Latest Herald out – minus Malay supplement


The latest issue of the Herald – minus the Malay-languange supplement

The KDN letter to the Herald, prohibiting the use of Malay until the court decides whether the paper can use the term “Allah”. (This letter was published at the bottom of the front page of the latest Herald.) The ban was later reversed – but will the paper continue using the term “Allah” pending the court decision?

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sependek yang saya pahami, dalam catholic kata = “Yesus adalah anak Allah” jangan (tidak boleh !) dipahami seperti pengertian kata “aku adalah anak bapak dan ibuku” karena yesus tidak diperanakan oleh Allah seperti kita dipernakan oleh bapak dan ibu kita -> ( bapak dan ibu kita bersenggama -> ibu kita hamil -> ibu kita melahirkan kita ). Kalo dipahami seperti itu artinya Sesat !


Tuhan in Hebrew is El, Eloh Yahweh, Bible is written in Greek and tuhan is called by the Roman as Theos and the real god of them is Hetheos. The Bible in Arab version is not called Holy Bible but called kitab al-muqaddas. In Malay version its called **Alkitab berita baik**. there’s a lot of difference to this interpretation. The Arab Christians in Syria, Egypt and some of the arab countries, they are using the Allah because they believe in unity(Allah is one), but in trinity believes god is 3 in 1 as the modern day Christian’s doctrin. And Christian’s… Read more »

Dragon Establish

Say “NO POLICE” everyone!!!


haha..some more have to pay RM800???

hahahaha….use whatever still catholic anyway…doesnt change anything……

Augie Morosco

Iaddada … must be careful if you go to Palestine, Egypt or Syria you may walk into a church and get confused, cos they use Allah also, being Arabic. Might have to get them to use another language. Must not confuse people right? How dare they! Nasty fellas!


since you guys love chinese and tamil scchools so much, why don’t you guys publish it in mandarin and tamil? Why want to confuse the Muslim Malays. We want to safeguard the interest of our own brothers and sisters … This is our birthright…


You a right, lembu-susu. What differs “God” to “Allah”? Spelling, ha! Ha!. That’s a ridiculous ban posed ridiculously. Allah Anak = God the Son; Allah Bapa = God the Father. It’s just human tongue translation. Why human debate so much on character of God. Human should not debate that way – human should follow what God wants. He never made human to debate on how he looks like/what he is, i guess. Do not debate any further, MALAYsians! Follow teachings of ‘both’ God and Allah, and you’ll be blessed! Hate this piece of note? you’ll still be blessed, cos i… Read more »


The word for ‘God’ in Bahasa is ‘Allah’ and NOT ‘Tuhan’. ‘Tuhan’ means ‘Lord’. So, pl don’t get confused. In a language, it is important to get the correct word to express the right meaning. The Catholic church did the right thing. Language is universal. It is irrational and wrong to forbid any religion to use a language suitable to their own adherent. Any religion can use that language, just as Moslems also used English language. It is not ‘copyrighted’. Don’t you think it is ridiculous, if UK govt ban Moslems from using the word “God” in any of their… Read more »


Don’t worry,once this nincompoot is out of office,everything will be normal.We are now temporarily facing this idiots because they are still in power,they are ineffective as a government and got nothing to show to its citizens so they have to do something silly to prove that they are working. To show that these people are brainless,teaching of math and science in English is a damn good example.How on earth can teaching of math and science in English can improve the standard of overall English proficiency of our students ? Not only this idiotic method cannot improve students English,our students would… Read more »

Sam Gopal

There goes my FREEDOM of Religion, and my Constitutional right as a Non-Muslim in Malaysia. As a Non-Christian I can’t read the Herald anymore. Is this is just the start by KDN? So will it be that non-Hindus cannot take part in Thaipusam activities next?

Hamid Elba don’t you tell me what I can read or not! None of your bloody business if I read the Herald or not, as a Non-Muslim and Non-Christian. So are you implying all Non-Christians are Muslims now??


Our PP, FA (you know who right?) is very annoyed with the tiny column in The Star where the Che Din guy said they never prohibited the usage of BM. The PP said we are rule by a Government of Half Truths.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng


Imagine lopsided ‘dispute’ over one ‘word’ causes a ‘language’ to be ‘banned’
Why on God’s earth is there such a need for this matter to be openly ‘fanned’
When all only know too well that no human beings can go against any of God’s plan
Regardless of all those involved directly or indirectly really belong to the same clan

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 100109
Sat. 10th Jan. 2009.

johanssm / khun Pana

The letter itself is extremely confusing. While it state that Herald applied for Bahasa “MALAYSIA”/English/Tamil and Chinese. The same letter bans Herald from using Bahasa “MELAYU” Simply means Herald will be able to use Bahasa Malaysia while avoiding using Bahasa Melayu. There is a difference here in interpretation. Printing can use Bahasa Malaysia but not in bahasa melayu. The word “ALLAH ” . Herald can continues to use that word until court ruling. Court is the court , kdn have no say while it is with the court. Court issues verdict while kdn cannot , as kdn is just part… Read more »


Based on what one of your commentator’s mentioned in a previous posting, objectively, I think the Herald should just use the word Tuhan to refer to God to avoid any further problems.

After all, the real BM translation for God is Tuhan.


Di Malaysia muslim tidak samakan Allah dengan anak Allah Yesus,jadi masaalah nya apa Allah itu Tuhan atau Yesus itu Tuhan atau anak tuhan?


i’m amazed they used “sukacita”. the school always teach us to use bahasa kebangsaan since we were little kid. on the other hand, they restricting us to use bahasa. i don’t understand. by right, it’s not bahasa melayu. it’s “bahasa kebangsaan” or “bahasa malaysia”. i remember when i was in primary school, a malay teacher told us that bahasa melayu has been abolished. it is now known as bahasa kebangsaan. if you interpret that literally, every malaysian has freedom to use our bahasa kebangsaan.


The Quranic division chief should explain the meaning of “Penerbitan dalam bahasa Melayu tidak dibenarkan..” against his comments that the Herald was never forced not to use BM. If Bahasa Melayu is only for the Melayu, can we have Bahasa Malaysia then?


Di Indonesia, orang Muslim dan orang Kristian semua pakai ALLAH tanpa apa apa masaalah, kenapa di Malaysia ni banyak masaalah, aneh la.