Francis of Assisi movie: Brother Sun, Sister Moon


This is a must-watch movie about how Francis was called to rebuild the church through poverty and simplicity some 800 years ago. Haunting songs and breathtaking scenes from the countryside too.

The unsung Francis is one of the greatest figures in Christian history. His message that all of creation should live in harmony with one another and his ecological awareness makes his perhaps the most relevant saint for our times. There’s a message in there for our world today which is facing all kinds of environmental degradation as a result of corporate and human greed.

So too for the church, which is not spared the temptation of turning to materialism, triumphalism and illusions of grandeur.

Francis is also known for his attempt at inter-religious dialogue with a Muslim ruler.

Little wonder that the present pope was inspired to adopt the name ‘Francis’ – making him the first Bishop of Rome to choose that name.

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Anak Kuching

It makes you wonder our purpose…. A touching movie….

P K Koya

To know more about St Francis of Assisi, read the book IN THE SPIRIT OF ST. FRANCIS AND THE SULTAN, republished in Malaysia by The Other Press. A timely book for Malaysians.

Vijay Veerappan

Love St. Francis. The third best reason for being a Catholic 😉

Preach the gospel always, If necessary use words. – St. Francis of Assisi.


Hi Anil,

Ann and I enjoyed an evening at the movies. Thank you


Yes, he has always been my favorite Christian. However, Job never fails to bring tears to my eyes.


In the face of “No Money, No Honey, No Talk” (which includes the state’s indifference to Penang Street Food Museum proposal), many of us would / have / may find it hard to readjust our entrenched materialistic lifestyles to embrace living in simplicity & to adopt eco-friendly lifestyle habits. Notwithstanding the low wages, fewer (from the day of birth to death beds) opportunities for the minorities in a racist country, peer social pressures, run-away inflation for almost everything, ‘impractical’ public transport system (no thanks to the Feds) & greed mentality enforced by the concept of scarcities, we can still relook… Read more »