Butterworth comes into its own as a food paradise


For too long, Butterworth in mainland Penang has been in the shadow of Penang Island as a food paradise. But that is slowly changing, as more people settle on the mainland as opposed to the island.

After the lockdowns of 2020-21 were lifted, there has been a burst of people eating out, crowding popular eateries.

Butterworth is slowly emerging as a popular food haven in its own right, with many hidden gems waiting to be discovered.

To help you with this, check out the above video by vlogger CK and look up the Butterworth Food Trail.

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This Ah Hong gives you ‘lobang’ (tips) on good Butterworth Sri Uda market food.



This is more real, meeting the hawkers on the ground providing information needed by potential customers.


Most Malaysians now enjoying more than ever because the jnstant pleasure from eating will wipe away any disappointment of not able to afford a property to call home due to high price beyond their means.

People in Kedah now have more reasons to dine in Butterworth, as a trip will include 4D/Toto betting.


Eating good food can make one momentarily forget about current woes (economy, relationship etc). So many still indulge in breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper (selfie for social media postings).


Pleasure is transient. The problem will disturb the mind once hunger creeps in. Better to face the reality and focus on what you can do and just do it. Be contented and curb your desire against anything that costs money.



Try taking the refurbished boat to Penang Sentral in Butterworth, then walk to the KTM station. Give us your honest opinion on the walkability of your path. Could how many times you have to walk uo and diwn stairs.

Anthony Loke should turun padang and spot check.


Penang Sentral was an ad hoc development, no integration in terms of connectivity because the planners themselves never walk as pedestrians but drive car all the time?

Any foreign backpackers will have bad impression at Butterworth before they reach Penang.


Ask Alpha 888, his Mca transport minister did a fantastic job so that everyone remembers the ups and downs. What a wandieful planning. Remember since the collapse and burning down of the terminal, mca minister take years to complete the sentral. Same with kl sentra – shopping complete bigger than the lrt and ktm. kl sentral no room for public transport expansion. transfer problems from puduraya to brickfields


Penang Sentral is designed to get the foot traffic to the shopping mall as priority to get rental revenue – causing more inconveniece to pedestrians. The old facilities are more pedestrian friendly even with air cond. But it has killed the goose for eggs. Pedestrians like me move past these shops with no stopover in a hurry to get to ferry terminal from KTM/bus terminal.


From KTM terminal need to DOWN to ground level from platform level, then walk a distance on uneven path, before take lift UP to Penang Sentral, force you to walk around various shoplots, then DOWN towards ferry terminal, pay for fare, then DOWN one more level to board high speed sampan.

DOWN UP DOWN DOWN experience awaiting Anthony Loke to turun padang to appreciate.


I prefer the old bus terminal, with good foot stalls on top floor.

No need for fancy air cond shops for passengers departing or arriving, they can go to other shopping malls.


Long time never visit Penang Sentral site. Last time there were many unfinished columns cropping up like jossticks, facing the island worshpping niaokong. Not sure if they are still there ad eyesores.


Foodie Hock Chai flavour talks Butterworth street food:


Few however know that Penang also includes a sliver of Malaysia’s mainland called Seberang Perai — once christened by the British colonisers as “Province Wellesley”. Like the dark side of the Moon, Seberang Perai may be less known than Penang island, but it certainly has a lot of attractions and things to see and do. Here are seven of the best:



Pan is eyeing the Malay heartland of Butterworth, could be engulfed by the green wave although right now Kedahans may still visit Butterworth for their 4D fix.

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Ong Goo Kang

Many heart land Malays are hooked on subsidies. They have been fed the opium of subsidy by Muhyiddin and Sabri. Very difficult for Anwar to undo the addiction.


Cold turkey treatment for many motorists once selective subsidy fuel and petrol is in place. Can wake up people to adopt public transportation but DSAI could face backlash likely engineered by our so-called NGOs.


China viral blogger Sean recommends Butterworth’s Doumugong Night Market.


Malaysians tend to worship foreign YouTubers who sing praises of our local food. Some even donate to them. A classic case is that Japanese couple (you know who as it was reported on The Star) who features on Malay food, crying on YouTube when leaving Malaysia to get high viewership and $$$, even donations from their fans. YouTubers know viewer soft spot to influence them for financial gain.

Harimau Tua

Yes, do not be taken in by the antics of Youtubers who have already made money when you view their pages.

Very few Malaysian Youtubers provide useful or valuable content. Sadly Malaysians prefer videos of pranks, people eating and drinking etc.