Kuching Anglican Bishop’s position baffling


The Anglican Bishop of Kuching’s response to the federal government’s decision on the Malay-language bibles and its 10-point concession appears to contradict the Catholic Bishop of Malacca-Johor, who is the Chairman of the Malaysian Catholic Bishops Conference.

The Right Reverend Bolly Lapok’s statement welcoming the government’s move was reported in the Borneo Post.

In contrast, the youth wing of the Council of Churches Malaysia (CCM) reportedly rejected the 10-point proposal. (The Anglican diocese of Kuching, headed by Lapok, is a member of the CCM.) CCM Youth Secretary Daniel Chai was reported as saying, “”We don’t agree with the suggestions because they represent no firm commitment from the government. We shall continue to observe and see how things develop.”

Malacca-Johor Catholic Bishop Paul Tan had described the two sets of rules as “evil”. “If the policy is one for Sabah and Sarawak and another for Peninsula Malaysia, this is tantamount to using the insidious tactic of ‘divide and rule.’ I adamantly condemn and reject such means.” There should be one policy for the whole Christian population in the country, he asserted.

Does Lapok think Malaysia should have two sets of rules and guidelines – one for the peninsula and the other for east Malaysia – on the use of the Al-kitab? Is it all right for Christians in the peninsula to face restrictions and conditions? Was the government’s decision made out of political expediency as the BN realises that over 40 per cent of Sarawakians are Christians and their votes will be crucial in the state elections?

Is the Kuching Anglican Bishop Bapok Lapok, who is a Datuk, only concerned about what happens in Sarawak without looking at the implications of the ruling for the whole pensinula?

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Sarawak is such a rich state but the Orang Asli live in such a poor condition for decades with no clean water and electricity, who is to blame the BN government or the Bishops in Sarawak???

… A lot of people including religious leaders when they see money, they compromise… principles all set aside… sad !!!

bujang lapok

As in Islam, the gomen people managed to assuage the Anglicans who should be more “Lutherian” than the Catholics.

We’re waiting for the day when Muslims demand the KDN chop out of the Qur’an. But since things are so quiet they cooked up the mufti poco-poco .

Very few of the crowd in BN are fit to rule. They’re taking so much of your space off it looks like they’re heading for the space in your lungs!


No yoga, no poco-poco. Maybe No Lady Gaga soon.

No Akademi Fantasia too, since boys and girls mingle freely in closed compund in a house.


Kuching Anglican Bishop as different set of standard and value… courtesy of Peh Moh!.


When election is around, anything is possible and impossible is nothing. Switching camp and your principle is not surprising when there is so much to gain during this period.

Even a lucky draw ala 1Malaysia NGO dinner will make one switch alliance. So much for the fickleness of Malaysians who think short-term gain to forgo long-term benefits. Such behaviors are easily exploited with corrupted and immoral practices.


Beware the Divide And Rule strategy now being used on the Christian community .

Charlie Oscar

What was the Situation before this???
With the 10-point Concessions, Are WE Going FORWARD or Backward???
Rome Is Not Built in One Day!!!

Gerakan K

A genius move by adapting to local needs ???

Andrew I

I wouldn’t call it a genius move. More a necessity. See what benefits a strong opposition can bring? If Tesco tries to be funny with me, I can always take my business to Giant.


Hahahahaha ! U mentioned in the last paragraph, Bishop Bapok ! Sound like gay. It should be Bishop Lapok. God bless.

Andrew I

Well, sometimes a mistake can lead to a masterpiece.