Christians in Aberdeen share church with Muslims (Video)


How about this for bridge building among people of different faiths? One small community in Scotland is breaking down the barriers of prejudice.

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Shadzli Wahab

What an amazing phenomena and extreme tolerance and understanding these religious leaders and their followers have shown to the world that if we follow true teachings of Islam, this world can be made a much better place to coexist. Lets reject those bigots from both sidesof religious divide.
Thank u to Mr Netto for sharing this important piece of news and should be spread around.

najib manaukau

This is what religion is supposed to be ! Instead it is being manipulated by few individuals out to achieve their own goals, just at the late Palestine leader Arafaat, he went to mid night mass at a church in Jerusalem to show his respect for Christianity \, instead of seeking to have other faiths and beliefs destroyed !

living in 3 rd world

This is a very good example of people living in an advanced country……..those who can think clearly. and wisely. We respect your religion whatever it is.