I have never met Jesus, but I have encountered the face of Jesus in my friends who have mended and moulded my life. Jesus told us Don’t call me Master or Lord but a Friend; so these friends of mine who are also friends of Jesus have been and continue to be a part of my life.

God, I think, is not only in Heaven, but we rediscover God the Creator in our Hearts by recreating the space within to become the Home of God or what is called the Kingdom of God. “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and everything else will be yours.”

Thank God for friendships with family and friends and continue to live your common happiness, and this will rub off to others when you whisper kindness and spread gentleness.

Our youthful day were times of deep bonds that held us together over the years so that we could hold the hands of so many others, especially those with tears in their eyes and thorns in their hearts.

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A Muhibah CNY song setting new trend for multiracial festive songs in Malaysia:


shiok sendiri. when festival over, back to reality with 2 Rs.


Xin Nian Lai Lo – Harry Khalifah, Leow Yee Xing, Iera Milpan, Erin CTJ, Reedzwann (CNY 2024 MV)


Have you seen video how Ah Hong and Chef Sugu helped a single mother Malay nasi lemak seller of Penang Rifle Range? Truly Muhibbah! A real life Petronas ad!


This is the video:

BaoBei 39

Anil should interview Chef Sugu or Ah Hong.

They help ailing hawkers in Penang with upgraded recipes.


Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, whose company has been accused of failing to take actions to protect children on its social networks, apologized to families of kids who have been the victims of online abuse and harm.

Zuckerberg, during a Senate hearing Wednesday, directly addressed parents in attendance who said their children suffered harassment and exploitation on social media. “I’m sorry for everything that you all have gone through,” Zuckerberg said after turning around to face the crowd gathered in the hearing room. “It’s terrible. No one should have to go through the things that your families have suffered.”


Fish are also going away. The dwindling catch affecting Malaysia’s west coast:


The ugly reaction to the UNESCO proposal (Chinese New Village) is fuelled by nothing other than anti-Chinese racism. This is evident from the fact that those opposing cannot come up with a single sensible justification for their opposition. Indeed, how could they, when it stems solely from the racist hatred and jealousy in their hearts.


The Pardons Board has decided to slash former prime minister Najib Abdul Razak’s jail time from 12 years to six. This means Najib would be released from prison on Aug 23, 2028.

Bossku has never admitted his wrongdoing. Yet he is pardoned. Grossly unfair and a mockery to our justice system!


The recruitment of new civil servants on a contract basis is only done for a short period before the Cabinet approves the new policy of non-pensionable permanent employment, Deputy PM Zahid Hamidi said.

EPF system for future civil servants.


Staff of some special government departments were already under this scheme for decades.


Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim today called on politicians appointed to public sector positions to be morally responsible and choose only one pension scheme as the government seeks to introduce a new remuneration scheme in a bid to decrease its financial burdens.


Gomen pension or EPF type? Most choose gomen type as they also benefits the spouse.

A Theologian

“Is there a middle ground for Islam in Malaysia?”
By Adzhar Ibrahim dd 18 Feb 2024, 8:00am


It is becoming increasingly evident that much of what we see in the world today lacks depth and substance, seems more like superficial. This includes our political leaders, religious figures, and various other clueless supporting individuals.

A Theologian

This raises an interesting question on an issue that is currently taking place. How many times should a person be punished for a crime they have committed here? 

Should it be once, twice, multiple times (in accordance with man-made laws, then divine laws) and then, the never-ending cycle of punishment propagated taking place in the afterlife for crimes committed here on Earth.

It also looks like only mortals are engaged in the debate, discussion or arguments on this issue with our all important Personality, our Divine participation missing.


5 reasons why PENANG is the BEST place in MALAYSIA


ipoh mari better. Chipper and better food. Ipoh city has more heritage and less traffic jam


Ipoh cannot understand your penang hokkien. Can attract migrants from Cantonese speaking Hong King folks. Traffic jam is in every Malaysian city and town, Ipoh inclusive.


How many viaducts or flyovers ipoh has? How many 5 stars hotel? How near is the sea and beaches and how many shopping centres? Roads in Ipoh are wider and car parking are in the road centre


Many are affected by modern life style – diabetes, heart diseases of easy come and easy go, Gomen has few public education on staying healthy


Those of us who are the last of the Baby Boomers turning 60 this year will approach it in myriad ways. Some are letting their hair go gray. Some are wearing the lines on their faces as badges of honor. Some are living day-by-day and come what may. Yet we can all agree on how quickly 2024 arrived. Now, the only things flying by us are the years we’ve lived and our youth.


Achieve deeper happiness by leading a ‘quiet life’

Derrick Gan

For us to have quiet life in the next four years, let’s hope no distractions and disruption like Dubai Move. Let the unity government function alongside the new King.


50% rebate from Madani only for high profile criminals doing time in Kajang. Ordinary rakyat can wait long long time!


Babyboomers are near end of lifecycles.

Nothing is permanent, live lives to fullest and leave with no regret.

These days not just friends, but celebrities of 60s and 70s are also knocking on heaven’s door.