Himpun draws 5000


A crowd of about 5000 has gathered at the Shah Alam Stadium for the Himpun rally.

Photo via twitter: fakrulradhi

1615: theSun reports that 5000 people are in the 80000-seat stadium with “fiery speeches ongoing”.

1548: The event has begun with an opening address by Yusri followed by a prayer.

1540:Sinar Online reports Selangor state exco member Dr Hasan Ali of Pas has just taken a seat next to Perak Mufti Harussani Zakaria. theSun reports the crowd as 4000.

1532: Sinar Online reports the crowd as 5000-strong while Utusan says more people are outside the Stadium. Former Perlis MB Shahidan Kassim has arrived, according to a tweet by Shahanaaz Habib.

1520: Utusanreports the crowd figure as 2000.

1515: Ibrahim Ali and Perak Mufti Harussani Zakaria have arrived. No further crowds reports from Utusan.

1445: Utusan reports:

Arus orang ramai memasuki Stadium Shah Alam lokasi berlangsung Himpunan Sejuta Umat tidak putus-putus.

1422: Borhan Abu Samah of Utusan reports:

Kira-kira 1,000 orang telah memasuki Stadium Shah Alam bagi menyertai Himpunan Sejuta Umat dan pada masa ini para hadirin dihiburkan dengan persembahan nasyid daripada gabungan kumpulan-kumpulan nasyid tanah air

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Din Yunus

HIMPUN should remind PM Najib that he should ensure that our fundamental rights and liberties as enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) and our Federal Constitution are safeguarded and upheld, and be extended to all homosexuals and lesbians in the country, so that they are not prosecuted by those Jakim people.


Everyone knows that Perkasa is a creation of Tun M as Tun M cannot instruct Khairy … to advance the racist agenda.


Sad to see the religion is used to divide people once again.


Did that pickled cucumber attended this rally?

Joshua Lopez

Hahahahahahahahahaha! ROTFL!!! You should have seen the face of Harussani Zakaria in the papers yesterday! A face utter disappointment and failure!!! Well, i can safely say that the (people) are no longer stupid!


The number is well below the boast. This wont look good for Najib. It exposed his weakness. He is ripe to be skinned by his enemies in UMNO.


A total failure. Total rejection by the Malays Muslim


well, it was rejected not because this issue isn’t important. most rject this because HIMPUN stress on ‘race’ not Islam itself. islam is for all and this event was nonsense… rhetoric only (full stop).


5K is a failure BUT its still a significant problem. … a few can cause a lot of damage because most people are guilty of failing their religion and victims are easy and plenty to find and the cost escalates pretty quickly…


Aqidah umat Islam melayu telah banyak terjejas bukan kerana agama lain tetapi lambakan filem bercorak tahyul dengan unsur syaitan yang telah menyerangi minda mereka.

Hairan sekali Finas masih menyokong filem tahyul demikian dengan ‘wajib tayang’. Gejala histeria makin menjadi, anak kecil semua takut dalam kegelapan… dan pihak pembikin filem mengaut untung berjuta-juta bila orang melayu berpusu-pusu masuk pawagam untuk menonton hantu, zombi, toyol, pontianak….


Umno tak nak melayu takut sama hantu.
Pasal Umno tu banyak hantu tagih rasuah dan seks.

Umno mahu orang melayu takut sama komunis walaupun dunia ini dah tak ada komunis. Ini alasan Umno untuk melindungi orang melayu.


Some of this media should go back to school and learn to count. The star say the stadium may seat 88,000. The sun say 80,000.

Next, will be the zoom angle lens effect. I am quite amaze that none of the media able to get bird eye view shots.


The facts are
1) This rally received swift approval of its Police Permit
2) It had the sanction of UMNO
3) There was absolutely no pressure whatsoever against it from official government circles.
4) The participants had zero possibility to fear being subject to police arrest, FRU tear gas volleys, baton charges etc. etc.

After all this , and only 5,000 people turned up…..its pretty accurate to consider Himpun a …fizzle…


its a lot of hoo haa about an isu that the rakyat simply do not care. And exactly what do u expect to gain from such a gathering? The laws are already against murtad. The people are already against murtad. Are you expecting the missionaries to stop preaching because there are a million muslims who are not happy they are preaching to muslims? Hello.. they already know we find it offensive. So apa kes, whats to gain. Unless la u want people to lynch christian priests then say so la.. ini mau selindung2 ..wat we are kindergarten kids ka? We… Read more »


I thought its 1 million ha. Just as Perkasa rally that fizzle out, it shows that Himpun does not have the support of the people especially the malay and muslim.

Ong Eu Soon

Aiyaa….. What do you expect from Perkasa? It is just the Bo Hood appendix of UMNO!