A Christmas and New Year wish from the heart


While all attention is Trump’s recent decision to move the US embassy to the city, many have forgotten Bethlehem, which lies in Occupied Palestine (and not in the modern state of Israel, as many believe).

It is going to be another dim Christmas in Occupied Bethlehem, just like it was two millennia ago, when it was also occupied – back then by the Roman Empire.

But in the midst of darkness and in the bleakest of situations, there is always hope – just as hope became a reality 2,000 years ago with the birth of Jesus.

We too live in dim times in Malaysia, which has to contend with numerous problems – political, human rights, economic, environmental…

But there is always hope for a new life, a new beginning, if we come together and berganding bahu and work for change at all levels, celebrating our diversity as a strength rather than a weakness. We have to wipe out rampant corruption and bigotry and promote care for the environment.

We can do it. The change begins with us. We may curse the darkness, but let’s also light a candle, celebrate each win along the way of the struggle, and never lose hope. In this time of celebration, let us remember the forgotten and the marginalised among us, the migrant workers, the refugees and displaced communities, those far from home.

Thank you for being with me during the year. I wish you and your loved ones a blessed and meaningful Christmas and a New Year with overflowing joy, peace, justice, and fulfilment.

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2018 on the way. Those who prefer “old school” ushering new year I can recommend do so at recently opened Old Georgetown Cafe, opposite Komtar Walk, right next to Octopus Overhead Pedestrian bridge of former Boston cafe. WHY? For sentimental reason able to recall the past by witnessing old posters pasted on the site walls. Bruce Lee fans will love it with many posters there (include him posing with Nora Miao!) Kopi-o only RM1.50 way cheaper than StarrryAmericano from RM7 elsewhere. Hokkien mee there is acclaimed Bangkok Lane recipe die die must try before the passing of 2017. Shrieking thrills… Read more »

Hip Ho

Good place for year end gathering by Anil and his readers? Old school way!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!


Jaclyn Victor now resides in Penang and May be she can sing Christmas songs somewhere in Penang today.

Otherwise watch her performance on TV tonight.


Jaclyn Victor’s “True Meaning Of Christmas Special” on TV2 9.30pm tonite.


Margie’s Christmas peaceful prayers for all living beings sustainable throughout 2018 on the way?

Merry and joyful day for Anil and readers.


The Hopi Sun Prayer

You who are the source of all power,
Your rays illuminate the whole world,
Illuminate our hearts also,
So we too may do your work.

Asquali, Holy Ancestors


Merry Christmas (not Mary Christmas) to Mr. Anil, all readers & mighty rivers of justice.
As for Jerusalem, the eventual destiny will be decided by Yahweh (God of mankind).


Hallelujah by Pentatonix



A new year greeting with poor English from the Petaling Perdana District Education Office has also been making the rounds on social media.

It reads: “Happy New Year 2018. New Year begin, let us pray, that it will be a year with new Peace, New Happiness, and abundance of all, May Almighty bless your through out the new year.”

Ken Yap

All the best for the new year!


Dear All,

He gave us gold…shine as He did and still does!

The source of His message:
Remember your own divine essence. Stay faithful in the middle of the illusions, dark forces or human suffering. Behind the earthly veils you will find the Light world…

Be love, do joy, have peace

A wonderful Christmas and a fantastic new year


HIS message of light vs dark meaning the Jedi force to defeat 1st Order regime in this universe clef Bolehland?


Crystal clear…Light bearer


MO1 will perish like Supreme Leader Snoke.


Too many spoilers for the movie for those who have yet seen it (prefer JhoMahJib ?) if we discuss too much. Nevertheless, 1st Order eventually collapses when truth prevails over klepto-darkness, with or without the light sable as karma dictates.


Luke Skywalker as The Last Jedi pointed out that one guy with a light saber could not make a difference in a war. So PKR must move away from the shadow of DSAI!

Nevertheless the movie shows the importance of symbolism and heroes to inspire support for the war from the population, and that is why the Jedi or the force (Harapan) more broadly matters. The final scene shows a young boy inspired by Luke’s heroism and sacrifice that a new generation will likely continue to fight the dark side of the First Order aka BN, referencing Kylo to MO1.


One key curious thing about this is why Muslim shout Zionist as it’s automatically a bad word. Zionist are believer divine right of Jewish homeland. And yes they are extremist and definitely at least a bit racist. So what? To make them automatically a bad word is well makes the other side also prejudicial and over-entitled. It makes the very proven successful Zionist even more determined and raise their game even more. How does that lead to a solution?


Dear Bigjoe
A Zionist is not a Jew and a Jew is definitely not a Zionist
In general ~
Words are not bad, they are only words
We loose the meaning of words

Be impeccable with your words

A peaceful week for humanity time to contemplate to make connection with the Source

Might see you New Years Eve at the Esplanade…



Zionist and DAP have been made bogeymen by Umno to scare the Malays via BTN/TV3/Utusan to gain their support, even more now as Umno can no longer use communists to scare the Malays after borrowing heavily from Xi’s PRC.


Guatemala to move embassy to Jerusalem

The status of Jerusalem goes to the heart of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
Read the most read book in the world – the Holy Bible (which far outsold any other book, with a whopping 3.9 billion copies sold over the last 50 years) & you will know the real answer ie a conflict since Abraham’s lineage, a conflict brought about by the patriarch’s disobedient to God & brought forth a son, Ishmael born to Hagar, a maid & concubine of Abraham.


Covert ‘alliance between Israel and Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia and Israel are de facto allies in the struggle against Iran’s rising influence in the region. It’s a developing but highly sensitive relationship, but every so often there is a hint of what may be going on beneath the surface.

Despite furor over Jerusalem move, Saudis seen on board with U.S. peace efforts.

Another Trump’s masterstroke?


If I were an Israelite, I would be more cautious with the tricky Saudis. Heard of the Battle of Armageddon to come? All nations from the East (The Red Army), North (The Bear Army & Turks), South & West (EU nations of the AntiChrist) sanctioned by UN? will converge for the final battle at the foot of Israel’s Mount Megiddo. They, even those who have allied with the small nation will turn against it like a ‘thorn in the flesh’ of the Middle East. To wipe out the small nation from the face of the earth as what Mahmoud Ahmadinejad… Read more »


Saudi need to protect its monarchy from Shia Iran, and thus collaborating with US and Israel. Malaysia may follow suit if the influence of Shia Islam is gaining ground here. Najib could have made secret alliance with Trump?


Saudi can easily rope in the Arab League of Nations & Donald Trump to confront Iran but to ‘befriend’ a small nation like Israel for that purpose smells rotten fish from a mile away. The fishy intent is to get Israel embroiled in another war that may inflame a bigotry religious fire in the entire Middle East. The purpose of Saudi is suspiciously aimed at the twin prizes in Israel: 1) Israel’s abundance of recently confirmed oil deposits in the offshores of Mediterranean Sea stretching to the Cyprus that will outlast the entire Middle East oil production in a century… Read more »


The Ark of the Covenant is one of the most sought after religious relics of all times and far more than just a box that contained the Ten Commandments. The biblical stories surrounding the Ark speak of a device with divine powers that was able to produce food, take down stonewalls, kill those that come in contact with it, and provide direct communication to God. Are these stories mere myth? Or did the Ark of the Covenant possess extraordinary powers? What happened to this incredible relic? Could it still be hidden? Are we getting close to a rediscovery–and reactivation–of the… Read more »


The Ark of the Covenant, once rediscovered will be restored to its place of high holiness ie in a new Solomon Temple, to be rebuilt on Temple Mount by the Jews who already have the architectural blueprints, This will be a pain in the flesh to the Muslim world. When will the Ark be restored – during the reign of the AntiChrist’s Tribulation period (of 7 yrs) or after Armageddon Battle will remain to be seen. We are already living at the threshold of the End Times, my friends. Another worldwide phenomena will happen – The Rapture, the deliverance of… Read more »


The US army has got the ark from Hitler German after WW2, and use the owner to develop advanced military technology since then.


BN-Umno has allotted land in Putrajaya for the Saudi’s King Salman Centre for International Peace to combat terrorism (or Shia Islam?), in the name of Moderate Islam.



The prophecy has never been realised thus far.
Likely Armageddon is caused by great flood due to flooding after the artic ice melts because of global warming. The culprits are those burning fossil fuel e.g. Motorists. May need a new Noah or Anil’s Ark.


Anil’s Ark, if a reality, must reserve spaces for endangered Sun Bears, Pygmy Elephants, and some natives of Belum forest.


Since the beginning of time, where got an honest politician on earth?
Much less in heaven!


You can be the first after over 6000 years of mankind history


Anil, let’s build the Ark!
How much will it cost?
One thing, no developer involved to be sure of no kam-cheng or cheap bungalow!


I know a boat-builder…we need bamboo
Best natural source; strong, easy to work with, grows fast and hemp for sails and ropes 🙂


Armageddon is not environmental issue. It is The Final Earthly Battle of bloodshed between Good + Evil, an unsettled issue since the beginning of time when the fallen angels together with Lucifer (The Devil) were put on dark & watery planet earth. Adam + Eve, the origins of mankind created in the image of God only established their presence on earth (which was given light of the sun during the 6-day creation) which further angered Lucifer & his legions of sleepless demons. The evil intents of Lucifer could explain why The Bible is ‘twisted’ (or superseded?) to further confuse mankind… Read more »


Spot on but less are christian and more.. Follow Muhammad. Lesser are follow kwan yin


Telling this from one who rather believes in kawan yin than others??

Shafee Saptu

Quran superseded the Bible, so updated.
Nani Muhammad ascended to heaven at Jerusalem, thus Palestine claims the holy land.


So message of God is love and love thy neighbours is superseded and updated to something else???


Merry christmast my friend..may god bless you and your family


Family spends Christmas along corridor of Rifle Range flat
The evicted may not be Christians, but the heartless landlord has made this Christmas occasion a sad one. Can’t he afford just a little love (for this man & his family) which is more than the Rm900 rentals owed to him?


Why no Christmas present from ah pek santa? Now santa talk only?