Christian leaders’ “pledges” raise eyebrows


The news that Christians leaders had given pledges to the PM during a luncheon meeting on 12 May has raised eyebrows.

Najib said the Christian leaders had pledged to respect the position of Islam as the religion of the Federation and had no intention of challenging the constitutional provision. He added the leaders had also given their undertaking to cooperate in fostering peace and harmony among the various faiths so that the country would remain peaceful and prosperous.

These “pledges” somehow give the impression that Christians had questioned the position of Islam as the religion of the Federation when they had not. Similarly, for the undertaking to foster peace and harmony when the churches’ commitment to peace is obvious. The Christian leaders who met Najib should clarify what they had actually said.

Also present at the meeting were Idris Jala and Koh Tsu Koon.

Catholic bishop, Paul Tan, has reportedly criticised his fellow Christian leaders for allowing themselves to be used to “please the other side” in the wake of the controversial Utusan report on the purported ‘Christian state’.

In remarks to Free Malaysia Today, the bishop said:

“Why did the Christian leaders walk into that clear booby trap? Why didn’t they have a clear statement printed out for the press, saying what they wanted the meeting to be and what their own demands were, regardless of Najib’s spin,” he added.

“I am absolutely surprised that the Christian leaders who were there to see our PM appeared all of a sudden tame and conciliatory and did not demand justice be done, i.e., in the same way, the government dealt with the other non-Malay/Muslim papers. Then again, perhaps, the press did not publish everything (on the meeting),” he added.

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In times like this,we can tell who are the real christians and those in sheep’s clothings. Anyway,many have already made up their minds to vote for change,give the other side a chance to govern and see what they can do.BN had been given 56 years and we are tired.Do you think we are happy the way BN is throwing money around? Where are they going to get the money if not from the rakyat? Prices of things will go up and the money you got from BN will soon be gone! Then what do you do? Wait for the next… Read more »

Maria Henesy Migos

Nevermindlah… booby trap or no booby trap …. whatever they are walking into, their trust in God will save them. Their intention is to cool down the boiling tension plaguing Mysia. Had they not done what they did, who knows what danger might have awaited M’ysia. Let them be a loser, or whatever they may be, but peace and harmony for M’ysia is crucial. As for the rest, leave it to God in prayer. The deceiver will surely have his lesson to learn. What for to fight knowing that you will not win.


Nazri is again showing his double headed … logic by asking us to live with Ibrahim Ali’s crusade’s call and no action against his seditious remark? What a hypocrite is this?

In that case we shall live with it ..
…till 13th GE and let all Malaysians shut his mouth for good.


Do not be distracted by this issue. UMNO and their sycophants Perkasa and Utusan are spreading true lies and half truth to distract this very main issue, PRICE INCREASE. The government cannot tahan anymore as exclaimed by Deputy PM Muhyiddin. As admitted by Jala before, we could become a bankrupt nation soon all due to the corruptibility that is now prevailing in the country under the UMNO BN government.. It could happen right after the GE. Do not be cheated again by their half truth and true lies. CHANGE IS WHAT WE NEED NOW. YES CHANGE. You have change 5… Read more »


aiyo, gerakan k

there you go again and your comments are hidden due to low ratings.

aiya, may be you should spend more time with the pro-UMNO blogs rather than intruding anil’s blog with your comments.

Gerakan K

I know you are very afraid of my comments because those comments will hurt your idol chances in next GE.

Anyway, your supremo is expected to return to Sg Buloh very soon. See open always.


Theres nothing wrong when the pledge is all about peace, goodwill , sincerity and harmony.
Can’t say the same about perkasa’s and umno’s pledge.

Penang Lang

Now you know why Bishop Paul Tan wasn’t invited?

Anil, you know and I know who that Penang bishop is. You know and I know what type of damage he has done to the Catholic Church.

And we all know they are not there to stand up for the Christians, because deep in their heart they are never for Lord Jesus Christ at all.

Real Malaysian

My Christian ‘eyebrows’ were definitely raised. There was no necessity for a ‘pledge’ to be given because we have committed no ‘evil’. But it has been ‘spinned’ so that it gives one the opposite impression. Najib could have nipped it in the bud but putting the newspaper and the bloggers on the mat.


Needing to pledge something when you never did that in the first place(and all purely based on just some wild guessing) is pretty unfair. Does the government even have a notion of what the word justice means?

I think you are expecting too much of this government Anil. This is to be expected. They played dirty from the very beginning and they are beginning to ramp it up.

Gerakan K

Justice or peace ???

Save face or maintain peace ???…


Gerakan K , I agree with you sometimes it’s better to keep quite to maintain peace (like in a household, where husband and wife maintain peace) . It’s may not be about save face but humility is a better word or even the worst case scenario….SCARED or AFRAID You r against saving face as opposed to maintaining peace. How do you feel about a person being “a coward” to maintain peace ? Where do you draw a line, without sacrificing the truth and your principles ? Now Gerakan K, if you can help us draw a CLEAR LINE between this,… Read more »


Christian want to take over Malaysia and turn the official religion Islam away from the country, it is such a ludicrous claims. Anyone with some brain cells know that it is just a … scare tactic use to agitate Muslim majority to turn them against minority religion believers in Malaysia. Once the ‘race’ card failed to achieve a political goal, the next trump card for UMNO is ‘religion’ card to rally supports.


I do not believe that Utusan headlines at all, knowing that it is up to no good and clearly prove that 1Malaysia is a failure as PM Najib chose to keep silent here while bragging to overseas people about his effort in religious harmony at his Oxford talk without any shame.


If there is no such convert meeting between Penang chief minister and Christian representatives, it is really not necessary to make any pledge or promises. Utusan is creating rumor, not reporting news. It is the worst journalism in the making.


john tan;

What has religion got to do with race?…young chicko, go back to school lah. Even if you wish to be an UMNO trooper…

As for you Gerakan K, you an go an get ….!

Gerakan K

You still not explaining the Afghanistan + Iraq wars + killing of Osama by predominantly Christian state forces ???

Stop hiding behind the dirty words. You know anil will censor it.


The only known racists in Malaysia are in UMNO and UMNO members masquerading as Perkasa members. Under UMNO, we are divided into different races and they tout themselves as superior (actually that is disputable). We, bumiputra Christians, are also treated as second class citizens.


BN is ‘powerless’ against Utusan and Perkasa means that they are actually the one behind it. So, the BN government is the true extremist in this context. This is a simple deduction.


Anil, you should not be wasting your time to explain yourself to this … deranged … Gerakan K. This … already a well known UMNO apologist…!

Christians are too cultured and knowledgeable God fearing human beings. We will not strike even being accused and humiliated…. “Sometimes, when you are too forgiving the enemies see it as weakness”

Gerakan K

Generalization is wrong. Yes, very very wrong. You are wrong, wandererAUS.

Your childish statement:
Christians are too cultured and knowledgeable God fearing human beings. We will not strike even being accused and humiliated

So, explain to me why there are Afghanistan + Iraq wars + killing of Osama ???


Only … person like Gerakan K will support racist paper like Utussan and racist party like UMNO….

Gerakan K

Get a life, dude !!!

Majority of Malaysians support BN = support UMNO, Gerakan, Mca and other component parties

john tan

this wandererAUS is a racist….he loves to see our Muslim/ Christian brothers & sisters at loggerheads….the least you can do is to unite their efforts to bring peace….stop your racists political views…

Gerakan K

Anil, actually I have no time commenting in your blog. But one commentator that knows my private email inform me of this article. It is so wrong in your article. Yes, very very wrong. And it seems that nobody dare to speak the truth about your article. What do you want actually ??? A direct confrontation between muslim and christian followers ??? We all must do now ??? Keep fanning the issue or cool it down that nobody has any reason to further the issue ??? Stop trying to score political points in current issue. This is part of surprise… Read more »

Gerakan K

Even the title of your article suggesting that there are something wrong in those christian leaders that trying to cool down the issue. Raise eyebrows ??? Losing face, right ??? Some followers have won, right ??? But that is not the intention of those leaders. Winning or losing face is just perception. Don’t be childish. Think again, those christian leaders just did the right thing to kill the issue completely. No chance for the fat katak king to further the issue. Just like my ex-Penang CM KTK did the right thing by not reacting to certain people tearing his picture.… Read more »

Andrew I

Is KTK the acronym for Katak King? He sure is able to jump to avoid all the controversy. That’s why Penang said NO to him. The people leader…more like the siam siea ong.

Gerakan K

Based on your reply, now I highly doubt your age. You seem very much younger in age and very green in thought.

Avoid all the controversy ??? Or peace maker ???

You really can’t sense the temperature of that moment, and the decisive & smart reaction from KTK has prevented another bad thing from happening.

I think you are just another college student that still asking for pocket money from your mami.

Attack my points and not talking nonsense.


Gerakan KTK, Your beloved KTK just dont have the …, thats it


An ostrich of carefully selected and groomed specimen has 2 brains:
one shivering, dumb brain kosong for all things Barang Naik, Katak Naik Gila and poster tearing.
Another smaller brain for Penang slow, slow melt down.
No wonder there was a small hole in the ceiling in Komtar Tower for Penang’s Gerakan K (Kaput) political eunuch to bury its small head while in office for umpteen years.

Gerakan K

I’m so disappointed in you. Don’t divert into other things.

Attack the points in my comments and not talking nonsense.

Just unbelievable. You can’t see the wrong in anil article. Wakeup now and take some fresh coffee.

Bodeking anil has no benefit. At most anil only able to publish your writing in this blog. But that will not make you a novel super star. Uncle things will not sell very well.

Always indulging in the past has weaken your thinking ability.


Did I ask for your comments? Your words have no gold nugget value, neither an iota of devastating effect on me whatsoever unlike some sincere and constructive advice from others like Andrew I and Anil. The only thing worthy my alertness is coffee, which makes me more alert to your nonsense.
And please don’t get jealous while I enjoy my fame from my meaningful & contributing purpose at Anilnetto. This is the beginning to my little fortune (as I’m not greedy like some leeches) as you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Andrew I

People like Gherkin find it hard to understand specifics. Good try, Anil.

Penang Lang

There is nothing to explain, Anil.

All who were there are traitors…


Gerakan is a wannabe just like one former PM. They will do anything to fan racial statement just for some material benefits.


The fact that Gerakan K got so many thumbs down (for almost all his comments) means that Anil should bar his comment for good, for the sake of national unity and the true spirit of this blog.

Gerakan K

Want to bar my comment for national unity ???

Amazing logic. You must be running out of idea and gagal SPM

Want to bar my comment for the true spirit of this blog ???

Yes, anil can ban my comment anytime. But what is this blog spirit ??? Pro-PR blog ??? Or BN-hater blog ???


I think is because the Christian leaders in the meeting are not politician.

They do not know how to handle such situation. Unlike the Perkasa guys who can spin and spin.

Gerakan K

Yes, these Christian leaders in the meeting are not politician.

But more importantly, they are VERY SMART leaders. They know the issues and the impacts. They value peace more than others.

I don’t what is the outcome if anil is one of them involved in the meeting…


Even sly, slimy Lucifer himself had misled thousands and thousands of moronic angels against The Father in heaven, what makes us think present earthly children of God cannot be misled.

It is a bitter, hard lesson to be learnt by the meek.
Now we all know the sly personality of true trouble makers.

Penang Lang

That Catholic bishop from Penang who went to see Najib?

Haha !

That guy sold off Church properties… !!!


For the one to demand the other to pledge is for Shiok Sendiri.
For the one who did nothing wrong but meekly pledged is to keep the peace, harmony and sanity.
This has been the peace, harmony and sanity for the world to see for 41 years!


1) To force some one to pledge his something, you usually don’t get the 100% voluntarism from the heart.
2) But if someone comes up to you and pledge his something, that’s purely from his sincerity, heart of love and wholesome charity.

Of the two, I wouldn’t think for a nano-second for the latter.


On the same premise, can we deduce then that the Christian leaders had been playd out by the likes of Koh Tsu Koon?

heaven on earth

i think those of who are observing the political trends in Msia can now for sure have no hesitation of moving to saver grounds where the people are more concerned about peaceful living.

anil can set up a poll and don’t be surprised kelantan is a wise choice !


Why not have a National Pledging Day.
Also have occasions for pledging like New Year Eve, Merdeka Day, Malaysia Day and even private birthdays. Pledge for the sake of peace, harmony and sanity. Pledge for mutual respect, mutual coexistence and mutual prosperity. Pledge like never pledge before.
And don’t forget to get the MSM pledge before renewing their licenses.
And make the pledge short, memorable and lovable!
This brings me back to good old days at school assemblies:
“Kami Ber…”