Abolish ISA Mass prays for a more just judiciary


The series of Abolish ISA Masses at the Church of the Immaculate Conception in Penang will be taking a break for Christmas and will resume next year.

In the last Abolish ISA Mass for the year, parish priest Fr Marshall Fernandez exhorted the congregation of 80 gathered tonight to pray for a more just judiciary.

Referring to the recent controversy between Karpal and Chief Justice Zaki, Marshall said that a cleaner judiciary would provide justice for all.

Meanwhile, all the prayers and various campaigns to Abolish the ISA and free the detainees are having an impact.

The number of detainees in Kamunting has fallen to 46 now after close to 20 detainees were released in the last couple of weeks. That’s the lowest number since 2000!

This is encouraging and we continue to hope and pray that all will be released soon while not forgetting those detained without trial under other preventive detention laws.

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Angela Ooi

The 20 detainees released recently is probably because they are busy tearing down the old facilities and rebuilding BIGGER MULTI STORIED ones to house many more detainees next year. Anyone who disagrees with the Govt would be fair game


The priests made my day! Thank you Anil for the true spirit of christmas that you transmit through your informative and dedicated writing. Peace & love to you.

eagle has landed

Abolish ISA, that is all rakyats want the government to do.
Merry Christmas.


Many seek the ruler’s favor, But justice for man comes from the LORD.