Allah issue: Long wait for appeal date


One year on, and the Allah issue is still in limbo.

Or rather we are still waiting for the Court of Appeal to fix a date for the government’s appeal against the High Court’s landmark decision in favour of the church. For now, though, the Catholic Church’s weekly Herald tabloid is unable to use the term ‘Allah’ as the government has obtained a stay pending appeal.

Meanwhile, the Church has reprinted a rare Malay-Latin dictionary, first published in 1631, which shows that Christianity was already using local languages in the region four centuries ago.

See the Malaysian Insider story here.

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23 Jan 2011 2.21am

There are many reasons to believe that many of the other religious scriptures (other than the Qur’an) do contain within their pages truths originating from the one and only true God. To a Muslim, the great prophets (like Abraham, Moses, and Jesus) in Christianity and Judaism, are of course true prophets of Allah mentioned in the Qur’an. In Islam, these religions too are sometimes respectfully referred to as “religions from the sky”. Further to the 25 God’s Messengers (Rasul) mentioned by name, the Qur’an also made reference to the fact that there had been great many prophets (Nabi) whose names… Read more »

21 Jan 2011 1.35pm

1Malaysia tolerance of other religions mean –
… like our 1Sejarah Books…

20 Jan 2011 9.12pm

Lets just take it on face value why Malaysian catholics would want to use the word Allah and not assume that it is for some ulterior motives.
Who knows as long as their lips utter Allah respectfully their hearts might open up to be shone the light of Truth. Amen (or is it Amin)

20 Jan 2011 11.11am

The word ‘Allah’ refers to our Lord God or Our Creator. It does not matter whether you are a Muslim or not a practicing Muslim or not a Muslim, for you to use the word ‘Allah’. “Allah’ berertinya Tuhan. Simple. Let us not complicate matters lah. A true Muslim is happy for anyone to use the word Allah and used in a proper respectful way. The truth is we are all Children of our Lord God. God is referred to lovingly by so many other names besides God,Allah,Tuhan and Rebah. lets keep it simple. Life already is complicated why make… Read more »

20 Jan 2011 1.46am

… Muslim in Msia should follow Prophet Muhammad not to do something against his teaching. They should explain to others who is Allah not to prevent non muslim calling Almighty Creator as Allah.

Chauncey Gardener
Chauncey Gardener
20 Jan 2011 12.23am

In the case of the Perak Constitutional crisis, the Court of Appeal could sit and deliver a decision withn 24 hrs.

19 Jan 2011 1.07pm

with the inspiration from Tun M’s ‘Melayu Mudah Lupa’, a lot of key things in Bolehland is now delayed indefinitely so that ‘Rakyat Mudah Lupa’.

Cases in point: Anwar sodomy case, TBH inquiry, Lingam’s korek3 case … In the process the bN flers will use their media to alter the opinion of rakyat with twisted lies.

najib manaukau
19 Jan 2011 1.01pm

You are talking to a bunch of … uneducated morons, they just don’t talk about established reasons.