Francis tells future priests, nuns to buy humble bicycles


Pope Francis continues to set the tone in moulding a church of the poor, which would be truer to Gospel values. Now he is advocating that future priests and nuns use humble bicycles.

With climate change looming, Francis’ advice is just as applicable to us as well. And we don’t have to go looking for a RM7000 bicycle, when a humbler one will do. If enough people ride bicycles, then the needs of cyclists will move up the policy makers’ agenda, which at the moment is heavily influenced and dominated by the needs of motorists (highways, tunnels, bridges). The infrastructure required for cyclists is only a fraction of the cost of that required for motorists.

This is an excerpt of a report from the Catholic News Agency:

Vatican City, Jul 9, 2013 / 10:05 am (CNA/EWTN News).- “I think that bicycles are necessary because there’s a lot of work to do and you have to move around but get a humbler one!” Pope Francis told seminarians and novices July 7 in the Vatican’ s Paul VI Hall.

“And, if you like that beautiful car, think about how many children are dying of hunger, just (think of) that!” he told the approximately 6,000 young adults.

Pope Francis met with the young seminarians and novices to mark the end of their four-day pilgrimage to Rome sponsored by the Vatican as part of the Year of Faith.

“I’m telling you, truly, it hurts me when I see a priest or a sister with a brand new car. But you can’t (do that), you can’t!” he commented.

“Now, you’re thinking, ‘but then, father, must we go by bike?’” the Pope asked. “Bikes are nice,” he replied, noting, “Monsignor Alfred goes by bike, he does it.”

The pontiff also advised them to always be coherent in living out their vocation so that their testimony will be credible.

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Archbishop Marino (the Apostolic Nuncio to Malaysia/the Vatican equivalent to an ambassador) said he supports the stand of the Catholic Church in Malaysia. He applauded the arguments made by the Christian Federation of Malaysia to use “Allah” in its texts to refer to God as very well done.


he is now under attack by Perkasa and other Muslim NGOs. I thought bulan Ramadan is foe tolerance?


Agree. Perkasa is a sham to true Islam.

don anamalai

The Cabinet will be seen as failing to represent all Malaysians if it does not haul up Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan for his racist and extremist support of Perkasa’s Datuk Ibrahim Ali on his Bible-burning remarks.

The minister, in trying to defend Ibrahim, had said that the Perkasa chief’s remarks were merely to correct the error of printing the said Bibles, and that burning them was the proper thing to do, just as Muslims burn copies of the Quran that have misprints.

don anamalai

The same Vatican envoy who served in Bangladesh with 99% Muslim in an Islamic nation had no issue working with Muslim. But he must be really shocked with the extremist & Taliban elements in a secular country. Of course every foreign mission, including the Vatican knows that this is just a political issue under the guise of religion. The whole world including muslims in ALL Islamic countries including the largest Muslim country Indonesia, have no issue with Allah at all. Even the good Muslims in PAS said no issue with Allah used by the Sikhs and Christians to pray to… Read more »

Soo Kok Leng

Perkasa is protesting against Vatican:


He must have taken a leaf from the bogus Buddhist monk who flew in style with a LV bag and goggles! Buddhists who saw the vision of arrogance and bounty out of the standard poverty mien of monks were more than livid! Cycling is good when the areas to cover for spiritual cleansing and guidance are like deep hinterland and rural Malaya like in Kuala Besut or in Sabah and Sarawak! Luxury cars and fat-cats politicians can be seen only during Polling on the 12th,July onward. Advanced nations are already trying to inhabit Mars and the Moon, Dear pontiff! Its… Read more »


Don`t worry the time will come when combustion engine will become obsolete

Anthony Charles Louis

And in the biggest economy in Europe the health insurance company serves hot lemon tea in the mornings for plp cycling to work!!

ex cyclisst

There used to be a time eons ago when there were bicycle lanes as in those days, many students cycled to school.
Now, anyone who cycles in town risks being knocked down! Even motorcyclists can be brushed by moving cars, what more cyclists. I don’t think anyone wants to risk his life unnecessary to please a pope!


Monks should be walking but now they are being driven in cars and some in Mercedes & BMW. So are the nun and priest. The concept of religion have change with the time so have the children of today.. During my time bicycle is the norm but children nowadays will go for the bike not bicycle. And they sleep late and then speed dangerously to school.

Wilfred Oon

Pope Francis should advise all priests to refrain from any form of sexual abuse on young children.