Another incident, this time in Seremban


Another incident has been reported in Seremban this morning, bringing the total number of church properties targeted to nine.

Some people are having trouble keeping track of the number of incidents; so here is my tally:

  1. Metro Tabernacle Church (Assembly of God) in Desa Melawati – molotov cocktail damages administrative wing (8 Jan)
  2. Assumption Church (Catholic) in Jalan Templar – molotov cocktail hurled on pavement in front of church fails to explode (8 Jan)
  3. Life Chapel (evangelical Brethren) in Section 17, PJ  – molotov cocktail slightly damages porch (8 Jan)
  4. Good Shepherd Church (Lutheran) in PJ old town – firebomb misses window, scorches outer wall, minimal damage (8 Jan)
  5. All Saints’ Church (Anglican) in Taiping – two molotov cocktails scorch stair case leading to main entrance and side porch (9 Jan)
  6. Convent school (Catholic) in Taiping – molotov cocktail, probably meant for St Louis’ Church (Catholic) next door, breaks guard-house window (9 Jan)
  7. Malacca Baptist Church (Baptist) in Durian Daun – smeared with black paint (9 Jan)
  8. Good Shepherd Church (Anglican) in Lutong Miri  – stoning shatters window panes (9 Jan)
  9. Sidang Injil Borneo Church (Borneo Evangelical Mission) in Seremban – front doors scorched (10 Jan)

Only the Metro Tabernacle Church suffered serious damage.

M Bakri Musa has come up with a scathing blog post here, comparing the comments and reactions of various key personalities such as Najib, Khairy, Khalid Ibrahim, Anwar and Hadi.

The latest attack scorched the front door of the Sidang Injil Borneo church. Earlier, Lim Kit Siang and the Insider reported that Rasah MP Anthony Loke had confirmed the attack. The deputy IGP at first denied the report, according to the Insider, but Negri Sembilan police said the culprits used petrol to try and set fire to the door.

According to a Twitter message from Lim Kit Siang, the church is located less than 1km from the Seremban IPD. The church, which is believed to conduct Malay-language services, is said to be the “fastest growing church” in the country.

Meanwhile, an Indonesian scholar has told organisations in that country to remind Indonesian Muslims not to copy the attacks in Malaysia, reports the Jakarta Post.

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All the hype about 1Malaysia Clinic.

Today the media reported …. got clinic, no doctor lah… meaning those clinics are like RM1 medical halls. Maybe can only give medicine to relieve coughs and colds.

I might as well treat myself instead of wasting my time there.


Gerakan K.

All these announcements are well and good.But we have heard all these before – remember this corridor and that corridor, but in the end nothing really was there. I presume you are young and innocent. You may get into ecstasy and jump with joy for every announcement. I have seen and heard enough not to waste my energy.

You say let the criminal offense be handled by the police. I take it that you are the really naive kind. I forgive you.

Gerakan K

LBJ you were so scary. We are not living in Hang Tuah / Justice Bao / cowboys times. Can we handle criminal offences by ourself? Was that a hint for your background/profession? For your info, I’m not only young and innocent, but also cute, pretty and wealthy. So?


gerakan K,
You are living in “Zaman kejahilan” and you not only young, innocent, cute, pretty, wealthy, and “hyperpolishsia”. And your “hyperpolishsia” was a professional one.

Gerakan K

I will take that as compliment.


I take that as challenge. Thank you


… I have lived through May 13, and I know what I am talking about.


There is another theory is going around. It is claimed that this is a conspiracy by Pakatan to topple the BN govt and destract from the coming Sodomy 2 trial. Could this be true ?

We need to ask, “Who will benefit the most from Church attacks” ?


TO Looes74,

To say that the bunch is “educated” is a sia-sui to “Education” itself.

Educated people don’t go bullying others.

Educated people don’t go banning others from worshipping Allah.

Educated people don’t go burning church and throwing rocks.

No, they are not educated. They are barbaric hooligans.


Guys, After hitting out on churches, the pepetrators tried to stir up elsewhere by hitting on surau & this time a sikh temple I don’t believe what Hisham said that there is no concerted effort. In fact, these pepetrators are educated bunches, monitoring the comments in the internet. I simply could not understand how come a sikh temple can get involved in this. Nevertheless while remaining calm & not retaliate against these pepetrators, we must stand firm. This is no to terrorism. This is our way of life. Nobody is going to cow us into submission. Hence, whatever Herald is… Read more »

Gerakan K

I noticed many commentators here really dislike BN. Nevertheless, in terms of performance, BN still the better choice. General election already over long long ago. Now please focus on works, for example attracting huge FDI (already done by PM), improving health care service (by health minister), improving transportation system, etc. I saw another great attempt to improve our transportation system from our transport minister such as RapidBET. Please let any criminal offence (for example missing jet’s engines, arson attacks) be handled by the police. Since the “allah” issue already in court proceeding (pending appeal), so let the court to decide.… Read more »


Gerakan K,
It is easy to say Let somebody do their jobs. However, that somebody never finished their jobs. A lot of cases still unresolved and not getting things done. If everyone has solid proof than no need police and you Gerakan K loh.
If you want to blindly polish for the sake of polish, that you better keep quiet and who are to judge whether people are sinful or not? …


Gerakan K

You are so funny but asking the culprit to solve the problem is too easy. I think the culprit has so many problems now the F4 engines, C4 explosive, and many more… Oh well arguing with you is like talking to the wall.


iron. Gerakan K knows not what he does. Forgive him his sins….


Ini kerja bakar Gereja memang bukan kerja melayu yang hormati Nabi Issa dan ikuti ajaran suchi Al Kitab. Ni bakar membakar Gereja Gereja pengikut Kristian ada la kerja samsing yang kurang ajar dan biadab. Sponsor mereka kita semua tau siapa. mana … nak lari? why blame others ….


Dear Anil,

Is this a thread to talk about how wonderful Najib is?

If not, why are you letting that apple polisher keep on polishing apples here?


Gerakan K is a Liow Boh Liow supporter. My!My! What a surprise. …


A message from the Pope:

Violence Dishonors God

More at

Gerakan K

@O Our health minister at least attempted to improve the quality of health care services. We still don’t know the effectiveness of the suggested solution. Let’s wait and see the outcome before prejudge too soon. Regarding to LGE, well he has made too many mistakes so far and I don’t foresee any improvement soon. Perhaps I must say he has no leadership quality and we have to wait for next GE to welcome back KTK. @Yang I think you should first check if any of your list of idols be able to attract FDI more than USD 10 billions before… Read more »


Gerakan K, Will the said investment from China ever materialized? Let us not blow the trumpet even before the battle has even started. Let us see, what is going to happen to this investment. To be honest, it could be more propaganda, false propaganda. Wait for the project to take off. Remember the Company from China, which mentioned that they had been awarded the contract to link Butterworth and Penang Island? So just keep watch. I have full respect for the investors from China, but to invest 10 billion USD in faraway Sarawak does not logistically make sense! What about… Read more »


Gerakan K, don’t make me laughlah what health care qualities?
Hello Gerakan K, Sabah QE hospital until now yet to have solution. Patients were diverted all over Sabah.
Some patients died on the way to a hospital which was located 50 to 60 KM from his home.


Gerakan K, You have a responsibility to answer sabahan’s comment. Please understand that one time Sabah was one of the richest states in the country. I do not know whether you had the experience of trading in Sabah previously, say in the 70’s. This is one gold mine, the traders there were so rich and all West Malaysians who traded with Sabahans or Sarawakians had wonderful memories of these two states. Today, its positions had been sinking day by day and it is indeed pitiful to see Sabah where it is today. A State that contributed so much to the… Read more »

Gerakan K

First of all, my comment was our health minister attempted to improve the quality of our government hospital/clinic. That was good. Recently I heard that there were many 1Malaysia Clinics being established. That was also good. I think sabahan’s case was more on rural area. Development takes time and money, particularly building hospital. That is why we need more FDI and less politicking from our leaders.


Gerakan K, Thank you for your comment. I agree absolutely with you that political parties should strive to serve the rakyat and there should be less politickings. My question is. Do you agree that the current exploitation of a non issue, the use of the word “Allah” by non Muslims, is just too much? The usage of the terms, Allah, which had been used over the centuries all over the world and is still being used in the middle east, Africa, West, Indonesia by Christians who called their God Allah is funny? I think if 1 billion Muslims worldwide do… Read more »


Hello, Gerakan K don’t day dreamlah. We are short of doctors in all the general hospitals and now Government want to implement 1malaysia clinic. What a sandiwara? Why don’t government set up 1Malaysia petrol station to help poor guys like us? Hello, wake up lah brother Gerakan K do your homework before you tembaklah. QE hospital is situated in Kota Kinabalu not rural area. Government has all the money, but the state Boss want to buy from (who?) bulding that is Wisma Khidmat which is not suitable to use as a hospital. Peoples objected. So sorry for the peoples of… Read more »

Gerakan K

dear sabahan,

in your previous comment you provide too little detail. Why don’t you give credit when it is due regardless of BN/PR. BN government attempted to improve things and you all just like a repetitive parrot always bad mouthing BN. That was unreasonable.


Gerakan K,
Who is the repetitive parrot? You have blind folded your eye and neglected the suffering of majority rakyat….


A lot of comments here but no one wants to say the obvious: The issue is settled in fact – The Christians MUST BE allowed to use the word ‘Allah’. There is no other possible answer. Doing anything else, sent the wrong message to the wrong people…


As a non believer of the two faiths, I am totally perplexed by the RC’s and the herald’s intention to use a term … Indeed they should distance themselves from the term for the preservation of the good name of their faith and for the sake of harmony of this country.


FenceSitter has made some very serious accusations !

preservation of the good name of their faith and for the sake of harmony of this country.

Do you mean by using “Allah”, which has been used for THOUSANDS OF YEARS BEFORE THE BIRTH OF MOHAMMAD the Catholics have failed to preserve the good name of our faith?

That by using “Allah” it is the Catholics that are harming the harmony of this country?

Since it’s “FenceSitter” who made the accusation, it’s “FenceSitter” who has to clarify.

I refuse to ignore such baseless accusations !


I believe Fencesitter has forgotten the principle of not submitting to terrorism. The meek would inherit the earth but does not mean that we need to swallow everything “terrorists”.
Hence, I support you fully on this. I hope that the Saudi (leaders) & UAE chiefs would have strong words with Najib when Najib meet them.


Who done it? That’s the big question


Why worry when the tops are very understanding..
They will pacify you , protect you just like a rich dad comforting a spoilt child.

Whatever happen is not your fault , you have no bad intention and it’s someone else that lead you to do that.

But son , I have reasons for not letting them to light the candle though it looks harmless. Now you see , so many buidlings being torched.

Now they realised that our intention is good.




According to some … sources (a certain party) has ploted this ALLAH contravesy with the aid of muslim bloggers … and (a certain newspaper) for a year waiting for the right time to exploit it.If Malaysians have not forgotten the KADAZAN HEADGEAR INCIDENT where it swing the malay votes towards the Mahathir camp than.Tengku Razeligh pay dearly than….

Gerakan K

As I said yesterday, everything will back to normal. Due to our PM effort, he managed to secure huge FDI to Malaysia [1]. LGE must learn the skill of securing huge FDI instead of upgrading his opposing skills. Our health minister also proposed sms way to relieve long queuing problem at our hospital. See that were BN/UMNO/MCA contributions to Malaysia. Meanwhile, PAS continues with its politicking activities by upgrading its Supporters Club (the non-muslim members ** sigh !**) to become a PAS Supporters Congress [2]. What a coincidence or maybe a preplanned move to capitalize on current development. PR also… Read more »


Do you think the colonization of Malaysia by the Chinese has begun? You should look into the competition between China, Japan and Korea going into Cambodia, each trying to outdo each other. Here there is no competition as the Japs and Koreans are running away, whereas the Chinese will go to wherever in the world. The Chinese are less selective than the Koreans and Japanese. Anyway, let us hope the Chinese well, but, one saddening thing is that its economy is predicted to bust, the bubble is going to burst in the not too distant future. There are serious doubts… Read more »


It’s kinda off topic, but you did bring out the economy.

Read this article – – and find out for yourself how much money have gone out of this country.

Obviously things like that the government will never tell the people.


Gerakan K, Don’t talk about the worst health Minsiter Malaysia ever had, let us be frank and honest ok, without being biased against him, compare him with Chua Jui Meng and Chua Soi Lek, he is so mediocre and woeful! Don’t talk about CSL personal life lah. This … Liow’s methods can never work! He should go and study operations research before he talks about relieving the queue problem. This guy is irrelevant. Also, a just concluded survey done on tv7 showed that 87% do not agree that his suggestion will shorten the queue in hospitals! Dia ni berotak udang… Read more »


I agree with you brother,
HELLO Liow Tiong Lay where is our H1N1 vaccine? until now no vaccine for pregnant women…. Rakyat only wait and die.

You want to become MCA president, small thing also cannot do shameful lah!


Geraka K

Ha you are talking through your … Compare to the South East & east Asian nation Malaysia has one of the lowest FDI to be precise second last as reported earlier by a certain media…


Do you know what Nausea means?

You are getting way too nauseating.

If your intention is to polish apples, please go polish them to Najib himself.

We don’t need you to show us how well you can polish Najib’s apples.

Thank you very much !

Gerakan K

Please go for a treatment immediately. You maybe pregnant or contracted some kind of deceases. You can also try our health minister newly proposed sms-way of notification of appointment with the doctors. Please share your experience with us. Thanks.


Gerakan K, what FDI do Malaysia have? Now they are scaring away the FDI by (attempting to) burn… Churches.


Gerakan K,

Just when will this madness end?

Cheers Bro

Gerakan K

I suspect there are parties trying to take advantage of our PM kindness to offer huge grant. The police and the forensics team must examine each case to prevent any self-inflicted incident. Who knows the actual & genuine case, unless we examine them all thoroughly.


Now they are asking the Christian to drop their demand ALTHOUGH they won the case.

GEE, I lost a billion dolar playing the stock market,gambling … Can I get it back and (still continue with the same)?

Gerakan K

I agree with your logic. Using your logic, I think Nizar should also stop shouting “Bubar DUN” because Zambry has won the case. Can Nizar get it back and still continue with the same?


Gerakan K,

For you to wake up from your slumbers and understand the situation for real. For your reading pleasure,
Cheers bro.


I agree with you Gerakan K and you Nizar … logic, Koh Tsu Kun had lost Penang. Do you think he can get it back next election? Can the Penangite still continue to accept KTK as usual?


Judging from the dynamics, Gerakan has no chance. Especially PCM (may) do the sabotaging job of sabotaging Gerakan

Gerakan need to contest all Penang state constituencies before even think of ever running Penang….

Can Gerakan do that?


One word….OUTRAGEOUS……

Samuel Goh Kim Eng


What’s there really to deny
When clear evidence is nigh
Are we too blind to see the door
Unless we are lying down on the floor?

© Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 110110
Mon. 11th Jan. 2010.