Aljazeera on the Allah controversy


It is sad that the Bible Society of Malaysia feels they have to move its base from Selangor to KL to avoid coming under the jurisdiction of the Selangor Islamic Affairs Department (Jais).

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NO OTHER RELIGION MAKE THE CLAIM OF BEING PEACEFUL – THEY JUST DO IT AND ADVOCATE IT. The bottom line is (certain groups) are hater, they want to hate, they believe they have an entitlement to hate..


Correctly pointed out ” This is just the tip of an iceberg ”
A lively talk show .
But which dimwit from Perkasa let it’s youth head talk , he does not seem to know what to say and without a good grasp on the issue.
The “Allah” issue is a non issue.
Until the fast gaining ground Pakatan Rakyat came into the picture.

But then again , it was the Selangor’s Pakatan Rakyat controlled state religious dept that bears their ugly fangs.
It this a political play? Seems to be.


Some human beings predominantly have vacious mind than virtuous mind. This is the root cause of unrest. Might is right. Breaking this chain of mentality is more difficult than breaking the chains of iron. They defend their religion without knowing anything about it, and resist learning about it. This is what we called ‘wilful ignorance’ – typical of the religious supremacist bigots The problem with them is not that they did something bad, it’s that they refused to know why it’s bad..These muslims are not an asset to their religion.They are a liability to it. And they are demeaning it.… Read more »


Empathy is the most revolutionary competence that exists. She is able to change a society. completely From conflict to cooperation, from dissatisfaction to peace, from reactivity to creativity, from hate to love.
Love your neighbour like you love yourself… in all scriptures, forgotten in this world of divide and dominate. Not many people love their self!!!


in Europe it is the other way around…..all to create fear and set up people against each other so they can be controlled and before the end…… the elite can make war again!
Wake up! have a peaceful day

Awang Selamat Ori

Orang tua, no matter what you say, you are a political turncoat, we do not welcome turncoats like you as long as you had been an ABCD! You can consider yourself a political outcast. No one wants you, perhaps only MCA! Podah!

.. embrace Islam otherwise you are just another munafik out to manipulate Islam!


Awang, Are you afraid because I am telling the truth

Awang Selamat Ori

What about bro? When did I refer to you and what did you say?


Beside lashing out against Najib BN MCA, Gerakan and others, what is DAP LGE, LKS, Kerpal and a host of others going to do about the Bible confiscation. Its a long time and still waiting for the return of the Bible. It seem that their big mouth has been shut up by PAS. Remember its Selangor State govt authority that confiscate the bible and yet to return them and Pakatan DAP is doing nothing about it. Please don`t be swayed by their rhetoric language that BN is responsible. Now we know DAP LGE, LKS Kerpal is kowtowing to PAS.


This is proof that the issues and problems arise from the Selangor State govt under Pakatan, DAP, PKR and PAS and not the Federal govt and ignorant naive opposition supporters from Pakatan cry Najib BN. Just like in Penang, many from the island may have to move soon no thanks to the outside CAT.